Walker Ryan Down At Bricktown

by The Editors on November 4, 2023

Walker Ryan discusses tricks, spots, aging, failure, and never giving up in this video essay from Old Friends. . . with an emphasis on the white whale of the nine stair.

[Link: Old Friends]


Kinda Crazy Rip City Skates Santa Monica

by The Editors on November 4, 2023

Necessary knowledge appears rarely. Make sure you don’t miss it when it arrives.

[Link via All Hail The Black Market]


Hamburger Eyes’ Ray Potes Docco

by The Editors on October 6, 2023

We’ve always enjoyed Ray Potes‘ approach to art in general and photography specifically. Obviously, we’re not alone.

[Link: Hamburger Eyes]


Jamie Thomas + Otis Eyewear = The Outsider

by The Editors on September 20, 2023

Legendary skateboarder and businessman Jamie Thomas has teamed up with OTIS Eyewear on a new frame named The Outsider.

The Outsider draws inspiration from vintage frames, while adding bow tie temple pins as a nod to the classic fashion of the 60s. An unpolished finish on the nose bridge then brings out the personality of Jamie’s skate culture – raw and unrefined. The frame comes in two different sizes, offering a tailored fit in the hero dual tone colour or matte tortoise shell, plus a larger version in classic black and tortoise too. Every piece is made with optically correct, scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses, offering the clarity and focus Jamie demands of himself.

Look pretty nice, don’t they? For a look at the official line click here.

[Link: OTIS Eyewear]


Brandon Turner’s Westside Recovery

by The Editors on May 23, 2023

Is this where Bam is going? Hope so. Seems like a perfect fit.


The Devil’s Toy For Mondays

by The Editors on May 22, 2023

What better way to kick off the week that a little reminder of where it all started. . . skateboarding that is. Circa 1966. Or is it?


Tony Hawk Sings & Skates at Same Time

by The Editors on May 12, 2023

Yes, Tony Hawk skates back and forth in front of the Oceanside, California pier while singing Nine Inch Nails Wish (performed by a super group of rock players you might know). It sounds good and even features a suburban Trent Reznor sighting. 


Shaun White: Auto Glass Convention Speaker

by The Editors on May 9, 2023

There are many ways to monetize your fame. One of them is public speaking. One of the saddest is speaking to a room full of sweaty-assed, drunk men in logo’d polo shirts. And if there is anything worse than that, it is being the keynote speaker for an automobile glass sellers convention. No doubt, Auto Glass Week is excited to have noted Hollywood star-dater Shaun White speak. But what is Auto Glass Week you ask? Here, let them explain:

Auto Glass Week 2023 will showcase advancements and innovations in the OE and aftermarket auto glass repair, replacement and calibration industry and forge new professional connections. With new products launches, an expanding market, customers in high demand and an overflow of creativity, the potential in this industry is unmatched.

Exciting, no? Obviously, Shaun White is not afraid to speak to whomever is paying him. Let’s just hope they’re paying him six digits.


Circe Wallace On The Bomb Hole

by The Editors on March 31, 2023

Yes, you need to watch Circe Wallace for all the reasons. Maybe we’ll list some of them later, but you already know why. 

[Link: The Bomb Hole]


A Curren Caples Reminder From Vans

by The Editors on March 29, 2023

It begins with Ween and only gets better from there. Just a little reminder of how good Curren Caples is (as if we’d forgotten: thanks Gary). That’s all. Back to work.