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The Oregon Supreme Court has allowed a $21 million lawsuit against Mt. Bachelor Resort to proceed, overturning two lower court rulings, and saying the liability waiver that Myles Bagley signed when he purchased his season pass is unenforceable, according to a story in the Bend Bulletin.

The court’s opinion is that the resort’s release is offered on a “take-it-or-leave-it basis” and that doesn’t mean the resort is free from any liability resulting in conditions the resort created, according to the story.

“As Mt. Bachelor is open to the general public largely without restriction, and visitors subject themselves to the risk of harm from conditions created by the resort operators, the safety of resort visitors “is a matter of broad societal concern,” the opinion stated. . . . The court found there are “inherent risks” to skiing and snowboarding but those risks do not justify insulating ski area operators from all liability.. . . Skiers and snowboarders have important legal inducements to exercise reasonable care for their own safety by virtue of their statutory assumption of the inherent risks of skiing,” read the opinion. “By contrast, without potential liability for their own negligence, ski area operators would lack a commensurate legal incentive to avoid creating unreasonable risks of harm to their business invitees.”

Bailey was paralyzed from the waist down after breaking two vertebrae while snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor in February of 2006, according to The Bulletin. Obviously, this new court opinion could open the doors for all manner of injury lawsuits against resorts, and we will be following it with interest. Compared to the tight “no-jump” policies of the 1980, resorts have had freedom to create bigger and bigger features in their snowboard parks over the last decade. It seemed only a matter of time before someone blamed the builders of the jump for the injuries of a jumper. For the rest of the story, please click the link.

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Silje Norendal Plugs Into Skullcandy

by The Editors on December 10, 2014

Silje Skull

Silje Norendal has one more really good reason to ignore you on the lift: Skullcandy headphones. The Norwegian Olympic snowboarder has just signed on with the Utah based purveyor of electronica.

“It’s amazing to get to partner with a brand I love so much,” said Silje. “I’m looking forward to being part of the Skullcandy family and working on progressing, competing, and exploring the connection between my music and my riding. This is an exciting time in my career and I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

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Group Y Launches New 101 Event Series

by The Editors on November 20, 2014


Group Y, the action youth culture professional mingling event producing company, has announced a new learning series titled “101.” The first event goes down December 9, 2014 at Lido Live in Newport Beach, California and will focus, not surprisingly, on “optimizing social media and digital content.”

“We’re excited to launch a new series that brings together like-minded industry leaders and influencers who share a passion for marketing and media,” said Mark Sperling, co-founder of Group Y. “Our goal is to spark new inspiration and ideas to influence their own projects and business endeavors.”

Guest at this first round event will include Stance’s Nick Tran, Oakley’s Director of Digital Marketing Scott Alexander,  Vans Warped Tour Director of Marketing & Strategy Paul Kersh, and FvS Media Founder Fred van Schie. For the official word from Group Y, please follow the jump.

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Design Shirts On Your iPhone With #Yoshirt!

by The Editors on November 20, 2014


Now you can say goodbye to all the branded logo shirts that the rest of the mall shoppers are wearing this winter with a brand new iOS app from #YoShirt (not to be confused with leading online snowboarding site Yobeat).

With #YoShirt you can create your own shirt  (or tank, or sweatshirt, or socks) with your own photos, graphics, designs, text, or whatever and have it shipped directly to your house.

Yoshirt was founded, designed and developed by artist, CEO of mobile app firm 99centbrains, and former UI designer at Zynga, Franky Aguilar. Franky designed and built Catwang, Snoopify, and nearly 40 other apps accounting for over 10 million downloads and billions of images created to date.  The co-founding team is rounded out by CTO Ben Williamson, former Senior Software Engineer at Apple, Inc, responsible for administrating $15 billion in retail transactions and CEO Brian Garofalow, a branding, apparel and supply chain expert who served as former Global Marketing Director of DC Shoes and apparel brand RVCA.

#YoShirt! has also just signed a deal with Neff that allows the kids to create their own Neff products right on the phone and get them shipped directly back. This is some proper street fashion disruption right here. DIY, dog. DIY. For the official word from #YoShirt!, please follow the jump,.

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Burton Pulls Product From SIA Show

by The Editors on November 3, 2014

Burton LogoIt appears we’re not the only ones who have grown tired of the SIA Trade Show in Denver. Burton Snowboards announced today that, aside from a booth for Anon accessories and two others for Riglet Parks and the Chill Program they will not be showing any product inside the 2015 SIA Show at the Denver Convention Center this January. Rather than sit in with the rest of the snowboard companies and be under the thumb of the convention center and SIA, Burton has opted to do their own fully immersive, 24-hour-a-day brand “activation” at Denver’s huge night club City Hall.

From January 28th-31st, Burton will transform City Hall into an authentic brand experience where retailers can enjoy three days of winter 2016 collection showings, around-the-clock hospitality, entertainment and more. . . “At Burton, we’re always challenging ourselves to look at things differently, to take a new approach, to innovate – whether it’s with our products, marketing or activations,” said Sasha Dietschi-Cooper, SVP of North American Sales. “So this year at SIA, we’re going to service our retail partners in a whole new way with an elevated presence in Denver. From ramping up the scope of product and brand stories we can show to increasing the flexibility of when dealers can view the line, our intention is to better service and inspire our retailers.”

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Is Fuel TV Getting A Relaunch?

by The Editors on October 30, 2014


According to a newly launched Facebook page (birthed on October 24, 2014) and flying under the banner Fuel TV it would appear that the ground breaking action sports channel is giving it another go. The page includes the cryptic:

Coming to a device near you…The new and improved FUEL TV. Wherever, whenever you want it. Stay tuned!

Rumors are that Fuel TV’s original visionary CJ Olivares has grabbed the Fuel trademark and intellectual property back from Fox Sports and is currently rolling forward with a little help from some other former Fuel TV supporters. It will be great to see Olivares, who left Fuel in April of 2011, back at the controls of what was a ground-breaking action media effort. We’re hoping the the official word will be out soon. When it arrives we’ll update the post.


Hawk + Ecko = TheRideChannel.com

by The Editors on October 30, 2014


Tony Hawk’s Ride Channel (one of YouTube’s top 1 percent most viewed channels) has partnered with Mark Ecko’s Complex Media for a brand new home on the web as TheRideChannel.com. The new site joins Complex’s network of websites that include such staples as Complex.com, Sneakerfreaker.com, SlamXhype.com, and a slew of other websites that appeal to pop conscious young males.

Building from the content already featured on the RIDE Channel on YouTube, Complex Media’s editorial team will support news, tips & tricks, how-to and video coverage featuring some of the biggest names in the skate industry including Tony Hawk, Jamie Thomas, Lance Krall, SLAP, Skatepark of Tampa, Mike Manzoori, Frank Black, Rob Brink, Erica Yary, Kevin Staab, Thurston Moore, Chris Cole, Stevie Williams, amongst others.

The site soft-launched late October and is up for your pleasure right now. Looks like The Berrics and Thrasher are going to have a little more company on the web this holiday season. Check it out and let us know what you think.

[Link: TheRideChannel]


Carter, Iguchi Join Elm Company

by The Editors on October 28, 2014

Mcartbiguchi Elm

Elm Company co-founder Brett Wiley and Hello Distribution have signed up Jackson Hole, Wyoming pro snowboarders Mark Carter and Bryan Iguchi to collaborate on the brands new direction.

Wiley will oversee design and marketing, working closely with Iguchi, Carter, Elm’s updated athlete roster which includes Justin Fronius, Blake Paul, Nils Mindnich, Hans Mindnich, Dillon Ojo, Taku Hiraoka, and the brand’s sales reps and distributors. “Our goal and number one priority with Elm’s design is to create a functional and quality product,” explained Wiley. “As far as aesthetics go, we will be creating a more streamlined and focused collection that will be wearable for years to come.”

Sounds like a solid crew. For the official word from Elm, follow the jump. [click to continue…]

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Johnny Schillereff’s Innocent Passions

by The Editors on October 28, 2014

TED talks are a lot like the food served in high school cafeterias: it looks interesting at first, but after a while it all begins taste the same. It could be someone talking about teaching crows to buy food, or how skateboarding can build an adult man, but the pacing, verbal styling, and Powerpoints make it look and sound the same.

In this TEDx Orange Coast, Element founder Johnny Schillereff attempts to explains his views on leadership through innocent passion. It definitely doesn’t taste the same as all the other TED talks. In fact, we’re still trying to figure out what the hell Johnny was talking about with his “no tipping points” and “upside down tipping points.”  And what about the drum thing? If you know, please share the info.

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Surfimages.com Adds Consumer Direct

by The Editors on October 15, 2014


For years photographer Jack English has been operating Surfimages.com as the go-to site for surfing stock photography. Now he’s opening it to the general online public and offering premium prints, posters and murals through the online store.

“We’ve received a lot of requests from individuals asking if we offered prints for sale,” said Surf Images CEO and photographer Jack English. “For the longest time, Surf Images only licensed images to the commercial market, so we really weren’t able to handle requests from private individuals. Today, I’m happy to announce that Surf Images is now able to offer our beautiful surfing inspired wall art direct to the consumer through our commerce store at surfimages.com.”

To check out what’s on offer, click here. For the official word from Jack English himself, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]