Jannard Sells Malibu “Home” for $210 Million

by The Editors on June 19, 2024

Jim Jannard, the action sporting genius entrepreneur behind Oakley BMX/motorcycle grips, glasses, and, more recently, Red Digital Cinema has reportedly sold his Malibu, California beach home for $210 million according to a story in the New York Post. This apparently breaks the record for most expensive home sale in California state history: a record formerly held by the Jay-Z/Beyoncé Corporation at $200 million.

This 15,000-square-foot stunner sprawls across 9.5 acres of prime clifftop land, boasting a private 300-foot stretch of ocean near El Pescador State Beach. . . The palatial pad includes eight bedrooms, a staggering 14 bathrooms, a massive courtyard, a gym and two guesthouses. . . Interiors designed by Michael S. Smith — the same guy who revamped the Oval Office at the White House — feature ornate columns, beamed ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling steel and glass windows. . . The backyard includes a lush lawn and a pool with ocean views.

Work hard kids, and all this can be yours.

[Link: New York Post]

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When You Just Can’t Take Tony Hawk

by The Editors on April 12, 2024

Regardless of the occasional jokes we have made at his expense, we’ve always enjoyed our time hanging out with Tony Hawk. But for those who don’t there is “Hawk Be Gone.” Thanks, Stephen Colbert.

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Slater Selling Rental Home For $20 Million

by The Editors on April 8, 2024

Kelly Slater has a rental property that he would like you to consider buying. Not really a surf-out-front house, but on the water and not too shabby. The only problem? He wants $20 million for it, according to My San Antonio.

Built in 2001, the retreatlike residence is on just over a half-acre. There are ocean views throughout, with soaring ceilings and equally high glass doors. . . There are six bedrooms and seven bathrooms spread across a main home and two guesthouses. Organic influences are also apparent: Wood factors prominently throughout the design in several living and sitting areas. . .An infinity pool and a hot tub are surrounded by mature tropical landscaping, and the beach is just behind the house. . . The listing calls the pad “an exclusive showcase of nature’s splendor, and every moment spent in the gardens feels like an escape to a personal retreat.”

Slater apparently purchased the home in 2017 for $7.8 million. $12 million profit for seven years of not doing much doesn’t sound so bad. Way to let your money work for you, Kelly! Click the link for all the details.

[Link: Realtor.com]

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Roark Jumps On Dead Artist Bandwagon

by The Editors on March 26, 2024

We’ve said it before, but when it comes to doing contracts with artists, and designing products with them, it seems many brands find it’s easier to get deals done when the artist is dead. Roark seems to agree as they’ve launched a new collection of clothing featuring the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, who sadly died at 27 (he’s in the club) from a heroin overdose on August 12, 1988.

“It’s beyond special to present this collection inspired by the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat and share it with Roark fans,” said Roark Founder Ryan Hitzel, “We explore the merger of rhythm and flow with his iconic symbolism, raw creativity and challenging of the status quo. We find the best version of ourselves in that state of mind, whether we’re surfing, running or adventuring through the world.”

Obviously the collection looks great. As it did when Billabong did the same thing in 2018. For a complete overview, please visit Roark’s website . . . which we’re assuming is on the Internet somewhere.

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It’s Simple: Shaun White Is A Sweat

by The Editors on December 20, 2023

This clip from Shaun White’s Bomb Hole interview gets to the crux of the issue Shaun and snowboarding have always had. And what no one pointed out to him is that the “issue” has nothing to do with what he has done or not done for snowboarding or snowboarding culture.

The bottom line is that Shaun White is, and always has been, a total sweat. He takes things very seriously. From the time he started in action sports he’s put every single waking moment into getting better at whatever he is doing. He has very little time for anything (or anyone) else. Every move he makes is calculated to get him closer to his current goals.

Even as a kid skateboarding at the Encinitas Y he attacked it with the complete lack of joy one sees in German fetishists. Doing a trick over and over and over, not noticing anything else. Many snowboarders (and even more skateboarders) don’t like sweats. It’s that simple.

Shaun is trying to be nice in this interview. He wants to show that he’s just a regular guy who loves snowboarding like everyone else. But that’s not really true. He approaches it like no one else. As a result, he became the best in the world. He doesn’t need to apologize for the way he approaches life and shouldn’t feel bad for even a minute. But if he’s wondering why he was (and is) treated the way he is by snowboarders and “the industry” (and that seems to be his question in this clip) then that’s the reason. Glad we could help.

[Editors’ Note: Donna Carpenter is also a sweat. A business sweat. So, yeah, it’s funny she would call out Shaun. Then again, we are all most critical of what we are.]

[Link: The Bomb Hole Podcast]

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Billionaire Ball Sports Guys Buy We Are Camp

by The Editors on December 6, 2023

Apparently, Josh Harris and David Blitzer (the owners of the Philadelphia 76ers and NJ Devils sporting teams) have purchased the Mt. Hood snowboard camp conglomerate known as We Are Camp. They’re saying they purchased it in partnership with the one and only snowboarder/business man Shaun White according to a story on TMZ Sports.

“I’m honored to officially partner with We Are Camp along with Josh and David. I’m excited to step in and help elevate a place that’s so special to me, so come June, you’ll know where to find me!”

Shaun White is just the icing on the cake. Looks like We Are Camp got a wonderful exit and now the sports guys can pour money into it for a while. They’ve for sure made money easier ways than running snowboard camps. How long do you think it will take them to flip the camps to the next round of PE bros?

[Link: TMZ Sports]

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Jacob Stunt Lands Him Six Months In Prison

by The Editors on December 4, 2023

Trevor Jacob the talented snowboarder, skateboarder, pilot, and Youtuber who crashed his small airplane for views back in November of 2021 has reportedly been sentenced to six months in prison according to a story on Courthouse New Service.

Trevor Jacob, 30, was spared the 12-month prison term prosecutors sought at his sentencing Monday in downtown Los Angeles. . . “I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” Jacob said in a tearful plea for leniency at Monday’s hearing. “I look back in complete shame on my conduct.” . . . U.S. District Judge John Walter, while acknowledging that Jacob’s regret for the Nov. 24, 2021, stunt was sincere, said the offense required a prison sentence and not just probation, as his attorney had suggested.

Yeah, we’re bummed for him, but just think of the stories he’ll have to tell when he’s back out and on the tubes.

[Link: Courthouse News Service]

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Rebagliati Still Promoting The Weed

by The Editors on October 21, 2023

When Canadian Alpine racer Ross Rebagliati won the world’s first snowboarding Olympic gold medal in Nagano Japan in 1996 it was kind of funny that he immediately tested positive for marijuana. Of course, snowboarders are pot heads. All that.

But Ross said recently, in an interview with CBC News, that when he was being held in Japan on the drug issue he decided that “I am going to fight for this plant for the rest of my life, start a cannabis company and show everybody what cannabis is really all about.” And it appears he’s done something close. .  maybe.

And while he took on other jobs to fund his dreams, he kept at it, founding medical marijuana dispensary Ross’ Gold in 2013. And on Feb. 8, 2023 — 25 years to the day since he won gold in Nagano — Ross’ Gold products started being sold in licensed dispensaries, a moment Rebagliati said gave him as much pride as his Olympic victory.

Way to stick to it, Ross. Still doing snowboarding proud after all these years. For all the details from an audio interview with Ross, please click the link.

[Link: CBC News]

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Shaun White’s Big Rizzoli Photo Book

by The Editors on October 17, 2023

Shaun White’s ascent from snowboarder to cultural zeitgeist is perfectly represented in his new book from Rizzoli titled Airborne. See photos from when he was just a SoCal kid who loved skateboarding and snowboarding. Watch as the fame machine grabs hold of him and sends him into the orbit of rockstars, fashionistas, and Hollywood girlfriends. Here’s how Rizzoli sets the scene:

Some of the world’s best action-sports photographers capture White performing his extreme snowboarding and skating tricks around the world–from his groundbreaking aerial maneuvers such as his Double McTwist 1260 on Olympic half pipes, to his radical skating tricks such as his Frontside 540 Sky Hook at the X Games. White exceeded the imaginable limits of snowboarding and raised the bar for other snowboarding competitors to try to keep up with him. Narrated by White with detailed commentary throughout, this book is an autobiography in images and an intimate glimpse into the life of a celebrity athlete: training, competing, on the road and in the spotlight.

It’s obviously another Shaun White celebrity product, but if you’re a fan then this is the book for you. Click here to buy it.

[Link: Rizzoli Books]

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The Bones Brigade Experience For $200

by The Editors on September 21, 2023

In this age of nostalgia nothing seems to be more interesting to skateboarders of a certain age than the Bones Brigade. And this fact has not escaped Bones Brigade co-creator (and documentary filmmaker) Stacy Peralta. He’s decided to create The Bones Brigade Experience for fans who would like to spend Sunday, November 19, 2023 with the Bones Brigade at Vans The Block in Orange, California. But, there’s a hook. It costs $200 a ticket and only (only?) 300 tickets will be sold.

Here is Mr. Peralta’s reasoning behind the rock star experience.

In March of this year, Mike McGill held a grand opening for his new skateboard shop in Encinitas, California. He invited a handful of Bones Brigade members to attend and sign autographs, and announced it weeks in advance on social media. The event was a huge unexpected success, as thousands of fans showed up for autographs and selfies with the Bones Brigade, to buy product and just be there to celebrate with everyone. The line of fans outside of the store seemed a mile in distance and didn’t abate once that day. The event went hours over time and yet hundreds of people had to be turned away when the store inevitably had to close. This incredible response got us thinking that maybe it was time we put something together to celebrate the Bones Brigade and our fans; thus the idea for the Bones Brigade Experience was born. . . .This is our first Experience, and we’re putting it together ourselves with the thought of it possibly becoming an annual event to be held in different locations all over the country, and perhaps the world. Being the first one of its kind, we are all very excited to present it to any and all of you who may have an interest in attending. See you there.- Stacy

We love the Bones Brigade and cherish every moment we’ve spent with them all, but. . . well, let’s just say, if you’re interested please click the link to buy tickets (only four per person) because they’re sure to sell out fast. Oh, and if you want to buy a limited edition Bone Brigade deck with all the rider’s logos and signatures, those decks are only $999. All the money is reportedly going to support skateboarding causes and is tax deductible.

[Link: Bones Brigade Experience]

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