2018 Vans Park Series On ETN

by The Editors on April 19, 2018

The Vans Park Series, arguably the best skateboarding contest series to be streamed online, is partnering up with ETN in an exclusive (yet free to all of us) deal for 2018.

The 2018 Vans Park Series Pro Tour will be broadcast live and for free on the ETN app,, and The new partnership will expand Vans Park Series’ global reach to inspire a diverse and engaging audience, from core skateboarding loyalists to an emerging mainstream skateboarding fan base worldwide. Download the ETN app or visit for more information.

For all the details (and the complete Park Series schedule) please follow the jump.

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The IASC Summit Series #1

by The Editors on April 19, 2018

The annual skateboard industry conference hosted by the International Association of Skateboard Companies is getting a change up with year. Rather than a three day event that requires hotel rooms, travel, and more the IASC is breaking it up into one day events — quick and easy like. The first stop is May 3, 2018, but if you want to stick around there are still three days of fun.

Stop 1: Towne Park Brewery, Anaheim, California – May 3rd. The kick-off Summit Series will be in conjunction with the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Icons Awards Ceremony that will be held on May 4th. Also, join us at the Vans Pool Party on May 5th. Tickets start at just $150 for IASC members and $200 for non-members until April 20th. Every attendee gets 10% off admission to the Skateboarding Hall of Fame Ceremony and the first 50 tickets come with passes to the Vans Pool Party!

For all the details, including a speaker list and how you can get tickets, please follow the jump.

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Kering Starts Volcom “Disposal Process”

by The Editors on April 12, 2018

We talked about this a while ago (November 1, 2017 to be exact), but it appears that the day of Kering’s off-loading of Volcom has officially arrived, according to a story on SGB Media.

“In accordance with Kering’s strategy to fully dedicate itself to the development of its luxury houses, Volcom no longer constitutes a core asset and Kering has initiated a disposal process,” the group said in a statement.

Disposal process? Wow. Kering bought Volcom in 2011 for $608 million will Wooly buy it back for $200 million? Could this happen, (please)? We’ll all just have to wait and see.

[Link: SGB Media]


Zombie Brands Never Say Die

by The Editors on April 9, 2018

Ever launch a brand that functionally went out of business years ago? Not to worry. Brand licensing wizards will resurrect your brand over and over and over again to keep those checks rolling in. The most recent example of brand reanimation is this — Airwalk for Aéropostale.

Airwalk for Aéropostale launches online and in stores on April 8th. The exclusive Men’s capsule will launch with an 8-piece apparel collection with key styles including color block and printed board shorts as well as graphic tees, just in time for Spring Break! The exclusive collection will range from $25 to $45.

Dive in kids. We’re not really sure what Aérosostale is, but it’s the 90s all over again and it’s on sale today.


Golf Thang: The Skaters of Malbon Golf

by The Editors on March 22, 2018

Los Angeles’ Fairfax golfing street boutique Malbon Golf gets the Golfworld write up.

Malbon Golf does club-fitting, but hats, gloves, bags and flasks are the hot items. With a putting green and simulator, the shop has become a kind of clubhouse for an eclectic network of skaters, musicians and artists united by golf and irregular working hours. They play private tracks when they can, and at least suffer the slow rounds at public courses in good company. “I’ve thought about joining somewhere, but never too seriously,” says Hufnagel, who’s playing in a gray hoodie and a black cap with a profane directive.

Keith Hugnagel, Eric Koston, and Sean Malto are apparently down, but when it comes to golf we still agree with Mark Twain.

[Link: Golfworld]


Babes On Bikes: Women Can Do It All

by The Editors on March 21, 2018

Yes, aside from being able to create new humans inside their own bodies, women can also ride motorcycles, and snowboards, and skateboards. They can also surf. We should all be past needing these reminders, but it’s always good to see evidence every now and again. Here, let Hana Beaman, Sarka Pancochova, Cheryl Maas, and their friends at Harley-Davidson show you a little of what we’re talking about.


Nyjah Huston Profiled In LA Weekly

by The Editors on March 8, 2018

With Nyjah Huston’s ‘Til Death seared into our retinas we were reminded of how strange his trip really has been thanks to a profile by Lily Moayeri in LA Weekly.

In an interview, Huston is prepared for personal questions. His responses are tailored and efficient, his tone practiced and final, not inviting further questioning into such subjects as his father, his partying, his haters. He gives a nervous sniff at the end of each of his responses.

The profile covers all that and more, but we’ll let you read it yerself.

[Link: LA Weekly]


Jagger Eaton Wins 2018 Tampa Pro

by The Editors on March 4, 2018

Turns out you can win Tampa Pro by dropping a casual bag of unrushed, polite hammers. Here, let Jagger Eaton show you how it’s done.


Hypebeast Buys Out The Berrics

by The Editors on February 22, 2018

Urban sneaker streetwear music fashion website Hypebeast has reportedly purchased a majority stake in what remains of Steve Berra and Eric Koston’s The Berrics business, according to a story on

Now, The Berrics is being acquired by Hypebeast and they’re forming a new company “The Berrics Company”, with the express mission of making sure the particular spirit that it was founded to foster in skating never dies. Hypebeast is putting in $750k and ending up with 51% of The Berrics and a majority of board seats. The Berrics will contribute its approximate $2.5M in assets, $1M in liabilities and a board seat. Hypebeast has been on a bit of a tear on the markets, with genuinely solid increases in revenue and profits over the past year, so this seems like a smart small acquisition for the company.

We haven’t paid that much attention to The Berrics since they killed off The Skateboard Mag, but this sounds like one more circuit in their downward spiral. Obviously, Hypebeast founder Kevin Ma (above center) does not agree.

[Link: TechCrunch via SkateDaily]


2018 Vans Park Series Pro Tour Dates

by The Editors on February 22, 2018

The 2018 Vans Park Series Pro Tour will kick off in São Paulo, Brazil on June 2, with the inauguration of South America’s first-and-only VPS-certified park terrain course, built and donated by Vans. The completely free and public São Paulo course will be only the second built-to-spec permanent public park terrain skateboarding course in the world, following the initial Malmö, Sweden park location. Consisting of four men’s global qualifiers and three women’s global qualifiers, the VPS Pro Tour spans across five countries on five continents over six months and culminates with the official Vans Park Series World Championships, sanctioned by the World Skate Federation to be held later this year in China.

For the official word from Vans including all event dates, please follow the jump.

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