Tony Hawk Rides A Horizontal Loop

by The Editors on November 19, 2015

There’s no doubt that the structure Tony Hawk built on his ramp is a mind (and body) twister. But is it a horizontal loop, or just a bowl with a ridable drain? You be the judge.


Woman Waves Knife At Cowtown Skate Shop

by The Editors on November 19, 2015


After a Cowtown Skateboards shop manager asked a disruptive woman to leave their Tempe, Arizona location on November 14, 2015 she returned with a knife and began waving it the manager, according to a  story in the State Press.

Although the woman left the store, she returned to stand in front of the business only to continue being loud and was told to leave once again, police reported. . . The woman presented a knife in a stabbing gesture with the sharp edge pointed toward the manager, according to the report. The manager believed he would be stabbed by the woman and held a skateboard in front of himself for defense, police reported.

Luckily, no one was hurt and the woman was booked into the Tempe City Jail on “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct” charges.

[Link: State Press]


Vans Holiday Mountain Edition Collection

by The Editors on November 18, 2015


‘Tis the season for the Van’s Holiday Mountain Edition Collection and this year’s stuff looks pretty nice — especially the Sk8-Hi Del Pato MTE pictured above.

The duck boot-inspired Sk8-Hi Del Pato MTE features all of the weather-defying advantages of the Vans Mountain Edition technology including an innovative vulcanized lug outsole for maximum traction and a water-resistant build. This hybrid silhouette debuts in two colorways – black/black and ginger/navy – that are outfitted in pig suede materials and reinforced with a tech tuff-coated mudguard.

The shoes are winter ready with Scotchgard®-treated uppers, warm linings and a heat retention layer between sockliner and outsole. Keep those piggies toasty for certain.

For an up close look at the rest of the goodness, please follow the jump.

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France’s Aurelien Giraud Wins Tampa Am

by The Editors on November 16, 2015


France’s Aurelien Giraud, 17, won the 22nd Annual Tampa Am contest with a run that earned him 92 points allowing him to push Jagger Eaton into second.

The results went like this:

1. Aurelien Giraud
2. Jagger Eaton
3. Tanner Vanvark
4. Axel Cruysberghs
5. Jereme Knibbs
6. Jack Olson
7. Gabriel Fortunato
8. Christian Dufrene
9. Antonio Durao
10. Nate Greenwood
11. Maurio McCoy
12. Lehi Leite

For all the details (including video) click the link.

[Link: Street League Skateboarding]



Russo & Grosso On Isla Catalina

by The Editors on November 13, 2015

Robbie Russo and Jeff Grosso hop a ferry to Catalina and spend the day hiking, pool hunting, skating and talking in Antihero’s The Conversation. Check out Antihero’s new fall drop by clicking the link.

[Link: Antihero Skateboards]


Lib Tech Escapes To A Microwave Planet

by The Editors on November 13, 2015

For the past 30 years LibTech founders Mike Olsen and Pete Saari have been making summertime treks from their factory in Washington to test out new technology on snow at Mt. Hood. This summer was a little different. You’ll know just how different after watching this.

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22nd Annual Tampa AM Is This Weekend

by The Editors on November 12, 2015

The live broadcast of the 2015 Tampa Am begins at 8 AM PST on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Be ready to watch it live on

For a complete schedule of the weekend’s event please follow the jump.
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Your Mom Is 6 Hours From A Kickflip

by The Editors on November 11, 2015

New Yorker Magazine writer Malcolm Gladwell popularized the theory that anyone can become world class at anything if they dedicate 10,000 hours to practicing. While we don’t necessarily believe that, it was cool to check out what Mike Boyd could learn in just under six hours. It gives us hope on some flip tricks of our own, but most importantly, it means that the only thing standing between you and an SLS Final are a few thousand hours.

[Link: Boing Boing]


Lizzie Armanto & Allysha Le Weekend Buzzed

by The Editors on November 9, 2015

We haven’t been watching the Weekend Buzz all that much lately, but last week’s chat with Lizzie Armando and Allysha Le was a beerless breath of fresh air. For real. Check it. And then follow the jump to see Part 2.
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All New Geoff Rowley Solos From Vans

by The Editors on November 9, 2015


The new Vans Rowley Solos are arriving in new colors just in time for the Holidays (and to curb those sore heels).

Inspired by the original Vans Era, one of the first shoe models ever built by skateboarders for skateboarding, the new Vans [ROWLEY] SOLOS transform the legendary Vans silhouette to create a revolutionary model that performs even better, featuring Vans’ DURACAP reinforced natural canvas textiles and premium suede uppers with Vans’ ULTRACUSH HD high-impact polyurethane cushioning, all grounded on Vans’ ORIGINAL WAFFLE outsole.

For the official word from Vans, please follow the jump.


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