Grindland: The Birth of DIY Skateboard Parks

by The Editors on January 14, 2022

The history of Grindline Skateparks is something every self-respecting skateboarder should know. Thankfully, Thrasher Magazine has made it easy for all of us with Grindland.

“Grindland – Red, Monk and the Birth of DIY” is the story of Mark Scott and Mark Hubbard, two visionary skaters from the Pacific Northwest who, along with dedicated friends, kickstarted the modern DIY/concrete skatepark revolution. From the early days of Burnside to 2019’s Rip Ride Rally, this film explores the friendship, struggle, triumph and tragedy of true iconoclasts, hellbent on building the skateparks of their dreams.

Great work by Michael Burnett and Matt Bublitz. Enjoy!

[Link: Thrasher Magazine]


The Happy New 2022 News Lister

by The Editors on January 3, 2022

It’s a New Year. Time to bury those old habits, get out the list, and start working toward the new you in 2022. Or, just grab another Indian Summer Latte and scroll through this list of stories that you should have read last year. We’d put them in order of importance, but that would take way too much time and it would eliminate the joy you’ll find discovering a story you didn’t know you wanted to read. Take it away.

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Double Donations At The Skatepark Project

by The Editors on December 17, 2021

The Skatepark Project is wishing everyone Season’s Greetings and reminding us all that any donations made through December 31, 2021 will be doubled (up to $150,000). So give the other gift that keeps on giving (skateparks) and click the link below.

[Link: The Skateboard Project]


Ray Barbee + Vans + Leica = Photo Bomb

by The Editors on December 7, 2021

Thanks to a collaboration between Vans, Leica, and Ray Barbee you can get a checkerboard Leica digital camera for only $1695 or so while supplies last (only 800 were made) according to a story on Design Milk.

The limited-edition Leica D-Lux 7 Vans x Ray Barbee stands out aesthetically (the design as a whole not only reps Vans iconic pattern, but also has a mod-ska vibe to it), but the camera specs remains indistinguishable from its serially produced predecessor. . . Built around a large Micro Four Thirds sensor and fast zoom lens with a full-frame-equivalent range of 24 – 75 mm, the digital camera would make for one capable street photography camera, one perhaps too high end and precious for bringing along for skating adventures, even if its capable of recording in 4K video in 24, 25, or 30 fps as well as recording in 4K photo capture modes.

Looks cool. The capsule also includes shoes. Maybe Vans will send the whole set you know, to test out.

[Link: Design Milk]


The Crazy Chicken’s LA Art Collab

by The Editors on December 6, 2021

Fast-food joint El Polo Loco (a chain in which we’ve never dined) just announced a new capsule with some LA artists and makers. Some of them are skateboarders and surfers and maybe you’re a fan.

Loco Gifts & Gear . . . is a tangible celebration of what we like to call L.A. Mex culture – that one-of-a-kind intersection of time-honored Latino traditions and SoCal sensibility that makes L.A. such a vibrant, artistic, and special place.. . Each one a master of their craft and a unique contributor to the fabric of L.A. culture.

Check it out while we cruise over to Lola’s for lunch.

[Link: Loco Gifts & Gear]


MERGE4 Drops Their Blondie Socks

by The Editors on December 1, 2021

MERGE4 is rocking the 80s in a collaboration with new wave titans Blondie.

MERGE4’s Blondie Sock Collection includes three striking sock designs, featuring artwork that captures their hit songs, iconic photography, and notable art style.  Each sock is constructed with MERGE4’s signature “Cult Weave” which prevents any graphics from being “blown out” or warped when the socks are worn and stretched. The socks feature a self-adjusting welt cuff, elastic arch support, a moisture-wicking sole and strategic plush cushioning for added comfort.

Have to be honest — the Debbie Harry pink and checkers would be our first choice. For all the details from MERGE4 please follow the jump.
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Pre-Holiday November News Lister

by The Editors on November 8, 2021

Lots going on here in the world of news headline lists. This one is a big one because, well, we’ve been doing other stuff lately. But here it is anyway. Sharks, COVID, and all that jazz.

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Loaded Goes Skate Dancing With Mata Hari

by The Editors on October 28, 2021

Tea in the Sahara with a skateboard? Is his name Rio? No, it’s the Mata Hari. Not really sure what to think. You? For the official word please follow the jump.

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The Green Bench Makes Tompkins Square

by The Editors on October 20, 2021

Curbed.NY has the whole story of AVE and the green bench. And it’s a good one.

Then in 2019, AVE got a direct message telling him that a guy had it in his garage in Huntington Beach. When he went to pick it up, it still had a U-lock around one of the legs. He soon set it up in a parking lot and began shooting another video (at 42, he remains an absurdly good skater). After a few days of shooting, AVE was annoyed with having to drag it back to a garage after he was done skating, so he chained it up in the lot one night. And you can guess what happened: Someone stole the bench a third time.

For the entire chain of events, please click the link.

[Link: Curbed]


A Post Summer News List

by The Editors on September 15, 2021

There’s a question we asked ourselves, while watching The Ultimate Surfer — Is this the pinnacle of surf entertainment? Was merging a group of washed and ok surfers with Survivor the best idea ever conceived by a man formerly employed by Oprah? Then we asked a followup: if we can seriously consider the first question, then what business do we have choosing stories for a long list of important action sporting news? The answer to the second question was is easy. We have no business. None whatsoever. Enjoy!

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