Head Recalls Helmets That Aren’t Helmets

by The Editors on February 9, 2016

Head_Ski_and_Snowboard_Helmets_CPSC_largeHead USA is recalling six models of helmets sold from January 2015, through December 2015 because the “helmets do not comply with the impact requirements of safety standards for helmets.” In other words, the helmets are not actually helmets.

This recall involves six models of HEAD ski and snowboard helmets: Agent, Alia, Andor, Arise, Arosa and Avril. They were sold in sizes M/L and XL/XXL in black, blue, green white and yellow, with straps in a variety of colors. . . HEAD, the model name, size and “Production Code: Dec. 2014” are printed on stickers that can be found by lifting the lining above the right earpiece.

If you are one of the 440 people who bought one of these helmets please contact Head at 800-874-3235 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at

[Link: Consumer Affairs]



Shaun White Buys In To Mammoth Resorts

by The Editors on January 28, 2016

Looks like Shaun White has actually “joined the Mammoth Resorts’ ownership team” by plunking down a pretty large pile of cash (reportedly seven figures), even though making money by running ski lifts technically ended somewhere in the 90s. That said, he certainly seems stoked on his latest brand affiliation.

“It’s amazing that I’m now an owner of the mountain where I grew up riding,” said White. “As an owner I’ll be able to make changes and shape the future of the mountain and how people enjoy it–whether they’re beginners or professionals.”

Mr. White’s influence on Mammoth’s Big Bear Resorts will certainly help (White House Slopeside Condominiums, Summer Action Sports Complex, and dryslope maybe), and hey, if it sells a few more Air & Style tickets in the process, even better.

For the official word from Mammoth, please follow the jump.
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High Fructose Corn Syrup Tour Not Dead Yet

by The Editors on January 27, 2016


The mouse dissolving, caffeinated, carbonated high fructose corn syrup tour is getting a jolt of authenticity with today’s announcement that Snowboarder, Surfer, and TransWorld Media’s parent TEN: The Enthusiast Network is stepping in to take the flagging tour in a much needed new direction (while still reportedly keeping their broadcast deal with NBC alive). The best news is that this will give TEN one more thing to sell that doesn’t involve pieces of paper with pretty pictures printed on them.

“Partnering with Mountain Dew and the Dew Tour property showcases exactly what TEN has been designed to do for brands – provide authentic, credible, full-service media capabilities to reach, engage and excite a large audience,” commented Norb Garrett, Executive Vice President / General Manager of TEN, Sports & Entertainment. “The Dew Tour has been around for over a decade, and by leveraging our position as the world’s leading action/adventure sports media company, TEN is dedicated to contributing to its ongoing success so that it will continue on for another decade and beyond, providing a truly one-of-a-kind experience for the action sports community.”

This certainly makes for a good press release if nothing else. Now, if they could just find a new title sponsor. . . For the official word from TEN, please follow the jump.

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Elm Company’s Lost & Found In Denver

by The Editors on January 25, 2016

Lost_and_Found Photography Show_Flyer

Elm Company is taking over the Denver, Colorado’s Black Book Gallery on January 27, 2016 for their Lost & Found – The Story of Adventure photo exhibition.

Join Elm Company as we explore a cultural mix of photographers from around the world in a one night how. The photographers document the lifestyle that we live and breathe, brining together the effort, action and environment to one location where the viewer can too participate in the simplicity of being outside. In this collection we bring together outdoors, snow, and adventure.

The show features the works of Tim Peare, Shaun Daley, Pascale Shirley, Ben Gaveled, Sean Kerrick Sullivan, Mike Yoshida, Ryan Hughes, Chris Wellhausen, Andrew Miller, and Frode Sandbeck. The show begins at 7 PM January 27, 2016. The Black Book Gallery is located at 304 Elati St., in Denver, Colorado.


Lib Tech Signs Rice For 5 More Years

by The Editors on January 22, 2016

travis_riceBig Mountain snowboarder Travis Rice has extended his endorsement deal with Lib Tech snowboards for five more years, according to Lib Tech.

“I am so proud to announce that I have signed on for another 5 years with Lib Tech and Mervin Manufacturing,” Rice said. “From an early Jamie Lynn that was the first board I spent money on at age 15, to the Last 10 years of R&D on my incredible pro-model board line culminating with the upcoming Climax model which I believe to be the best board on the planet made with Non-Toxic, Eco friendly materials, built by snowboarders here in the USA. Mervin is a family that I am overjoyed to be a part of and has been putting Snowboarding first since it’s inception over 25 years ago. From the water-boards I surf to the skateboards I roll, this company is based on fun with friends, creative freedom and the expression which makes the world a brighter place. Many companies try to replicate what Mervin is doing but there is only one magical Mervin! Thank you Mike, Pete and everyone else that empowers and supports me, can’t wait to share what is in the works for tomorrow!”

For the official word from Lib, follow the jump.

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Skier Throws Snowboarder From Chairlift

by The Editors on January 19, 2016

Can’t say we haven’t occasionally needed a quick escape from a nutball on a chairlift, but we’ve never gone as far as a skier at Aspen Highlands did on Sunday, January 17, 2106.

A “white man” skier in his late 30s reportedly pushed 28-year-old Seth Beckton, of Aspen, right off the Loge Peak chairlift, according to a story in the Aspen Times.

Beckton said he fell face-first 20 to 25 feet to the ground, but fortunately landed in a “large pocket of snow” and was not injured. . . “I honestly thought I was dead,” Beckton said. “Because I didn’t know where we were (within the lift path). It’s not cool to think anyone would do that.”

It all started with a discussion of riding powder. After a comment Beckton made, the skier said, “Are you making fun of me?” When Beckton said, “Not really — but maybe,” the guy then said, “Do you think this if funny?” and threw Beckton from the chair. . . which is kind of funny now that he mentions it.

Beckon hasn’t yet filed a report and no one really knows who this “white man” skier really is.

[Link: Aspen Times]


Boarding For Breast Cancer Turns 20

by The Editors on January 8, 2016

B4BC_20th_Aniv_Logo_ColorBoarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary year with plans to to revive their historic Snowboard + Music Festival, as well as launching a photo exhibition tour of 20 most iconic snowboarding images of all time.

Two decades ago, a small group of young women, leaders in the snowboarding industry, turned the tragic loss of a friend to breast cancer into a positive new movement called Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC). Launching with huge snowboarding and music festivals, the events attracted girls and guys in the tribe of winter sports enthusiasts, and shined much needed attention on young women with breast cancer by increasing awareness using a combination of fun, snowboarding, music, and athlete inspiration.

For more info on the upcoming events and how you can get involved, please follow the jump.

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Vans’ Hi-Standard Big Air World tour

by The Editors on January 8, 2016

vans_hi_standardFor 2016 the Vans Hi-Standard Snow Series World Tour is back with 13 stops in five countries including Korea, China, and France. The Hi-Stadard series is a jam format big air contest in which rotations over 720 are banned completely.

Starting on January 16th at Mount St-Louis, Ontario Canada, riders will compete in a unique exhibition of style and creativity. The Hi-Standard Series will award over $60K in cash prizes and challenge riders to push their imaginations with innovative tricks. The “Van Doren Rail Best Trick” offers cash on the spot for the most inventive maneuvers. Vans will also reward and name an MVP, a Most Improved Rider and a Worst Bail for each stop of the tour. With nothing beyond a 720 allowed, only the most creative competitors will be considered for the billing.

For all the details (including all the dates and places), please follow the jump.

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What It’s Like At Mammoth Right Now

by The Editors on January 7, 2016

Not, bad huh? Especially compared to the powder in the Long Beach, California Convention Center today. . .


Matt Cummins’ 25 Years Of Lib Tech

by The Editors on January 7, 2016

Matt Cummins has been on the snow scene forever. He’s had a pro model longer than most pros have been alive (25 years with the Mervin crew):

He has used this opportunity to continually push snowboard designs from the earliest skate influenced twin tip MC Kink to today’s powder hungry Nootka. His designs, priorities and style forever changed the sport and paved the way for generations of pros. We are proud to celebrate Matt’s 25 years with Mervin Manufacturing and the Lib Tech brand. This video is just a taste of the legacy of Matt and the Cummins family!

Just press play and see it all for yourself. If you’d like to see what Jamie Lynn has to say about Matt, follow the jump.
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