Vans Throws A Huge Open House Party

by The Editors on October 13, 2017

On Thursday, October 12, 2017 Vans invited a large crew of skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, BMXers, artists, musicians, and street culture and action sports industry heads to the grand opening (aka Homecoming) of their new World Headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.

In his welcome to the gathered masses Vans Global Brand President Doug Palladini said this building is more than an office. It is a new home. It is also a step into the future for the iconic footwear brand.

“We’ve had a lot of interesting offices,” Palladini says. “They’ve always been in factories, parts of distribution centers, or leased tiltup buildings, but we’ve never had a place that we could call our own. It is such and honor to have you here to help us celebrate what is really the first truly Vans building we’ve ever had.

“There are 525 people who work in this building,” he continued. “But as our global headquarters we represent more than 10,000 Vans employees who work on our brand all over the world. We have stores and offices in 85 countries around the world and they can all look at this place and consider it their home.

“But it’s not just our employees who are family here. We’re also proud to welcome those who represent the thousands of athletes, the artists, the musicians, and the street culture leaders who make up our extended family. Those who inspire us by bringing their own form of creative expression to life every day with everything they do. So thank you to everyone from our extended family who is here today as well.

“The final thing I want to say before I introduce the person you’re all here to see is that while this building and it’s surrounding space may represent the incredible success that our brand has enjoyed to date, it by no means means that we’re done. In fact, we’re just getting started.  We’re just starting to understand everything that Vans can be. No matter what we are we are going to remain committed to being a family business.

Word. For a photo gallery of a few of the people and places we saw (but didn’t have time to write up), please click the link.



Vans Gilbert Crockett Collection

by The Editors on October 12, 2017

Vans is launching a brand new signature apparel collection this October from global skate team rider Gilbert Crockett.

Known for his distinct skate style and affinity for all things vintage, Crockett’s signature apparel collection is inspired by Americana classics, featuring baseball wovens, collared short sleeves, applique felt detailing and a roomier canvas chino pant reflective of Gilbert’s inimitable personal style. Crockett also integrated design influence from fellow compatriots, Quasi Skateboards, a premium skateboard deck brand he co-founded in 2015.

For all the details, follow the jump.
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Nixon + Santa Cruz = Skate Graphic Watches

by The Editors on October 5, 2017

Nixon and Santa Cruz Skateboards have partnered to create a limited-edition collection of watches with classic Santa Cruz board graphics right on the face.

Nixon’s classic Time Teller is reimagined through the Santa Cruz lens, culminating in designs that are true to each brand. The iconic graphics featured within the collection include: the ‘Screaming Hand,’ the Rob Roskopp Arm, Jason Jessee Lady of Guadalupe and the Santa Cruz logo.

The watches are designed with an all stainless steel build and feature custom casebacks, co-branding, and exclusive packaging. You can pick one up beginning October 9, 2017 for $125 at Nixon retail stores, select retailers and, of course, online. If forced to choose, we’d grab the Roskopp. . . just saying’.

[Link: Nixon]


Right To Roam With Patagonia

by The Editors on October 4, 2017

Jump in the van with Marie-France Roy and Alex Yoder as they weave their way through Scotland, exploring how personal accountability allows for universal land access and old farm shelters enable mountain folks to rove freely. They even find a little snow scattered here and there between the rocks. The film is on tour this fall (starting October 10, 2017) and if you’d like to see it free (at a Patagonia retailer near you), then please follow the jump for details.

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Glow-in-the-dark Half Cabs?

by The Editors on September 20, 2017

Yes, glow-in-the-dark Vans Half Cab Pros inspired by Arizona-based skateboarding collective, Pyramid Country.

Paying homage to the vibrant glow that is the Arizona skateboarding scene, the new Vans Pro Skate Half Cab Pro by Pyramid Country highlights a rich crepe gum foxing and outsole that entirely glows in the dark. The Half Cab Pro is equipped with Vans’ proven UltraCush HD sockliners for superior cushioning and boardfeel, Duracap reinforced uppers for enhanced durability, and Vans’ original waffle sole for the most reliable grip in the industry.

These little glow worms will be available at select Vans Pro Skate retailers worldwide this Saturday, September 23, 2017. For the official word (and images of the shoes when they’re not glowing), follow the jump.

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Michael Marckx New VonZipper Global GM

by The Editors on September 19, 2017

Billabong International has named Michael Marckx, the former CEO of Spy, as their new global general manager for the VonZipper brand.

“Michael brings a unique combination of left- and right-brained freakiness that is the kind of disciplined yet spontaneous energy the VZ brand will thrives with,” said VonZipper founder Greg “GT” Tomlinson. “Not only are we going to expand the VZ product offering, our brand is going to stand out in fun ways just as it did originally, as we have done since rocking the category in 2000.”

Seems like a great fit for everyone. For the official word from VonZipper, please follow the jump.

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Wolle Nyvelt’s Aesmo + Dakine Collab

by The Editors on September 11, 2017

Wolle Nyvelt and his Aesmo noboards have collaborated with Dakine on collection that includes the shirts, gloves, and some special edition Aesmo Trek II and Section packs that look pretty nice. The collection launches today (Monday, September 11, 2017) at specialty retailers and For the official word from Dakine and a closer look at two of the packs, please follow the jump.

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Scene From Surf Expo 2017

by The Editors on September 8, 2017

Okay, not really.


Former Zumiez Employee Accused of Theft

by The Editors on September 7, 2017

An $50,000 warrant has been issued for former Zumiez payroll employee Danielle Koehn, 39, who is suspected of stealing nearly $232,000 from the company according to a story in the Everett, Washington Herald.

Koehn reportedly created a computer file that compiled staffers’ birthdays, Social Security numbers and addresses. That information was used to activate 59 pay cards. . . Detectives believe she duplicated employees’ final payouts and diverted payments to those cards. In other instances, she changed the payment method on personnel accounts and added billable hours, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Koehn was supposed to be in court this week for a hearing, however, she never showed up. Wonder if she ever will?



Finally A Hermès Skateboard

by The Editors on August 17, 2017

. . . you know, to go with your Hermès Apple Watch.

As befitting a brand that specialises in discreet, exceptionally expensive subversion, French fashion house Hermès has unveiled a collection of skateboards and longboards. In the same vein as Chanel’s snowboard and Saint Laurent’s stiletto-roller skates (although, admittedly, the latter are just for show), the Hermès skateboard takes an item straight from the street and gives it a luxury makeover.

And it only costs $3,000. Thanks we’d rather roll a Penny.

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