Tommy Guerrero & Thomas Campbell

by The Editors on November 14, 2019

Thomas Campbell is one of our favorite skateboarding, surfing, artist people and we wanted to have his talk with Tommy Guerrero logged right here for future reference (like for the part about how Thomas introduced Larry Clark to Harmony Korine). If you didn’t already enjoy this on, then by all means click play and watch them right here, right now.


News: Last Month This Week

by The Editors on November 14, 2019

Call it a beacon of laziness, or a blinding neon sign of boredom, but we’re still at it. Putting up a list of headlines for stories we might have read over the past who knows how many days.

It takes us back to when we were just starting out. Each week we built an HTML page of links with a bit of commentary. Then the commentary took over, and now, it looks like we’re back to just blasting out an occasional list of links for you to chew through all by your lonesome. Just the ebbs and flows of action sporting news dissemination. Enjoy.

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How A Pedophile Used Skateboarding

by The Editors on November 6, 2019

Jenkem Magazine brings to light a cautionary story of how an accused pedophile infiltrated the Atlanta skateboarding scene beginning in 2009 and how long it took to bring the man to justice. The story begins like this:

The following story is something of Atlanta lore, repressed by most everyone who was forced to contend with it. It first started as rumors of pedophilia and sexual assault floating around that were surely too unsettling to be true, before spiraling out of control into a grotesque reality. Lots of skateboarders in Atlanta were peripheral to the events chronicled here, including my group of friends. At the time, many of us simply wrote it off as, “shit happens,” or “we didn’t know the full story.” It wasn’t until years later, when I mentioned the Atnalta Foundation to a group unfamiliar with the Atlanta skate scene, that I realized how disturbing this story was.

Click the link for the rest of the story. 

[Link: Jenkem Magazine]


USA Skateboarding Names National Team

by The Editors on October 21, 2019

First Row (l to r): Stess, Wettstein, Carmona; Second row (l to r): Zeuner, Duran, Santana, Smith, Baker, Brevard, Sablone, Barratt; Third row (l to r): Huston, Eaton, Jordan, Rennie, Schaar, Reynolds, McCoy, Wright, Juneau PHOTO CREDIT: Robert Brink/ USA Skateboarding

In the latest sign of the apocalypse or skateboarding’s continuing rise to respectability USA Skateboarding has named the official 2020 USA Skateboarding National Team uniforms and all. All this because men’s and women’s skateboard park and street events will make their Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

 “There wasn’t a better way to cap off five national championship events than being able to announce our 2020 national team,” said Josh Friedberg, CEO of USA Skateboarding. “With the support of Toyota, Nike, and the USOPC, we have been able to evolve as an organization to better support the needs of more skateboarders during the second season of qualifying for the Olympics in Tokyo. We’re really excited to be a part of skateboarding’s impact on the Olympic movement and can’t wait to watch our American skateboarders do what they do best in Tokyo next summer!”

For the official word from USA Skateboarding, please follow the jump.

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News For The Week Ahead

by The Editors on October 14, 2019

Here is the sometimes weekly list of stories that showed up in our feed. For a quick scroll, please follow the jump.

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Last Week’s News Today

by The Editors on September 30, 2019

Wondering what’s going on? Looking for a clue? Follow the jump for a whopping 28 skate, 15 snowboarding, 30 surf, 13 fashion, and 12 business story links that rose above the noise last week. Yep, it’s all there — even that one about the death of vert skating.
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Boardriders Shuffles Titles and Stuff

by The Editors on September 19, 2019

The commercial entity that owns half the action sports clothing industry (Boardriders and their brands Quiksilver, Billabong, ROXY, DC Shoes, RVCA, Element “and others”) announced yesterday that they are “launching a multi-year growth agenda and repositioning. . . key executives.”

A quick read-through of the release resulted in exactly one data point that even remotely interested us and it is this: Kevin Meehan is leaving RVCA. Of course, the way they said it is epic: “Kevin Meehan has decided to take the opportunity provided by this transition to pursue new opportunities.” Congrats, Mr. Meehan.

The rest of the news can best be summed up by this quote from the boss.

“The long-term strategy for Boardriders has always been to build a solid foundation by integrating the Billabong acquisition onto a common back-end platform, to continually improve our operations through more disciplined business practices, and to achieve significant synergies that could then be invested back into the brands,” said Boardriders CEO David Tanner. “After a decade of headwinds and restructuring, Boardriders now has that strong foundation and is ready and able to invest strategically at scale in our brands, our people, and these targeted growth initiatives.”

Right. You know all that bad stuff that’s been happening for the LAST 10 YEARS? That’s all behind them now, and everything is looking up, up, up. If that doesn’t make you smile, follow the jump for the rest of the release.

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Heimana Reynolds Is World Skatepark Champ

by The Editors on September 17, 2019

Yes, the Olympics change everything. Just watch. All those guys (and girls) you thought were in for a medal in Tokyo in 2020? Uh, probably not. For example: Hawaiian Heimana Reynolds just won the 2019 Park Skateboarding World Championships held in Sao Paulo Brazil September 9-15, 2019. The next American was Tom Schaar in 5th. Tate Carew got 7th. And Shaun White, who was hoping to transition his vert skating to the parks, well, he finished in 13th not even close to making the finals.

Reynolds, was of course happy about his win and his top spot on the USA team rankings:

“I am so proud and honored to win this event and represent my country at the highest level of park skateboarding,” Reynolds said about his win. “I am very grateful for my support team, my family and God who gave me the strength to achieve this accomplishment.”

The rest of the top 8 was made up of one Australian and some Brazilians. On the women’s side, Japan swept the podium. Lizzie Armanto got 5th, but she’s skating for Finland. See what’s happening here? The oddest part for those of us who have NOT been following along (and we obviously haven’t) is that the official Olympic organization body for skateboarding is the Switzerland-based World Skate, which is also the official organizing body for rollerskating, inline alpine, inline freestyle, inline hockey, rink hockey, roller derby, roller freestyle, and (no lie) scootering.

Back to the contest at hand, for the official word from USA Skateboarding, please follow the jump.

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Big News Dump: Catch Up Edition

by The Editors on September 9, 2019

Please excuse us while we clear out a bit of news that’s been piling up around the place. Some is new, some is old, and a bit is so old it’s beginning to stink. But we’re not going to let that stop us from posting it as a reminder of some of the news that went down while we were gone for the summer.

Follow the jump for all the links.

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The J. Grant Brittain Documentary

by The Editors on September 6, 2019

Just watch. We’ll talk later. For more of Grant’s work, click here for his website.

[Link via What Youth]