Go Skateboarding Day Live On TikTok

by The Editors on June 18, 2021

The Skatepark Project will be livestreaming on TikTok (@theskateparkproject) on Go Skateboarding Day and they want YOU to tune in! It all starts on June 21, 2021 at 7 pm EST/4 pm PST. They’ll be coming to you live for a full hour featuring Tony Hawk at his California headquarters, as well as other TSP-supported skateparks around the country. We’ll be checking in from Lincoln, NE, Santa Monica, CA, Gallup, NM, Charlotte, NC, and Rochester, NY.

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Mid-June New News Lister Lists

by The Editors on June 16, 2021

Summertime, and the parking it loathsome. Beach is packed, and the tourists are lame. Oh, your Daddy’s tired and you ma is on fire, so sunscreen up little grommet, tighten up your game. Here are the latest news headlines you can use. Yes, we’re still doing this and by hand to boot. Enjoy
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2021 USA Skateboarding Nationals

by The Editors on May 11, 2021

All two hours of the 2021 USA Skateboarding National Championships from there Berrics is here for your delicate consumption.

Watch the top 8 skaters in each of four disciplines—Women’s Street, Men’s Street, Women’s Park, and Men’s Park—compete at the 2021 U.S.A. Skateboarding National Championships presented by Toyota and fueled by Got Milk?… right now! Hosted by Chris Pastras and Andrew Cannon at The Berrics and California Skateparks Training Facility.



RIP: Vans Co-Founder Paul Van Doren

by The Editors on May 7, 2021

We were saddened to learn that Vans co-founder Paul Van Doren died yesterday, Thursday, May 6, 2021. He was 90.

“In 1966, Paul, his brother James Van Doren, and their friends Gordon, Ryan Emmert and Serge D’Elia became partners in opening the first Vans store, according to Wikipedia. It took a year to build and set up the factory at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim.”

A week and a half ago Paul’s memoir Authentic was released.

In Authentic, he shares his unlikely journey from high-school dropout to sneaker-industry legend. A blue-collar kid with no higher education and zero retail experience, Van Doren started out as a 16-year-old “service boy” at a local rubber factory. Over the next few decades, he leveraged a knack for numbers, a genius for efficiency, and the know-how to make a great canvas tennis shoe into an all-American success story. What began as a family shoe business has today evolved into a globally recognized brand with billions of dollars of annual revenue.

Thanks Paul for all you did for all of us and for living an incredible, authentic life. Our thoughts are with the entire Van Doren family. If you have a Paul Van Doren story to share, please leave it in the comments.


All The Action Sports News You Can Use

by The Editors on May 3, 2021

Yet again we have gone through all the action sports headlines so you don’t have to and distilled them down into a long list of stories you might be interested in. If not, no worries. It was good exercise for our copy and paste fingers. Never want to let those keyboard skills get on the fade. Follow the jump and enjoy.

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Tech Deck Official USA Skate Sponsor

by The Editors on April 27, 2021

Yes, the USA Skateboarding Olympic Team now has an official fingerboard sponsor and it is, unsurprisingly, Tech Deck. Here’s USA Skateboarding’s take:

“The heart of skateboarding is fun, and no company embodies that better than Tech Deck,” said Josh Friedberg, CEO, USA Skateboarding. “From the day we started our initial discussions, Tech Deck’s commitment to skateboarding culture and their natural fit into our existing initiatives made it clear that we had a great opportunity – we’re incredibly excited to have them as a partner in this historic year for skateboarding.”

Now athletes will have something to do on their 13 hour flight to Tokyo and/or two week quarantines. For the official word from Tech Deck, please follow the jump.

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RIP: Jonas Wray

by The Editors on April 14, 2021


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USA Skateboarding National Championships

by The Editors on March 19, 2021

The USA Skateboarding National Championships will go on this spring in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to an innovative competition format that will combine both digital video and in=-person Olympic Qualifying.

Originally scheduled as a live event for March, USA Skateboarding decided to pivot to virtual qualifying for the athletes’ safety during the pandemic. Video submissions will be 45-second runs for both Park and Street at the skatepark of their choice with in-person finals following Olympic event formats. The top-12 ranked Americans will be pre-qualified into the quarterfinals. Points awarded to the finalists will count towards World Skateboarding Rankings and Olympic qualifying. Men’s and Women’s Skateboard Park and Street events will make their Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2021 Games this summer in Japan.

The window for qualifying video submissions opens on April 9, 2021 with the in-person finals taking place May 27-30, 2021 at The Berrics in Los Angeles, California. For all the official details, please follow the jump.

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Post Ides of March News Drop

by The Editors on March 18, 2021

Hi. Hope you had stellar Et tu, Brute and St. Paddy’s Days. Been missing out on the news? Here it is. Follow the jump for a list of stories that have something to do with snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, fashion, and/or business.

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What Ever Happened To Lee Ralph?

by The Editors on March 16, 2021

Well, now you know. Good to see Lee’s still kicking.

[Link: Scratched]

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