Snowboarders Sue Former Coach And USSS

by The Editors on February 3, 2023

A group of female Alpine snowboarders has sued former coach Peter Foley, along with the US Ski & Snowboard organization, its former CEO and others for “sex trafficking, harassment, and enabling and covering up repeated acts of sexual assault and misconduct,” according to a story on

Three-time Olympian Rosey Fletcher, 2010 Olympian Callan Chythlook-Sifsof and former national team member Erin O’Malley alleged in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles that Foley, the national federation, its longtime CEO Gale “Tiger” Shaw and the USOPC “conspired and acted in concert with one another to commit unlawful acts.”

No one from the defense has weighed in on this most recent lawsuit. Previously, Foley’s lawyer Howard Jacobs stated that all the allegations were false. For all the details, please click the link.



Accoutrement: T-Rice Puts Us All Right There

by The Editors on February 1, 2023

Thank you, Travis Rice. Thank you for leaving out the helicopters filming helicopters. Thank you for cutting it all down to snowboarding. Thank you for taking the sickest drops, for slicing all those spines. Thank you for the perfect snow and brilliant light. Thank you for the epic POV. But, thank you most of all for riding all those lines so we don’t have to (even though watching this kinda makes us feel like we did)!


So That’s Where Doug Palladini Went

by The Editors on January 30, 2023

Ever since Doug Palladini disappeared mysteriously and suddenly as Vans global brand president on March 17, 2022, we’ve had a nagging sense of “wonder what happened to Doug?” And not being close to Doug it was not a story we pursued with anything nearing tenacity. We’d ask here and there, some would make hints, but no one seemed to have the details, or was willing to share them with us.

Well, last month, on December 28, 2022 Doug shared his story with his Instagram followers. It goes something like this:

On December 28, 2021, I went to see the cardiologist with a strange “twinge” in my left shoulder. Two hours later, I was in the cardiac ICU and two days later I was recovering from quadruple bypass open heart surgery. Today, exactly one year later, as I watch the sun come up over the Sierra’s, I am overcome with gratitude: gratitude to still be here, gratitude for the doctors and nurses who literally saved my life, and gratitude for all of the friends and family who got me through a very difficult recovery. Because of your love and support I am today the healthiest I have been in 20 years, because without health, nothing else matters.

Great news. According to his most recent Insta post, Doug is now an adjunct professor at San Diego State University (his alma mater) teaching, no surprise, brand marketing and communications. As so many have pointed out, those seniors are lucky to tap into a wealth of in-the-trenches wisdom from someone who has done it all and done it well. Seriously.


Alterra Gobbles Up SoCal’s Snow Valley

by The Editors on January 20, 2023

It is sad to see them go. It really is. Snow Valley, one of California’s last independent snow resorts (a quiet, fun place where neither super mega pass was accepted) has been devoured by the Alterra Mountain Company, according to a press release from the Denver, Colorado based mega resort corp.

“Snow Valley Mountain Resort has been a treasured destination since 1924 and together we will continue its incredible legacy,” said Kevin Somes, Vice President and General Manager of Snow Valley Mountain Resort. “By becoming a member of the Alterra Mountain Company family of destinations, Snow Valley will continue to deliver exceptional guest experiences to ski and snow enthusiasts in Southern California and beyond.”

Sadly, it will also limit the ability of Southern California snowboarders to ride a mountain without handing over all their shred money to the Alterra Mountain Company a year in advance in the form of a super-mega pass. If business goes a usual, Alterra will raise the prices at Snow Valley so high that only super-mega pass holders will be able to afford a visit. Resort consolidation is bad for everyone. Snow Valley, we will miss you. But, we guess somebody’s gonna have to jump. For the official word from Alterra, please click to continue.

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What Is Shaun White Thinking?

by The Editors on January 20, 2023

We really haven’t followed Shaun White’s thoughts or career for years. Yes, he’s a great snowboarder, and he’s sold some pretty cool houses, but that’s about our only interest. If you’re interested in more than that, like his thoughts on fashion for instance, or more specifically his new line Whitespace then you might enjoy this interview with Footwear News.

Speaking with FN last month, White said that as he enters the next phase of his life, he has big aspirations for the business. “I’m a competitor, it’s what I do, and it’s every little thing I can do to make better products,” he said. “That’s the sort of attitude I took to my sporting career. It’s this endless pursuit of progression.”

Strange. Didn’t think he was making shoes. Oh well, if you find anything interesting in this interview please let us know in the comments, because this story has been linked, not read.



Snowboard Brand Drops Street Promo Video

by The Editors on January 19, 2023

A popular snowboarding brand has just released a promotional video featuring a solid crew of young snowboarders hitting rails in scenic street locations.

The music is just right for the mood, the snowboarding is solid, and the dreamy establishing shots of pristine snow-covered villages about to be shredded by the crew are wistfully beautiful. The cinematography is also top notch, with all the proper angles. It is obvious that the filmmakers and snowboarders worked diligently on this project and for that they should be proud of their work.

We were so impressed with this work that we would joyfully bro-hug every one of the people involved with the production of this content if we could. Thanks for creating such a great addition to the snowboarding media landscape. We look forward to much more of the exact, same thing, over and over again as the season rolls on.

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Ken Block Dies In Snowmobile Accident

by The Editors on January 2, 2023

We haven’t even begun to process this yet, but Ken Block, action sports visionary, DC Shoes co-founder, rally car driver, Hoonigan co-founder, and all-around incredible person, husband, and father died today (Monday, January 2, 2023) in Wasatch County, Utah when the snowmobile he was riding reportedly flipped on top of him, according to TMZ Sports. Ken was 55.


The Corpse Of Action Media Sold Yet Again

by The Editors on December 14, 2022

Honestly, we haven’t been paying much attention to the action sports media space lately, because there really aren’t any action sports media in the space (yeah, props to Thrasher, always). But, someone sent us a link to Emerald’s Shopping Blog and a story about A360 selling the old TransWorld Media and Surfer Publications titles (along with Men’s Journal) to The Arena Group, the current owners of Sports Illustrated, The Street, and Parade for close to $29 million dollars. The purchase includes the brands Skateboarding, Skateboarder, Snowboarder, Surfer, Powder, and Bike.

“For years, consumers have trusted Men’s Journal for exclusive lifestyle content and guidance on travel, gear, the outdoors, style, food & drink and more,” said Ross Levinsohn, chairman and CEO of The Arena Group. “Additionally, the titles within the Adventure Network have long stood for excellence with passionate enthusiasts within the Ski, Surf, Biking and Skateboarding communities. There are natural synergies between these brands and our existing audiences we can leverage and enhance through integration, distribution and our playbook, driving incremental value, growth and profitability. This strategic investment underscores our commitment to diversifying and devoting resources to opportunities where we see the most value across The Arena Group.”

As we all know, online media sites aren’t exactly killing it these days, but apparently The Arena Group (Where The Action Is™) knows some secret to getting paid. But as one industry insider told us, “Honestly, this seems like more bad media consolidation. Just stacking lots of money-losing things together rarely results in making money. They seem like they’re just building towards an acquisition by Hatchette or Condé Nast or someone bigger.” It doesn’t look like this insider is alone. Arena’s stock dropped 11 percent on today’s news. (Or was it that half percent rate hike.) You be the judge. For the official word from The Arena Group please follow the jump.

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Mt. High Owners Buy California’s China Peak

by The Editors on December 12, 2022

The consolidation of California’s smaller ski resorts moved forward today as Invision Capital, owners of Mountain High and Dodge Ridge, announced that they had purchased the Fresno adjacent China Peak from long time owner Tim Cohee.

“As of Friday I have completed the sale of China Peak Mountain Resort to Private Equity firm, Invision Capital, based in Chicago,” said Cohee. “I have agreed to remain General Manager for the foreseeable future. We weren’t anxious sellers but Karl and Invision were very interested in having a resort group that covers most of California’s market geographically.”

We’re big fans of resorts that are not part of the “super mega pass” industrial complex so we’re not sure if this is good news exactly. Bundling smaller resorts into larger bites makes it easier for the big guys to hoover them up, but until then this is a great little group of California resorts to spend some time with. For all the official details please follow the jump.

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Mason Aguirre’s Redemption Story

by The Editors on December 6, 2022

There was a time when Mason Aguirre was one of the highest paid snowboarders in the world. His smooth-flowing, rock star halfpipe style made him a standout in any terrain. Few snowboarders have had more raw natural talent. And during the first decade of the new millennium it seemed like Mason was everywhere (including placing fourth in the 2006 Torino Olympics).

Then, in what seemed like a minute, he was gone. The Bomb Hole Podcast gets Mason’s entire back story. What he went though and how he made it back. It is a cautionary tale. Thankfully, the same skills that put Mason to the top in snowboarding, helped him get back to sobriety, happiness, and success.

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