Gnu Embraces Asymmetry

by The Editors on September 19, 2018

. . . and we believe it when Forest Bailey, Blake Paul, Max and Gus Warbington, Alex Lopez, Jacob Krugmire and Max Tokunaga explain it like that.


Burton Hires Former REI, Vans Marketeer

by The Editors on September 17, 2018

Burton has reportedly borrowed an employee from one of their largest dealers, REI Co-op. Sarah Crockett, the former VP of Integrated Marketing & Community Engagement at REI is now Burton’s chief marketing officer, according to a press release widely available on the Internet.

“I’m thrilled to be joining such a passionate community at Burton,” said Sarah Crockett, CMO of Burton. “There’s a vibrancy here at Burton that Jake and Donna have built, and you can feel it the second you walk in the door. There is such an incredible foundation to build off of, from the talent and inspiration that our athletes emulate to leading with our values, including furthering our impact in sustainability. It’s a true pleasure to be able to join a team that is poised to drive this iconic brand into the next era, and I’m simply overjoyed to be a part of this next chapter.”

Sounds like Crockett is well suited for the delivery of stunning decks, reams of customer journey whitepaper, and digital directives on the propagation of Burton’s narratives. For the official word on the new hire, please follow the jump.

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Nidecker Buys Rome SDS, Low Pressure Studio

by The Editors on September 10, 2018

Cédric, Xavier and Henry Nidecker are the proud new owners of Rome SDS along with Low Pressure Studio (owners of Bataleon, Lobster and Switchback), according to a story on That’s taking a pretty big munch out of the market for sure.

According to Low Pressure director Dennis Dusseldorp Rome SDS will join Bataleon, Lobster and Switchback as part of Low Pressure Studio which will continue to be run from Amsterdam while Rome SDS creative, R&D and design will stay in Waterbury, Vermont, USA.

“Actually there are not too many changes,” Dusseldorp says. “The way we are set up is that in Vermont we keep the Rome SDS office for branding, product, marketing and sales. Rome SDS founders Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz will drive the Design Syndicate from their home turf. Operations for North America will move to Low Pressure Studio office in Seattle. I’ll be heading Low Pressure Studio’s HQ from Amsterdam and our current Low Pressure Studio team welcomes several of the key Rome Europe crew to our office in Amsterdam.”

So for those keeping track, Nidecker now owns Yes, Jones, Now, Nidecker, Flow, Rome, Bataleon, Lobster, and Switchback. Soon everything will be owned by one company. And that will suck.



Absinthe’s “Stay Tuned” European Tour Dates

by The Editors on September 5, 2018

The Absinthe Films crew is on the road this fall with their latest independent snowboard movie Stay Tuned.

The list of riders appearing in this year’s movie is impressive: Absinthe veterans Nicolas Müller from Switzerland, Norwegian viking Mikkel Bang, as well as backcountry icon John Jackson (USA). They are accompanied by the US riders squad around Hans Mindnich, Brandon Cocard, Judd Henkes, Ben Ferguson, Jed Sky, Demetri Bales, Brouck Crouch, Olympic Champion Red Gerard, Cam Fitzpatrick, Kyle Mack and Aspen Weaver, Mat Schär (SUI), Severin Van Der Meer (SUI) and Frank Jobin (CAN). Stay Tuned promises to be another outstanding snowboard production capturing epic moments in true Absinthe manner. Exquisite backcountry riding as usual, paired with creative urban snowboarding.

For all European tour dates, follow the jump.

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Secret Hannah Teter Tape Leaked

by The Editors on September 3, 2018

The leaked Hannah Teter video everyone isn’t talking about is right here for your prurient perusal. (For the second time in eight years, but who’s counting.)


Elle Says Snowboarding Is Icy Hot

by The Editors on September 3, 2018

ELLE, the fashion media brand, believes snowboarding will be “icy hot” this season. Here’s what she’s wearing:

Tulle top, $690, nylon tech top, pants, $1,220, all, Prada. Neoprene bikini bottom, Body Glove, $57. Smartwatch, Marc Jacobs, $175. Smartwatch, Tag Heuer, $1,300. Snowboard, Ride Snowboards, $450.Binding, Burton, $150. Beauty Tip: For protection on sand (or slopes), try Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF100+($13).

Ah yes, neon. . . clink the link for all the flash.

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Ride Snowboards Makes A Ski Joke

by The Editors on August 31, 2018

In a recent marketing emailer with the subject line “All New Skiing Stuff From RIDE,” the brand is apparently making a statement about their core commitment to snowboarding. Seems they forgot to add the line: “But if you want skis (or snowshoes, or inline skates) you can get them from K2 Sports, the mega-corp that controls, manages, and owns us completely.” Core, not that core.


Academy Snowboards 72 Hours In Colorado

by The Editors on August 28, 2018

Enjoy part one of ACDMY 72. It’s a series of short edits from Academy Snowboards captured within 72 hours from a specific place. This episode is from Colorado, but they’ve got more coming from Tahoe, Bear Mountain, and some other spots. Stay tuned and enjoy.


Hi, How Are You?

by The Editors on August 19, 2018

Reminds you of standing in Colorado lift lines last season doesn’t it? 

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RIP: Gerhard Gross

by The Editors on August 15, 2018

We were saddened to learn that former Associate Editor of Snowboard Canada, Managing Editor of Transworld Snowboarding, and Dew Tour content director Gerhard Gross died Tuesday, August 14, 2018 after nearly two years of bravely, stubbornly striving to survive stomach cancer. He was 39.

Unlike many in the snowboard industry we didn’t get much time with Gerhard before his diagnosis, but we will forever cherish every minute we spent with him, his wife Kris, and their son Gerhard Gross IV.  Our thoughts are with Kris, little G, and Gerhard’s entire family. For more on Gerhard and his life in snowboarding please click the links below.

[Links: TransWorld SnowboardingSnowboarder Magazine]