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Patagonia Names Ryan Gellert CEO

by The Editors on September 24, 2020

Patagonia has a new CEO. His name is Ryan Gellert and he was the former business director of Patagonia’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa divisions. Jenna Johnson will now lead Patagonia, Inc (which is the clothing side of the business) We’re have no idea what this means for the company, or for us. But Gellert is obviously happy about his promotion.

“I am honored and humbled by the opportunity and keenly aware of the responsibility to lead this company in this critical time,” stated Gellert. “No one’s expectations of Patagonia are higher than our own. Everything we do needs to ladder back to our mission of being in business to save our home planet, and we need to do that in a way that is just, equitable and inclusive of all people. Ambitions don’t get much bigger than that. And while there will be more tough days ahead as we challenge norms, I am excited to do the work alongside Patagonia’s talented and passionate professionals. And, I am certain we will also have some fun along the way.”

There were some other changes at the company as well. For all those details, please follow the jump.

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RIP: Gore-Tex Inventor Robert W. Gore

by The Editors on September 21, 2020

On the list of people who made snowboarding better for all of us Bob Gore would rank pretty high. In fact, on our list he would be in a close tie with (Smith goggle founder) Dr. Bob Smith for a top five spot. Being able to see and stay warm and dry during a massive powder dump changed the game for all of us. That’s why we were bummed to learn that Gore died on September 17, 2020. He was 83.

Bob’s commitment to research and development led to his 1969 discovery of a versatile new polymer form, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). The introduction of this groundbreaking new material opened a world of possibilities for products and further innovations. The substance provided myriad new product applications including GORE-TEX® Fabrics, the world’s first waterproof breathable outerwear and a product that through the years has become synonymous with the outdoors.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. For the official word from W. L. Gore & Associates please follow the jump.

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The Now Monthly List of News Stories

by The Editors on September 14, 2020

Yesterday (September 13, 2020) marked the six month anniversary of the current now. Hard to believe we have been mired in this situation for half of 2020. On the one hand we’re blown away by all the calamity that we’ve been faced with, on the other, we’re thankful for all those oblivious deniers who keep on keeping on like there’s nothing wrong. Kudos to them for showing us that it is entirely possible to live a normal (albeit angry) life with your head firmly mired in the sand and/or up your own butt.

With that out of the way, here’s the news that caught our clicker in the past month (thought we were doing this weekly, but my how time flies). Follow the jump for the whole list.

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Airblaster Hires Ricky Hower

by The Editors on August 19, 2020

Airblaster is welcoming Ricky Hower to the snowboarder-owned and operated brand as Marketing Manager. Hower worked for Timberline Lodge and Ski Resort of the last 20 years, most recently as marketing manager. Ricky will oversee all aspects of marketing, including team management, and will report to Co-Founder/Brand Director/Designer, Jesse Grandkoski.

“It feels kinda like Charlie getting the keys to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, except nobody had to be turned into a giant blueberry or almost drown in liquid chocolate. My wife has described it as Cinderella finding her glass slipper. I think both of those sentiments hit pretty close to home for me. Airblaster has had a special place in my heart for well over a decade; the products, the people, and the message are things I back heavily. I am thankful for the opportunity, excited for the future, and stoked to share how fun snowboarding is with the world,” said Hower.

For all the official details, please follow the jump.

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Monday Morning Top News Lists

by The Editors on August 17, 2020

Good morning. Welcome to the new week, in the new-new, of the new now, with our same old list of stories. It may seems like each day is the same as the last, but this list of stories will prove that is not the case. Things are happening in the world outside. Some of them are good, many bad, but all of them peaked at least a small slice of our interest. Maybe your’s as well. Follow the jump for all the headlines.

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Vans’ Doug Palladini Talks The Current Now

by The Editors on August 13, 2020

We drove past the Vans World HQ in Costa Mesa, California last week on another of our NorCal-to-SoCal journeys. We saw empty parking lots, a large construction project in their backyard, and thought to ourselves–we should check in with Doug Palladini to see how Vans is handling the current situation. Few in action sports are dealing with more of the new now than the global president of Vans.

As many would point out, that would require us to do a little more work than we’re used to doing. Luckily, GroupY (which is turning 14 this year) got the old CrossRocket band back together and interviewed Doug for us– on video. Please, sit back and enjoy this interview conducted by former TransWorld Media Publisher, Snowboarder Magazine Editor, Swell.com Editor, content programming strategist, and media executive Rob Campbell.

[Link: GroupY]


Jessup Partners With USA Skateboarding

by The Editors on July 22, 2020

Jessup is now the official grip of USA Skateboarding (USAS) and they will be through 2028.

“This is a truly special opportunity, and we are thrilled beyond belief to have it,” said Robert A. Jessup, third-generation owner of Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup, headquartered in McHenry, IL, with manufacturing plants in Lake Bluff, IL, and McHenry, is the only skateboard griptape manufacturer in the United States.

Nothing like sticking to your board with the same grip the Olympians use. Or, in this case, future Olympians (if we ever get to see skateboarding in the Olympics). For the official word from Jessup, please follow the jump.
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The Estate That O’Neill Built Is For Sale

by The Editors on July 15, 2020

O’Neill founder Jack O’Neill’s daughter Shawne is putting her 55 acre Santa Cruz estate up for auction, according to a story in the Sacramento Bee

A 55-acre Santa Cruz area ranch . . .  is heading to auction. . . Previously listed for $6.3 million, Rancho de los Corralitos – nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Coast – is selling without reserve. . . Platinum Luxury Auctions, a Miami-based luxury auction company, will oversee the bidding on July 18, 2020.

Despite being visually pitched as a property for a-hole polo players, the house is pleasantly understated and that cabin!!! We’d pony up a $10,000 bid, but we’re guessing the property taxes are a bit out of our league. From the looks of it, wetsuits have certainly done well for the O’Neill family.

[Link: Sacramento Bee]



The Monday New News List

by The Editors on July 13, 2020

Welcome to the Monday afternoon news list. Most of it is here. Most of it is readable.

And, we did it all for you with not one lick of inane commentary. Click. Read. Enjoy. Stay well. Wear a mask.
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SIA Town Hall With Selema Masekela

by The Editors on July 8, 2020

Beginning July 14, 2020 the Snowsports Industries of America will host a series of conversations to help the winter outdoor industry better understand diversity, equity and inclusion issues and the role and responsibility our industry plays in creating positive change. The conversations will be hosted by Selema Masekela

Selema’s upbringing is very textured; it is one which led him to often being in places where he was ‘The Only,’ whether that was as an 8 year-old sitting in on late night jazz sessions with Miles Davis, becoming the face of ESPN’s X Games and bringing action sports to pop culture, or creating films and television that strike a chord with our human dilemma; who are we, what drives us and gives us joy. It is this mission that has Selema telling stories of others like him – highlighting people and places through lenses that break molds and redefine culture. He is the co-founder of  Stoked Mentoring, an organization dedicated to mentoring at risk youth through action sports.

The first Town Hall session is up on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 1 PM MDT. For all the details click here or follow the jump.

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