The Snowboarder’s Journal’s New Site

by The Editors on December 1, 2016


Time to click on over over and check out our favorite snowboard magazine’s crystal sparkling new website. That’s right, The Snowboarder’s Journal (former known as Frequency: The Snowboarder’s Journal) has given their digital presence a complete, from the pixels up, rebuild and what they’ve created lets their content sing with  little to no interference from the interface. Here’s how they’re telling it:

Featuring exclusive in-depth interviews, stories and videos alongside a carefully-curated feed of the best snowboard content on the web, the new presents snowboarding’s true voice to the masses in an interactive, digital format. Updated daily with archival stories from past issues, product reviews and giveaways, also provides a streamlined shopping experience, print and digital subscriptions, and a growing catalog of TSNJ products.

But don’t take our word for it. Click the link and bask in all the new feels.

[Link: The Snowboarder’s Journal]


Taschen’s New Surfing Book Is Huge

by The Editors on October 19, 2016


The photo above is deceiving. According to a review on SurflineJim Heimann’s Surfing book, published by Taschen, measures 11.4 x 15.6 inches, weighs 15.6 pounds. That’s enough to make your legs go numb just holding it. But apparently, that’s not a worry.

The shear volume of visual content — along with crisp essays from Matt Warshaw, Steve Barilotti, Chris Dixon, Drew Kampion, Peter Westwick, and Peter Neushul — throughout the book ultimately make a powerful point that some other works of surf history have not: that the sport of surfing has never existed quite so far out on the fringe of American pop culture as the core often likes to think. Instead, surfing, since being hijacked from the Hawaiians, has been a quiet yet steady influencer of American culture for a century now, from its fashion to film, its music to art — even, I would argue, to its sexual revolution and evolution.

We’d like to say we’ll be adding it to our collection straightaway, but at $200 a copy we’ll just have to flip through someone else’s. We only spend that much on Taschen books that are filled with, you know, naked pictures. 

[Link via Surfline]


Preparation H Recycles Jackass Skit

by The Editors on October 2, 2016

Few things make you feel older than watching a Preparation H commercial inspired by an early 2000s Jackass skit euphemizing all the things that can be found in a town named like a butt. Watch the new version (above) in Kiester, Minnesota and one of several original versions done by the Jackass crew in Mianus, Connecticut (below).

Reminds us of an old advertising agency slogan: why create when you can regurgitate.


Matt Warshaw In The New Yorker

by The Editors on September 28, 2016

mattwarshaw_nkrWe no longer read The New Yorker. We let our subscription lapse when the price went over the $70 mark. That’s how much we care about the best writing in the world. Luckily, someone at Surfer Magazine still reads it because they noticed that The Encyclopedia of Surfing author (and columnist) Matt Warshaw was featured in the October 3, 2016 issue of the magazine for his work with Oxford English Dictionary.

Surfer interviewed Warshaw on being profiled.

We’re just linking it here so if it ever comes up again we’ll be able to find it. Oh, and to add our entry in the New Yorker’s caption contest: “Pffft, you should see him dance on the ceiling.”



Frequency’s Mt. Baker Season Recap

by The Editors on May 25, 2016


Mt. Baker fans can find all kinds of great content to pour over and over in Frequency The Snowboarders’ Journal That’s Baker For You: 2015-2016 Season Recap.

We’ve gathered the best photos, videos and more from a deep year and laid them out for you in this season recap from our exalted home mountain, Mt Baker Ski Area.

Photos, videos, stories. What? It’s like a whole magazine digitized and dedicated to Mt. Baker. Click the link to dive in.

[Link: Frequency]


Nas’ Skateboard Movie: The Land

by The Editors on May 9, 2016

It’s turning into a board movie summer. Here’s a tease of the film The Land produced by Nas and pretty well received at Sundance, according to a story on The Root.

The movie follows the turbulent lives of four teens who have aspirations of becoming professional skateboarders but who find that the streets of Cleveland aren’t the easiest to break from. Lendeborg stars as Cisco, a teen who uses skateboarding as an escape mechanism but lands in trouble with his friends when they steal and sell Molly (the drug) to raise money for a skateboarding competition.

The film stars The Wire’Michael K. Williams, Erykah Badu, Machine Gun Kelly and Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates, along with Jorge Lendeborg Jr. The Land is scheduled to be released on July 29, 2016.

[Link: The Root]


Jeremy Jones Higher Up For Two Emmys

by The Editors on April 15, 2016

higherTo get an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), yes, that’s satan spelled backwards, your film has to appear on an eligible television channel. Thankfully, Jeremy Jones’ Higher aired on Outside Television and this year they are eligible for the Emmy’s. Higher provided the network not one, but two nominations: one for Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary, and another for Outstanding Camera Work categories.

“It’s great validation to be nominated in the same categories as HBO, Showtime, NBC, ABC/ESPN and CBS” said Rob Faris the Senior Vice President of Programming and Production for Outside Television. “This is a tribute to the efforts put forth by the Outside Television and TGR teams who push the limits each day to create compelling story-based content captured in the world of adventure sports.”

Congrats to Jeremy Jones and the entire Teton Gravity Research team. Next up the Oscars. For the official word from Outside TV, please follow the jump.
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Monster Children Drops 50th Issue

by The Editors on April 11, 2016


They’ve gone against the odds, but Monster Children, the fashion/culture mag for action kids, just published their 50th issue. Yes, they’re still in business.

. . . a milestone for the independent magazine established in Australia in 2003. The specially curated Issue 50 is based around the notion of ‘Heroes’ and features exclusive interviews with 50 individuals that Monster Children love and admire. . . Also interviewed for the issue are skate industry icon Keith Hufnagal, fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, artist Barry McGee, film makersGlendyn Ivin and Nabil Elderkin, legendary musicians Warren Ellis and Ian MacKaye, world champion longboarder Kelia Moniz and Papua New Guinean born soul singer Ngaiire. Although the issue features many big names, the issue also highlights a new generation of surfers, skateboarders, artists and creatives.

Our favorite interview was with Chris Noble, the co-founder of Level Mag on how they finally realized they were losing money with each issue and just quit. It’s unlikely that Monster Children will follow a similar path because we all know how good they are about keeping smiles on their advertisers’ faces.

[Link: Monster Children]


Happy 4th Birthday What Youth

by The Editors on March 22, 2016

Hard to believe it was only four years ago that Travis Ferré, Stuart Cornuelle, Scott Chenoweth, and Kai Neville got together (along with a couple perennial action magazine backers) and launched What Youth. Travis says:

The video above is the first moving thing Kai cut to harness the energy, the life, the vision and the fuck it that was inside of us. And we released it on this day, four years ago. We’ve made 13 issues of What Youth (14 in the works), produced and directed several films, and have a website and social media things that allow us to be ourselves right alongside you every day. Not much else to say besides: Thank you. Thank you a lot.

We’re still asking “What?” each time we flip through the magazine, but it sure is pretty and that paper is so stiff, and the ink smells good, and they’re still doing it up right, and that’s not easy. So congrats, What Youth, you’re almost five!

[Link: What Youth]


Snowboard Mag No Longer A Magazine

by The Editors on February 18, 2016

PrintSurprise, it appears another snowboard magazine is no longer in the magazine business.

But don’t think for a minute that the revenue generating team behind Snowboard Mag is going to simply stop the presses, pack up their old “books”, and quit depositing checks, no, no, no. There are still dollars to be collected from the snow biz, apparently. That’s why Storm Mountain Media is going to “focus on digital, social, and custom content formats” you know, to get more in line with the kids.

SNOWBOARD currently has the most print subscribers in the snowboarding industry. But these print numbers are dwarfed by SNOWBOARD’s digital and social channels that reach more than 6 million enthusiasts every month. SNOWBOARD is listening to its audience — and to its advertisers — by delivering content and messaging where they want it, when they want it, and how they want it. . . The team at SNOWBOARD remains passionate about print, and will develop future custom projects rooted in quality, not quantity. SNOWBOARD will no longer rely on traditional subscription and newsstand models that have become particularly ineffective and inefficient for all snowboarding magazine titles in North America.

Makes us wonder how long the Snowboarder and Snowboarding twins will keep their presses rolling. For the official word from Storm Mountain, please follow the jump.

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