Vans UltraRange Pros Drop June 17

by The Editors on June 13, 2017

Vans new performance skate shoes the UltraRange Pro look like a leap forward in tech, fit, and comfort if you ask us. Here’s what Vans is saying about ’em:

Vans UltraRange Pro’s versatile build pushes the boundaries of skate progression to provide uncompromising functionality with creative innovation. The UltraRange Pro also utilizes a brand-new internal sock-fit construction, providing a breathable, responsive and snug fit, along with ventilated tongue, collar and quarter panels for increased airflow.

Looks like Curren Caples likes ’em. Want a pair of your own? They go on sale world wide on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Follow the jump for all the official details.

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Get Your Camp On With Burton

by The Editors on May 15, 2017

Burton has partnered up with some of the best names in camping (Big Agnes, Yeti, Stanley) and created a one-stop shop for cool camp gear including tests, chairs, tables, sleeping bag, backpacks, and more. Click the link if you’re interested in getting ready for summer camping smooth and easy like.

[Link: Burton]


Lib Tech’s Lost Round Nose Fish Redux

by The Editors on May 5, 2017

Lib Tech surf is proud to announce the release of its latest …Lost X Lib collaboration with legendary shaper Matt Biolos and his Round Nose Fish Redux.

This classic shape is now modernized and Mervin Made with Lib Tech’s proprietary technologically tougher Eco-Iso construction. Check out the full …Lost X Lib Round Nose Fish Redux video now featuring Matt Biolos, Chris Ward, Corey Lopez, Ryan Carlson and more! 

Kind of makes you want one doesn’t it?


Nixon’s Limited Edition Boba Fett

by The Editors on May 4, 2017

In celebration of May the Fourth Nixon has released a limited edition Star Wars watch — The Boba Fett Diplomatic.

The Boba Fett Diplomatic is equipped with a Swiss made ETA 2824-2 mechanical automatic, three hand movement with sweep seconds hand and custom engraved movement rotor. The model features a Japanese ceramic case with a custom ceramic three-link bracelet band with a Sport Fit extension clasp. The watch is finished in a Boba Fett green color with the character’s kill stripes detailed on the band.

The box looks even better than the watch. . .which will cost around $2,500 (only 100 made).  Wonder how many of these Todd Richards has scooped up? For the official word from Nixon, please follow the jump.

Update: Just when we wondered about TR we see this:

Guess that answers the question.

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Gonz’s Krooked Beemer Board

by The Editors on April 21, 2017

No lie. We’ve always liked that logo. Pure evil? Here’s the juice from Krooked.

Mark Gonzales spent the last 9 months developing the Krooked Beemer shape and it’s finally ready to release! This board takes takes 4 hours to make and only 300 could be made. Learn more on the Beemer web page and look for it in your local skateshop!”

Are you still looking? If so click the link below and get the facts, man.

[Link: Krooked]


Antihero Spring Drop 2

by The Editors on March 24, 2017

Antihero’s spring drop 2 is up and rolling. 

Going once…going twice….psych! The Spring Drop 2 Catalog from Antihero is online and up for auction. Check out Grosso’s Pool Party board, Cardiel’s Caballitos, ltd color of BA’s 1st, ‘State of Mind Pro’ series, and updated colors from artist John Herndon’s ‘A Doper Grape’ series.

We’d go with the Grosso, however, the Chris Stroples aren’t bad either. Click the link for more graphical goodness from the Antihero.

[Link: Antihero]


Lib Tech’s Pickup Stick 7’0′

by The Editors on March 16, 2017

Lib Tech has a new little 7 footer that’s for everyone. It’s called the Pickup Stick 7’0″. Think of it as a WaveStorm that’s not embarrassing to be seen with. Here’s what Lib has to say about it.

The Pickup Stick “mid size” shape perfectly fills the gap between a shortboard and a longboard. A smooth flowing shape and rocker combined with a single to double to flat tail contour for high performance shortboard style maneuvers and a concave for nose riding lift, refined but forgiving rails and great volume all add up to non stop wave catching performance/fun. Whether you are a first timer looking for a board that will be easy to progress on, a weekend warrior that is looking for maximum wave time or if you are a ripper looking for that “transition period” mid sized fun/performance option that takes an average day and makes it special, the Pickup Stick is always a perfect choice.

Sounds like the perfect board.

[Link: Lib Tech]


Signal Snowboards Drops 5 New Boards

by The Editors on February 9, 2017

Signal Snowboards isn’t waiting until next season to kick down some brands new boards, they’re doing it right now while the winter snow is still piling in. During January, February, and March they’re launching five more reasons to get on their snowboard subscription service: The Menu Shiv, Disruptor 2, Sk8 Park Limited Edition, Yep, and Split.

The Signal Subscription Service does just that by offering snowboarders an online platform at to purchase a board for as little as $35 a month along with extras like warranty and demo programs and strong customer service that gives subscribers a direct line to the brand. Subscriptions at start at just $35 a month. Members will receive their first board within a week of placing an order, and a new snowboard annually to add to their collection at the beginning of each winter season.

For all the official details, please follow the jump.
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The Lily Drone’s Crash Landing

by The Editors on January 16, 2017

Remember this Lily video? It was a drone that magically followed you wherever you went and shot epic follow cam footage without anyone at the controls. Yeah, we do, too. And when we first saw it we thought it was a bit of a dream product — great in the promo video, but never something that would actually work. In fact, we never even posted anything about it.

Apparently, many others believed the hype and threw down big money on pre-orders. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well during production of the drone and the company has now closed up shop and is trying to return money to those who pre-ordered. Meanwhile, the San Francisco District Attorney’s office has filed a civil consumer protection suit “alleging the company had intentionally lied to potential customers with its launch video” according to as story in Forbes.

An interesting side note is that legendary snowboard filmer Brad Kremer has been sucked into the story as he was the recipient of emails that are being used as evidence in the case against Lily. 

In an email cited by the lawsuit, Lily CEO Balaresque wrote to Brad Kremer, a video producer who specialized in snowboarding shoots, that shots from the Lily Drone will be using a “Gopro mounted to a Lily prototype. . . . However, we do not feel comfortable telling people that we shot [view from Lily] scenes with a Gopro (because the whole thesis of our product is that you do not need a Gopro),” he continued. “Can you modify a Gopro image in post-processing so that people cannot tell that it was taken from a Gopro…”

According to the story, Kremer declined to discuss the case with Forbes.

Which reminds us: Always beware the drones. . . 

[Link: Forbes via Boing Boing]


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Van’s Jamie Lynn V-66 Signature Boot

by The Editors on December 6, 2016


Vans is honoring their longtime, legendary team rider Jamie Lynn with a signature colorway of the V-66 snowboard boot.

The Vans V-66 in Jamie Lynn’s signature colorway sees an elevated aesthetic this season, boasting premium material and function while highlighting Jamie’s own vibrant Pacific Northwest-inspired artwork. The V-66’s traditional lace-up boot construction is packed with features carefully engineered to form an all-terrain boot with freestyle inclinations. The Tongue Lock Down System helps pull down the tongue as you tighten the boot at the instep to eliminate heel lift, and the Reach Around cuff strap attached to the inside shell of the boot allows snowboarders the choice of wrapping the strap around the internal liner or the exterior tongue, providing a custom fit.

Vans is also kicking down a SK8-Hi Mountain Edition and Vans Slip-Er with the same color ways to round out Jamie’s off-snow Vans kit. For the official word from Vans, please follow the jump.

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