Andrew Reynolds Joins The Vans Family

by The Editors on July 21, 2020

Wait, didn’t Andrew Reynolds previously skate for some other shoe brand? Anyone remember what it was called? Nevermind, it’ll come to us eventually.

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Let Is Snow: A Snowboarding Slasher Film

by The Editors on July 17, 2020

We can’t really stomach horror movies these days, as we’re getting enough terror on the day-to-day IRL, but if you find horror somehow calming, then this new blood and guts snowboarding slasher Let It Snow may be just what you’re looking for. Apparently, you’ll have to wait until September 22, 2020. Ride on.

[Link: FlickeringMyth]


The Surf Bros Distribute Free Masks In HB

by The Editors on July 16, 2020

Hey, you need a mask bro?


Breaking Trail With Ryan Hudson

by The Editors on July 2, 2020

Jeremy Jones talks with Jones Snowboards ambassador Ryan Hudson in a Breaking Trail episode about growing up homeless, finding his way in life, and ultimately finding snowboarding. Listen. Learn.

[Link: Jones Snowboards]


George Floyd Paddle Out Encinitas

by The Editors on June 3, 2020

Sal Masekela leads the surf tribe at Encinitas, California’s Moonlight Beach in memory of the life and death of George Floyd.


Tony Hawk on Jablinski Games

by The Editors on May 13, 2020

Yes, a little more T. Hawk, but just because there is so much goodness in here. Not to mention pre-COVID-19 closeness.

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Trailer

by The Editors on May 12, 2020

Ok, we’re going to admit it. This looks amazing. (And that soundtrack?) We always loved THPS gameplay, and with a complete rebuild, this thing is going to RULE!

The two titles will be sold as one “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2” package, and will feature every level and pro skater found in the originals — now in glorious 4K, with all of the 3D models and levels recreated from scratch. Also returning is most of the original soundtrack; licensing changes over the years prevent the remake’s soundtrack from being exhaustive, but most of the jams you remember should still be there.

We might even have to pick up a PS4 or borrow one from a kid we know (no mention of Switch support currently). The only bad news? Not out until September 4, 2020!

[Link: TechCrunch]


11-year-old Spinderfella Lands 1080

by The Editors on May 9, 2020

We never really thought the skateboarding 900 was that big a deal. Yes, we were at the X-Games that year, but left after watching Tony Hawk fail for what seemed like hours. True, he eventually landed one (long after the “event” had “officially” ended) and the world was amazed, but that extra 180 just didn’t seem historic to us.  

Now, Gui Khury, an 11-year-old skater from Brazil, has kicked up the spin to 1080, with a strikingly similar hand drag. Nice work, Gui. But can this be the last of the spin-to-win era? Please? Maybe just leave the 1260s and 1440s to Olympic snowboarders.


The Sticky Bumps Wax Factory Tour

by The Editors on May 3, 2020

Chas Smith and go behind the scenes with our favorite surf wax company, Sticky Bumps. Turns out it’s all handmade right here in the USA. And we mean, handmade. Thanks to some recently slackened COVID-19 restrictions we may put some of the Dahl’s wax to use this week, you know, if Uncle Gavey lets us.

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Jeremy Jones Talks Powder Boards

by The Editors on April 29, 2020

This little Board Hoarders video is great for a couple reasons. 1. When it comes to getting advice re: powder riding, there’s really no one better to listen to than Jeremy Jones. 2. Having missed out on all that spring powder that came floating down in mid-to-late March we all could use a couple vicarious blasts of the good stuff. Those are the reasons, now just watch it. . . and remember to always keep an open mind!