Save The Date: Stand Up For Skateparks

by The Editors on May 30, 2014

Savethedate 03

Want to hang out with Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, and legends of skateboarding at a Beverly Hills mansion while at the same time helping to raise money for the Tony Hawk Foundation’s legendary work to build skateboard parks? Then the 11th Annual Standup For Skateparks event is the perfect place for you. Planned for September 21, 2014, this “action-sports carnival” promises to be a good time for a great cause. If you’d like to reserve tickets just click here to email Lily Schwimmer, but be careful. They are spend spend.

[Link: Stand Up For Skateparks]


Ask Tony Hawk Anything On Reddit

by The Editors on May 19, 2014

Hawk Ama

Today is Ask Tony Hawk Anything day on Reddit. Have a question you’ve always wanted to ask? Need advice on personal relationships, skateboarding, video games, or raising children? Mr. Hawk is all answers today. Click the link and hit him up!
[Link: Reddit]


Shaun White Finally Goes To Prom

by The Editors on May 5, 2014

SideboobLast month a high school senior named Carly Monzo decided she wanted to go to prom (at her all-girl high school) with Shaun White.

So, Carly did what any self respecting high school girl would do. She made a video (click here to watch it) asking the former Olympic snowboarder to her prom, according to a story on NBC Philadelphia.

After a month with no response, Monzo figured her video was lost in the millions of tweets that her celeb crush normally receives. It’s a belief she held Friday night when she attended her prom at the Whitemarsh Valley Country Club. . . That all changed once she arrived and a school staffer called out her name. . . “I thought I was in trouble,” Monzo said. “I went out to the front and then all of a sudden the curtain on this photo booth dropped.” . . Behind the curtain was none other than White and his band “Bad Things.”

Rad to see how dressed up Monzo got without having a date. Guess that’s what makes Catholic School girls so, ah, . . oh, forget it. Follow the jump for her video. [click to continue…]


Brixton Did SXSW Up Here’s Proof

by The Editors on March 18, 2014


The crew from Brixton made their annual pilgrimage to Austin, Texas for SXSW and brought back a blog load of photos to prove it. If you’d like to see what they (Jason Lee, Jason Augustine, Adam Warren, Bob Hoste & David Stoddard) saw, click the following links for pretty close to all of it (in four parts). Part I, Part II, Part III, Party IV.


Tony Hawk Rides The HUVr Board

by The Editors on March 4, 2014

Want to ride it, too? Guess you’ll have to wait for the iOS version of the board in game form or something like that. All we can say is we hope these celebrities are getting paid. For more check out HUVrtech.com.

[Link: The Verge]


Tony Hawk: Olympics Need Skateboarding

by The Editors on February 20, 2014

While in Sydney, Australia for the run up to the Vans Bowl-A-Rama Tony Hawk took some time to talk to the media about how the Olympics need skateboarding more than skateboarding needs the Olympics. Wise words from a man who knows.


Kaitlyn Farrington Visits Late Night Old Guy

by The Editors on February 20, 2014

Yes, apparently Late Night With David Letterman is still on and as is the custom he’s interviewing Olympic gold medalists. Here he talks to halfpipe gold medalist Kaitlyn Farrington. If you need to know anything else, watch. Oh, and if you want to see Sage Kotsenburg utter the first words we’ve ever heard him speak, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Bad Lip Reading Shaun White’s Slope Exit

by The Editors on February 5, 2014

Yobeat nails it down on the Shaun White Slopestyle pullout interview. Our faces are cracking. “Afroman is my away message.”


Shaun White Digging Russia’s Olympic Food

by The Editors on February 3, 2014

White Russianfood

How is Shaun White preparing for the Olympic Games? He took to Twitter to show that he’s been dining on a local delicacy saying: “Food in Russia is amazing! #McSochi” Wonder if this is part of a “viral marketing” campaign? Might as well get paid to eat, too.

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Rob Dyrdek vs. Larry King: The Interview

by The Editors on February 2, 2014

Really don’t know how we missed this one. Maybe it’s because we never watch Larry King Now. But 48 Block alerted us to this interesting interview with Rob Dyrdek. In the interview we realized that there is no getting around it: Rob Dyrdek lives his life and makes things happen.

[Link: 48 Blocks]