SIA09: Circe Wallace Launches Circe Snow

by The Editors on January 28, 2009

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Wasserman Media’s action agent Circe Wallace rolled out her new Circe Snow line of sophisticated outerwear for women to an intimate group of friends and retailers on the 62nd floor of The Hotel in Las Vegas last night.

Circe says she dreamed the line up after doing a deal for Travis Rice. “This whole thing came about because I did a deal for Travis Rice with Quiksilver,” she said. “I told Travis I wanted a signing bonus and I told him I wanted a Chanel one-piece ski suit but I couldn’t find one anywhere.”

Sia09 135After looking around for what was available for a more sophisticated snowboard customer Circe discovered that there really was nothing out there that she really wanted to wear. “I was going to make my own pattern and then I decided why not make something fun and fabulous for every one my age,” Circe said. “And from that spawned the idea of an interchangable adornment system.”

The line is made up three basic pieces: pant, jacket, and a one-piece suit. And they come in only two mix and matchable colors: champagne and black. “I’m all about the one piece,” she said. “I don’t think a women should ride in anything else ever. You can make a snow angel and it’s all good. Back gap is bad for girls.”

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The basic pieces can then be upgraded with what Circe calls “kits” or different sets of collars, belts, and cuffs, that allow a woman to dress the pieces in different styles without having to purchase completely separate garments. The two current kids are “The Tudor” which Circe says came from watching too much of The Tudors on HBO, and a little punker set up called “The Rocker.”

Sia09 138The functionality of the interchangeable flair comes into play for women who travel, according to Circe Snow Sales Director Sherryl Lynn. “For all of us who have travelled to a million functions whether we’re pro snowboarders or just going to ride you don’t want to wear the same outfit on the hill every day,” she said. “So it’s the girls dream to have one outfit packed with four different looks. So that gives you an options rather than trying to sneak that extra outfit into your board bag when your boyfriend isn’t looking and telling you not pack any more stuff.”

And before anyone asked Sherryl hit the economy question straight away: People aren’t buying the same old thing in a bad economy,” she said. “You have to give them a reason to purchase. So this is the reason the purchase. It’s a completely new idea and it’s not something you already own.”

All that and the line is green as well. “We’re trying to minimize our footprint as much as we can,” she says. “It’s all poly recycled fabrics with a PFOH-free coating. I’m having everything tested for off-gasing with a eco-environmental scientist. I’m not making any broad statements, but we are trying to be a progressive and modern company.”

Obviously, Circe Snow is not for the local Neff-beanied shred girl, but as snowboarding ages it’s nice to see that someone with solid roots in snowboarding is creating high-end products for women who snowboard. And Circe sums it up perfectly: “The idea is to be fun and playful and be fabulous on the mountain.”

From the look of these three pieces we think she’s done just that.

Sia09 142
Circe Snow Sales Manager Sherryl Lynn and Circe Wallace with the models.

Sia09 141
Quik In The House: Travis Rice, Bob McKnight and his daughter Kristi, and Torah Bright.

Sia09 136
Snowboard Mogul Travis Wood goes to parties and is still at the office.

Sia09 140
Quiksilver’s Danielle Beck and DC’s Pam Z checking out what they might be rocking on the snow next year.


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jb January 29, 2009 at 8:27 am

Why is this good? Well to start with it’s different. I give Circe a thumbs up for finding an opening in an already crowded market.

Anecdotally her product fills a void I’ve heard lamented over.

Keb January 31, 2009 at 10:44 am

This looks like an amazing well thought out line! And gorgeous!

Diiipshiiiit August 1, 2009 at 9:58 pm

This crap looks so fucking SILLY. More SoCal BS for snowboarding, GREAT!

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