Circe Wallace On The Business of Weed

by The Editors on January 29, 2019

Yeah, yeah, we know, weed is the new snowboarding. Over the years we’ve been prone to making repeatedly lame, cliched jokes about weed because, well, we’re not all that into artificially altered states in general.

There are, however, those who take the legalization of marijuana and the business surrounding it seriously. Action super agent Circe Wallace is one of these. And her Hot Nife line of cannabis products has put her right back in the spotlight where ever she goes.

Last weekend she was in Aspen for a cable TV stunt sporting extravaganza and the local paper interviewed her on her business and weed in general. If you’re interested in an intelligent discussion on the topic, please click the link to read the painfully titled High Country: Snowboarding legend Circe Wallace carves her way into cannabis. Get it? High and carving. . . 

[Link: Aspen Times]

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