Patagonia’s CEO Is Watching You Donald

by The Editors on April 26, 2017

In a presidency that becomes more absurd with each day, the Trump administration is now moving to review all of the United State’s National Monuments and Patagonia’s CEO Rose Marcario doesn’t like it one bit. She says:

Our National Monuments were established after extensive public input because they provide unique and irreplaceable cultural, ecological, economic and recreational value worth protecting for our children and our grandchildren. As stewards of America’s federal public lands, the Trump administration has an obligation to protect these most special wild places. Unfortunately, it seems clear they intend to do the opposite.

In a statement released today (Wednesday, April 26, 2017) Marcario urges everyone who loves America’s public lands to contact their members of Congress and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to “express outrage at the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back National Monument protections.” For the official statement from Marcario, please follow the jump.

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LRG Sold To Mad Engine

by The Editors on April 26, 2017

We never really followed the clothing company LRG (Lifted Research Group Inc.), but it appears the brand has been purchased by San Diego, California based Mad Engine, LLC, according to a story in the Orange County Business Journal.

Robert Wright and the late Jonas Bevacqua founded the Irvine-based urban streetwear brand— better known as LRG—in 1999 to serve as “a bridge between skateboarding and hip hop. . . “In the months we have spent getting to know each other Mad Engine has shown a commitment to LRG’s future,” Wright said in a statement. “I am optimistic about this new chapter which creates the ability to grow the LRG brand and creates new opportunities and experiences for those involved.”

Mad Engine is a licensing company that works with major consumer brands like Disney, Coca Cola, and Mars and then distributes it through Walmart, Hot TopicKohls, Target, et al.  This likely means that LRG sales likely be bigger than they’ve ever been very soon. Here, we’ll let Big Engine tell you all about their company.

[Link: OC Business Journal]



Hey Man, It’s Like 4/20 or Something

by The Editors on April 20, 2017

Hey, stoners. It’s 4/20. Whoooooo hoooooo! Wow, man. Looks like it’s time to buy yourself a new pair of Huf socks and smoke another, another bowl, man.


Fish By Fish: Jeremy & Jayde

by The Editors on April 10, 2017

The story of Jeremy Fish, his wife Jayde and how they’re ruling the San Francisco art scene is spelled out in the SF Weekly and it’s worth a gander. Check it:

Both Jeremy and Jayde have achieved celebrity status within the fringes of the established art community for some time, and Jeremy has become a cult figure in the skating industry for his tripped-out line work, often depicting tiny, somewhat morbid, pink bunnies. The image originated from the calling card of a skateboarding crew he created in the ’90s: The Silly Pink Bunnies.

Remember the SPBs? Sure you do. For the rest of the story, flick the flink.

[Link: SF Weekly]


Keith Malloy’s Fishpeople Film Tour

by The Editors on April 10, 2017

Join Keith Malloy for a premiere screening of his new film, Fishpeople. The documentary tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea. From surfers and spearfishers to a long-distance swimmer, a former coal miner and a group of at-risk kids on the streets of San Francisco, it’s a film about the transformative effects of time spent in the ocean—and leaving behind our limitations to find deeper meaning in the saltwater wilderness that lies just beyond the shore.

You’ll have a chance to nab a limited edition Fishpeople stainless steel pint cup and a Yulex® beverage cozie. Keith will also be hosting a question and answer session after the film. For all the details, please click the link.

[Link: Patagonia’s Fishpeople]


Nixon’s Mission To Android Wear 2.0

by The Editors on April 5, 2017

Nixon’s GPS smartwatch The Mission is now updated to Android Wear 2.0 (for the handful of you who don’t have an iPhone). The new update provides a slew of new functionality to the shred watch including:

The ability to download apps straight to The Mission from the on-watch Google Play(TM) store
Enhanced messaging and fitness apps, including Google Fit
The Google Assistant built-in. Just hold the power button.
Customizable watch faces with information pulled from favorite apps and adjustable sub-dial icons
Ambient mode for chronograph and timer functions
New color combinations of Nixon’s Sentry, Unit and Ranger watch faces

Even better news is that Nixon will soon be releasing their Mission app for iOS that will finally allow iPhone users to get much of the cool shred alert functionality that Android users have had since launch. For all the official details follow the jump.

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Noah Beschen Goes Electric

by The Editors on March 30, 2017

Electric is proud to announced a “new partnership” with North Shore ripper Noah Beschen.

“I am excited to join the Electric family! It’s awesome to be part of a company that supports my dream to surf and travel. I live on the beach and having good eyewear is key to saving my eyes from the hot Hawaii sun. I’m psyched on the brand image and the product quality and feel that they are a perfect fit for me. I look forward to my future with their support!”

Noah joins Zeke Lau, Dave Wassel, Kala Alexander, Kai Garcia, and Tai VanDyke in the Electric Hawaii family. For the official word from Electric, please follow the jump.

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The Adidas Matchcourt RX Tennis Shoe

by The Editors on March 28, 2017

Daewon Song, Blondey McCoy, Na-Kel Smith, Nestor Judkins and Dennis Busenitz hit the courts for the Adidas Matchcourt RX. Such a nice way to sell tennis shoes, idinit?


Marc Johnson & Adidas Matchcourts

by The Editors on March 22, 2017

They are called Matchcourt Mid’s (guess they’re repurposed old Adidas tennis shoes or something). But they’re skate shoes now, thanks to Marc Johnson and his funny, funny ways.

Pantone 542, the official school color of the University of North Carolina, known as “Carolina Blue”, serves as the inspiration for the signature colorway of the Matchcourt Mid x MJ. The blue pays homage to Johnson’s home state and skateboarding roots. 

Need we say more?


Dakine + Furrow Surf Craft

by The Editors on March 20, 2017

Dakine partnered with Furrow Surf Craft creator and shaper Christine Brailsford Caro on a collection of products that they say blends Christine’s wood-carved artwork and her board designs that are progressive, yet simple in shape and form.

The Furrow x Dakine Collection is inspired by the fun of riding waves, creativity, and a dedication to craftsmanship.

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[Link: Dakine]