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Circe Wallace On The Business of Weed

by The Editors on January 29, 2019

Yeah, yeah, we know, weed is the new snowboarding. Over the years we’ve been prone to making repeatedly lame, cliched jokes about weed because, well, we’re not all that into artificially altered states in general.

There are, however, those who take the legalization of marijuana and the business surrounding it seriously. Action super agent Circe Wallace is one of these. And her Hot Nife line of cannabis products has put her right back in the spotlight where ever she goes.

Last weekend she was in Aspen for a cable TV stunt sporting extravaganza and the local paper interviewed her on her business and weed in general. If you’re interested in an intelligent discussion on the topic, please click the link to read the painfully titled High Country: Snowboarding legend Circe Wallace carves her way into cannabis. Get it? High and carving. . . 

[Link: Aspen Times]


Circe Wallace: Hot Nife Weed Queen

by The Editors on October 24, 2018

Super action agent and former professional snowboarder Circe Wallace is reportedly blazing new business terrain in the cannabis industry with her latest venture, Hot Nife, according to a profile on

“I see cannabis as an area of immense and incredible opportunity for women,” Wallace said. “I have to believe that shop owners and consumers will want to do business with operators who are honest and see the big picture. This business really is about relationships.” . . . Wallace is also channeling her experience from the snowboarding industry’s early days as she navigates the rapidly expanding cannabis sphere. “I think I understand how to ride the wave of taking a nascent industry into the mainstream,” she said.

No doubt. Plus weed is the new craft beer. Party on, Wayne. 



Circe Wallace’s Action Agent Tendency

by The Editors on September 19, 2011

164McSweeney’s Internet Tendency skateboarding columnist Joel Rice interviewed Wasserman Media Group Senior Vice President Circe Wallace to get a better understanding the wild, independent world of corporate skateboarding, and as usual she makes it all sound perfectly logical — especially the “sexy” part:

The characters are attractive! They have chiseled features and they dress flamboyantly! And, like, they’re sexy and they’re good looking kids! I mean Dylan Rieder… It doesn’t get much sexier than that! It’s like a boy band but better because they are actually doing something manly and it’s really aggressive, super-expressive and athletically intense!

Okay. We get the Dylan thing, but when she starts talking about drinking “Lucky Stripes” with Jake Phelps and Julien Stranger at 14 we kind of lost our way. But you should read the whole thing anyway.

[Link: McSweeneys via @CirceSnow]


SIA09: Circe Wallace Launches Circe Snow

by The Editors on January 28, 2009

Sia09 139

Wasserman Media’s action agent Circe Wallace rolled out her new Circe Snow line of sophisticated outerwear for women to an intimate group of friends and retailers on the 62nd floor of The Hotel in Las Vegas last night.

Circe says she dreamed the line up after doing a deal for Travis Rice. “This whole thing came about because I did a deal for Travis Rice with Quiksilver,” she said. “I told Travis I wanted a signing bonus and I told him I wanted a Chanel one-piece ski suit but I couldn’t find one anywhere.”

Sia09 135After looking around for what was available for a more sophisticated snowboard customer Circe discovered that there really was nothing out there that she really wanted to wear. “I was going to make my own pattern and then I decided why not make something fun and fabulous for every one my age,” Circe said. “And from that spawned the idea of an interchangable adornment system.”

The line is made up three basic pieces: pant, jacket, and a one-piece suit. And they come in only two mix and matchable colors: champagne and black. “I’m all about the one piece,” she said. “I don’t think a women should ride in anything else ever. You can make a snow angel and it’s all good. Back gap is bad for girls.”

Follow the jump for the rest of the story and more photos.
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The Smith & Wallace Merger

by The Editors on November 21, 2010

Img 0294AWriter, adventurer, director Charlie Smith and Super Action Agent Circe Wallace were married this weekend (Saturday, November 20, 2010) in Las Vegas in front of family, friends, and business associates. Smith dropped his writerly veneer and went straight for the heart with his last tweet on Friday:

Life. Is. Perfect. . . Or saturday night it will be.

Circe followed that up on Sunday evening with the following:

The first day of the rest of my life was beyond perfect. So much love and the most beautiful friends and family..thank you @chasdoesntsurf!. . . Everyone who attended thank you for making the room glow with Love. Here’s to doing next level shit.

We’re still wondering who is going to be on the top end of Circe’s usual 15/85 percent split, while at the same time figuring they’re both giving 100 percent. Congrats. . .


Vans Celebrates 20 Years Of Snow

by The Editors on October 21, 2013

Vans-20Year-ProductVans is celebrating 20 years in the snowboarding game with a new “Mountain Edition” of technical boots and accessories and the release of a new retrospective film by Mike Hatchett.

The 2014 collection will include an exclusive 20th Anniversary capsule, complete with V-66 boot, jacket and socks. And finally, Vans will release, “Twenty Years: Off the Wall, On the Snow”, a definitive retrospective film on Vans Snow by respected snowboarding filmmaker Mike Hatchett of Standard Films. . . . On the heels of Vans’ cultural influence in skateboarding and surfing in the early 90s, Vans made its debut on the mountain, employing nearly 30 years of footwear expertise to introduce the first Vans snowboard boots. Transforming what were then glorified duck boots into functional designs, Vans set out to deliver comfortable, performance-driven snow boots that optimized the mountain experience but still looked and felt like your favorite skate shoes.

For the official word on the riders Vans has sponsored and the gear they’ve created over the last 20 years, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Globe’s Year Zero World Premiere Party

by The Editors on August 5, 2011

Agenda 081011   148
Click here to go directly to the party photos.

In a deserted lot tucked in behind a small warehouse in the soft, flabby, belly of Costa Mesa, California’s velcro girdled waistband, Globe International set up shop to host a massive party and world premiere of their newest motion marketing project the surf film Year Zero.

With revelers dropped off by the bus load and a taco truck with lines ten deep, the deserted back lot became a swirling mass of Orange County’s finest professional and civilian partiers, along with more than a few pro surfers.

The premiere got off to a pretty rough start. After a countdown, the lights dimmed, and the film began with a scene shot in the middle of California’s Joshua Tree littered high desert. Muscle cars faced off on a dusty strip of lonesome highway. Then as the titles rolled, the power went off and the film stopped. Twenty minutes later, Globe got the film running again and the crowd glimpsed five more minutes of video including explosive freesurfing from Taj Burrow. Then the video froze and everything stopped a second time.

This is the part where we left the party. Having no interest in standing by as the technical collapse of an epic film threatened to ruin all the hard work Globe put into the party, we checked out early. Our mistake. We’re sorry. Forgive us.

On the drive home the tweets began pounding in: Sal Masekela said: “Just watched the Globe Surf Movie. 16mm time machine of forward moving joy. Joe G and Scott Soens should be proud.”

Super action agent Circe Wallace kicked in: “The post apocalypse Year 0000 is some next level s#÷!. Joe G. Making Globe look good and CJ is not messing around. Buy it-No Pirate it!”

Guess, we’ll have to wait for the download. In the meantime, follow the jump for all the photos.
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Jamie Lynn’s Method Story

by The Editors on February 3, 2011’s latest Powder & Rails interview session is with Jamie Lynn. As uber agent Circe Wallace says: “He’s just a great human.”

Guess we have three more parts to look forward to after this one. Did we mention the method? Or the artwork? Or the fat cat?



Torah Bright Doubles Down?

by The Editors on January 25, 2010


When we first met Torah Bright she was a cute 14-year-old rolling around the world with Danny Kass and the Dingo, seemingly without supervision. Obviously, her parents had a lot more trust in her than we would have. But it looks like they were right, according to a story in the New York Times.

“Torah has the athleticism and the technical ability to win; she clearly knows she is the favorite going into all of this,” said Bright’s agent, Circe Wallace. “I’m never worried about her being grounded. She’s focused in a positive way you don’t see from many in snowboarding, much less other sports. It’s refreshing for sure. . . “What’s coming up could be the perfect storm for making Torah a star beyond snowboarding. She has the talent, the personality, and the visibility is now coming. She’s poised to take off.”

And brother/coach Ben Bright says she’s got a double cork down. And as we all know, that’s gold medal talk.

[Link: New York Times]


Burton’s Power & Rails Back On VBS

by The Editors on December 7, 2009

The Burton sponsored back-in-the-day snowboarding retrospective web series Power & Rails is back for season two on

The second season of “Powder & Rails” will features Tom Sims, Jamie Lynn, Shawn Farmer, Noah Salasnek, Chris Roach, Mike Ranquet, and Circe Wallace. Some repeat offenders from Season 1 (Shaun White, Damian Sanders, Jerry Dugan, Mike Hatchett, Tom Burt, Dave Seoane, and Jeff Brushie) will also be making appearances.

There’s nothing like look back to make us all feel old.