Oakley’s Snowboarding: For Me Free Today

by The Editors on November 3, 2014

Mikkel Bang - Oakley - Frode Sandbech

If you didn’t make it to the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach, California last week for the premiere of Oakley’s snowboarding movie Snowboarding: For Me, you’ll have your chance to see it today. Oakley is streaming the film free all day today (November 3, 2014). If you don’t watch it today free, you’ll have to buy it in the iTunes store tomorrow. What are you waiting for? It’s only Monday. . .


Is Fuel TV Getting A Relaunch?

by The Editors on October 30, 2014


According to a newly launched Facebook page (birthed on October 24, 2014) and flying under the banner Fuel TV it would appear that the ground breaking action sports channel is giving it another go. The page includes the cryptic:

Coming to a device near you…The new and improved FUEL TV. Wherever, whenever you want it. Stay tuned!

Rumors are that Fuel TV’s original visionary CJ Olivares has grabbed the Fuel trademark and intellectual property back from Fox Sports and is currently rolling forward with a little help from some other former Fuel TV supporters. It will be great to see Olivares, who left Fuel in April of 2011, back at the controls of what was a ground-breaking action media effort. We’re hoping the the official word will be out soon. When it arrives we’ll update the post.


Vampire Surfers Who Turn Into Sharks

by The Editors on October 16, 2014

Slide-Dark-Surf-Book-140930Ever since Lost Boys we’ve thought action sports needed its own vampire story and now, thanks to Monterey, California writer Tina C. Zmak we may finally have it. Her new (self-published) book is titled Dark Surf, according to a story in the Monterey County Weekly. It’s goes something like this:

Tristan is the leader of a group of night surfers, the Nomads. He is the only one capable of transforming ordinary vampires into shapeshifting vampire sharks. He got the ability after a run-in with a shark and some radioactive waste near the Farallones: “[The shark] released Tristan and swam away, pondering the unfamiliar flavor. Deciding she liked it, she circled back and zoomed in for the kill, excited about the idea of eating something foreign and exotic, even if it was bony… As the shark hit the water, Tristan jumped on top of her. He grabbed the shark by the steel-gray gills lined up behind her head. He tore into her, covering her face with bite marks.”

Sounds pretty terrible, but the book features Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Santa Cruz as locations so if you’re up for it click the link.

[Link: Dark Surf]


Flakezine Quoted In The Atlantic

by The Editors on October 13, 2014

Fktarget1Graybeards who have followed along with online snowboard media since way back in the mid 90s may remember a site from the pre “blog” days called Flakezine. It hasn’t been updated in nearly nine years, but that hasn’t stopped The Atlantic from quoting from an old Sherman Poppen interview in a new post titled Snowboarding Was Almost Called Snurfing.

The way the story goes, as he told flakezine—” the world’s only honest critique of advertising, marketing, and greed gone silly in the world of snowboarding”—in 1994, he decided to try an experiment . . .

We all know the rest of that story, but if you don’t click here for the complete Poppen interview or click the link for the rest of the old, old story.

[Link: The Atlantic]


A Blizzard Of Winter Product Print Guides

by The Editors on September 8, 2014

We won’t really mention much more than to say it’s been really, really hot lately. So hot that we’re forced to spend most of our afternoons in search of air-conditioned and/or shady wet spaces.

Yesterday, our hunt took us to a Barnes & Noble where, to our surprise, they still have a very large and seemingly vibrant newsstand filled with magazines. As we brought our core temps down out of the fever range, we had the chance to check out how the three majors (Snowboard, Snowboarder, and Snowboarding) handled their annual product previews. Firstly, we were astounded by how much time, energy, and creativity the went into reproducing all the manufacturer’s websites in print. Don’t think that anyone is coasting in the print biz these days. They’re all working their asses off.

After cruising through the issues we decided that our favorite was Snowboard Mag’s “The Product Collection” issue. Editor Susie Floros and her team got the product mix just right. They had to most visually compelling product shots and action images, but more importantly they got the story telling side of the product down. And that’s not easy when everyone just wants their new graphics to get some play. Our favorite features were the interviews and profiles on people who make the snowboard industry work. Sure, no one went off message, but it was nice to see what some snow heads are up to, where they came from, and where they think snowboarding is headed.

We’d have more to say, but the air con in B&N was so frosty that we nearly froze and had to put the magazine back and go outside to warm up. Mission accomplished.


Francis Brings Out The Worst In Antihero

by The Editors on July 18, 2014


To celebrate the release of Todd Francis’ new book Look Away, Antihero Skateboards is launching a reissue collection called Worst of the Worst.

Check out the mini site to see the limited tees, sticker packs and hand signed limited decks, along with a sneak peek at Todd’s new book including unseen artwork, original sketches and classic board graphics for Antihero and more. Available Now in Select Skate shops.

For the young this is all new, fas or the rest of you, just let the nostalgia splash over you like a spilled PBR. Then no one will notice your tears for better days.

[Link: Antihero]


Give Rad Dads & Grads The Gift Of Frequency

by The Editors on June 9, 2014

Freq Fathers

Know a rad dad or grad who still likes holding the printed page in their hand? Or maybe one who likes flipping through a digital mag on an iPad? If so, there’s no better snowboarding publication than Frequency: The Snowboarder’s Journal.

Available as a collectible, coffee-table quality print edition as well as in a digital edition on the iTunes Newsstand, frequency TSJ features limited advertising and the culture’s most inspiring mountains capes, iconic characters and stunning imagery. It’s what they really want, and it’s under 40 bucks.

We hear rumors the first issue will arrive in time for Father’s day. To subscribe, click here. For the official word from Frequency, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Where To Spend Your Advertising Dollars

by The Editors on May 30, 2014


Well, it’s no surprise, but according to a story on GigaOm, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, Byers partner and long-time internet analyst Mary Meeker says it’s very likely that you’re way over-spending on print advertising and not investing enough in mobile, based on how much time people sent with each media in 2013.

Last year, print got just 5 percent of the overall time spent on media, but it pulled in almost 20 percent of the overall advertising revenue.

In other words, Mobile and Internet should get the bulk of your spend. In fact, this chart offers a pretty easy breakdown of where all your dollars should go in general. You can view Meeker’s entire 2014 Internet Trends deck here.

[Link: GigaOm]


Bret Anthony Johnston On The Mini

by The Editors on May 28, 2014

Here’s a normal clip of an average old guy throwing down ten tricks on the mini at Camp Woodward. What is special about this edit (aside from the blunts) is that the skater, Bret Anthony Johnston, is the director of creative writing at Harvard and his debut novel (Remember Me Like This) just dropped on May 13, 2014.

Now, watch that edit again. Yep, Johnston may be the best literary fiction writing skateboard professor in the world. If that isn’t enough reason for you to check out his book, then here’s a review from the Washington Post. Oh, and both John Irving and Tom Perrotta liked Remember Me Like This as well. If you know them, then you know.


Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival Wants Films

by The Editors on May 27, 2014

Scsff Header2

The Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival is looking for a few good films to help them kick off their inaugural event on September 24 – 26, 2014. They are inviting independent filmmakers from all over the world to submit their work to the inaugural annual event.

Taking place September 24th to the 26th, 2014, the Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival aims to increase independent surf filmmakers’ exposure to one of the world’s largest audiences of surfers and industry professionals, as well as foster the exchange of stories, ideas and perspectives among the surf community. . . This year’s jury panel will include 3-time Mavericks competition winner Darryl “Flea” Virostko; professional big wave surfer Tyler Fox; skateboarding legend and action sports industry veteran Judi Oyama; surfboard shaper Michel Junod; and surfer/shaper/musician Ashley Lloyd Thompson. Titles of Best Feature, Best Short, Best Cinematography, and Best Soundtrack will be awarded by the jury panel. There will also be a Viewers’ Choice title awarded.

If you know of a film that should be included or just want more information on the film festival, please follow the jump won’t you? [click to continue…]