Globe’s Year Zero World Premiere Party

by The Editors on August 5, 2011

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In a deserted lot tucked in behind a small warehouse in the soft, flabby, belly of Costa Mesa, California’s velcro girdled waistband, Globe International set up shop to host a massive party and world premiere of their newest motion marketing project the surf film Year Zero.

With revelers dropped off by the bus load and a taco truck with lines ten deep, the deserted back lot became a swirling mass of Orange County’s finest professional and civilian partiers, along with more than a few pro surfers.

The premiere got off to a pretty rough start. After a countdown, the lights dimmed, and the film began with a scene shot in the middle of California’s Joshua Tree littered high desert. Muscle cars faced off on a dusty strip of lonesome highway. Then as the titles rolled, the power went off and the film stopped. Twenty minutes later, Globe got the film running again and the crowd glimpsed five more minutes of video including explosive freesurfing from Taj Burrow. Then the video froze and everything stopped a second time.

This is the part where we left the party. Having no interest in standing by as the technical collapse of an epic film threatened to ruin all the hard work Globe put into the party, we checked out early. Our mistake. We’re sorry. Forgive us.

On the drive home the tweets began pounding in: Sal Masekela said: “Just watched the Globe Surf Movie. 16mm time machine of forward moving joy. Joe G and Scott Soens should be proud.”

Super action agent Circe Wallace kicked in: “The post apocalypse Year 0000 is some next level s#÷!. Joe G. Making Globe look good and CJ is not messing around. Buy it-No Pirate it!”

Guess, we’ll have to wait for the download. In the meantime, follow the jump for all the photos.

Fish Heads, Fish Heads
Year Zero’s star ripper Taj Burrow and Paul “Waxed Fish” Fisher.

CJ Hobgood and the girls.

Cheers, Mate.
Jake Paterson and Damien Hobgood even showed.

Mrs. & Mr. Wallace
The writer/director Chaz Smith and action super agent Circe Wallace.

Stealin' Souls
Photographer to the surf stars Steve Sherman.

Agenda 081011   163
Inside the warehouse.

Agenda 081011   143
Fuel TV’s John Stouffer, Dwindle’s R&D head Eric Sentianin and wife Haydee.

Agenda 081011   141-1
Amber and Marc Wierenga bringing a little Signal Snowboards to the Globe Party.

Pro Ass Booby Girls
The pro booby & ass girls: Five (or ten) more reasons to hate energy drinks. . .

Agenda 081011   166
Darcy and Melli came prepared to party at Year Zero, an “A” movie starring you.

World's Best Houseguests
World’s best tenants: Katie & Tyler.

Agenda 081011   161
The girls in the trunk.

Jet Fuelers
Rockstar Vodkas providing the jet fuel.

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Justine August 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm

Definitely your mistake for leaving early. The premiere was amazing. The power was only out for a solid 5 minutes (not 20) before it resumed. The second glitch took 3 minutes before the video started back up. But the overall setup and display of the event cancelled it out. The premiere was anything but typical for the surf industry. Amazing in my opinion.

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