Beastie Boys Book & Snowboarding

by The Editors on November 2, 2018

When Beastie Boy Adam Yauch got into snowboarding it was a big deal to a lot of people. Not that we needed validation from the cool kids, but where he went the hoards followed. Here, in a clip from their new Beastie Boys Book is a little back story on the boys, MCA, and his obsession with snowboarding among other things. Click play for five minutes of Beastie Boys flavor via Soundcloud.

[Link: Beastie Boys Book]


Circe Wallace: Hot Nife Weed Queen

by The Editors on October 24, 2018

Super action agent and former professional snowboarder Circe Wallace is reportedly blazing new business terrain in the cannabis industry with her latest venture, Hot Nife, according to a profile on

“I see cannabis as an area of immense and incredible opportunity for women,” Wallace said. “I have to believe that shop owners and consumers will want to do business with operators who are honest and see the big picture. This business really is about relationships.” . . . Wallace is also channeling her experience from the snowboarding industry’s early days as she navigates the rapidly expanding cannabis sphere. “I think I understand how to ride the wave of taking a nascent industry into the mainstream,” she said.

No doubt. Plus weed is the new craft beer. Party on, Wayne. 



Jones Sponsored Fjord Boarding

by The Editors on October 18, 2018

In January 2018 Jones Snowboards launched a grant program offering amateur riders the opportunity to go out on an expedition. Here’s how their first year went.

The first annual Jones Backcountry Adventure Grant that was awarded to Mount Baker local Corey Nolan. In April 2018 Corey used the grant to help fund an exploratory trip to Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska.

Looks like a pretty good use of some “adventure funding.” For the rest of the story, please click the link.

[Link: Jones Snowboards]


Last Week Today News Update

by The Editors on October 15, 2018

Once again, a list of links to some of the stories we wish we had time to read and re-type. Follow the jump for all the details.
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A Mind Expander Split of Jones

by The Editors on September 25, 2018

We’re beginning to dream about winter and when we do we’re not thinking crowded resorts loaded with suburban brats acting rad. We’re thinking quiet forests, open glades, and rolling powder. And the board that gets us to it and through it during these flights is the Jones Mind Expander Split. It goes a little like this:

The new Mind Expander Splitboard was built for the creative rider who weaves nimble and playful lines as they slash through the backcountry. Designed by surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones, the Mind Expander Split features a Christenson Surf Rocker profile and a blunted nose for epic float in pow plus a full size tail for legit freestyle performance. The unique shape is matched with a short sidecut for snappy turn potential in tight trees and inner and outer edge Traction Tech for enhanced edge grip on icy skintracks or firm descents. For unmatched torsionally board connection in ride mode, the Mind Expander Split also features our Boltless Bridge and Karakoram Ultra Clips.

Really, what more do you need?  Click the link for all the details.

[Link: Jones Snowboards]


Notable News From Last Week

by The Editors on September 24, 2018

Each week we read more stories than we have time to post so we’re going to link them up with little or no commentary every now and again because commentary means caring and we don’t seem to have much energy pointed in the caring direction lately (sorry Stab High).

So for a few of the stories from the last week, follow the jump.
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Resorts Just Love Spruce Beetles

by The Editors on September 24, 2018

How do ski resorts get more rideable terrain when most of their mountains are covered in trees? They can’t go in and clear cut it just yet, but with a little help from a tree killer known as the Spruce Beetle they can open up new runs no problem.

For example, at Monarch Mountain in Colorado they’ve just removed “thousands of trees” from their mountain that have been killed by the beetles according to a story in the Pueblo Chieftain and they couldn’t be happier about it. Who needs trees?

“It is kind of cool because as we’ve gotten into it and removed the dead trees we have opened up a lot more terrain, and that’s an opportunity for people to ski terrain they could not get to before. I think our guests will be pleasantly surprised,” said Randy Stroud, Monarch’s general manager.

Many of the trees are still good enough to be used for lumber, so that’s a plus, too. For the rest of the story, including the part about how clearing the trees is helping to eradicate the spruce beetle problem, and how school kids a learning about ecology through the tree clearing, follow the jump.

[Link: Pueblo Chieftain]


Gnu Embraces Asymmetry

by The Editors on September 19, 2018

. . . and we believe it when Forest Bailey, Blake Paul, Max and Gus Warbington, Alex Lopez, Jacob Krugmire and Max Tokunaga explain it like that.


Burton Hires Former REI, Vans Marketeer

by The Editors on September 17, 2018

Burton has reportedly borrowed an employee from one of their largest dealers, REI Co-op. Sarah Crockett, the former VP of Integrated Marketing & Community Engagement at REI is now Burton’s chief marketing officer, according to a press release widely available on the Internet.

“I’m thrilled to be joining such a passionate community at Burton,” said Sarah Crockett, CMO of Burton. “There’s a vibrancy here at Burton that Jake and Donna have built, and you can feel it the second you walk in the door. There is such an incredible foundation to build off of, from the talent and inspiration that our athletes emulate to leading with our values, including furthering our impact in sustainability. It’s a true pleasure to be able to join a team that is poised to drive this iconic brand into the next era, and I’m simply overjoyed to be a part of this next chapter.”

Sounds like Crockett is well suited for the delivery of stunning decks, reams of customer journey whitepaper, and digital directives on the propagation of Burton’s narratives. For the official word on the new hire, please follow the jump.

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Nidecker Buys Rome SDS, Low Pressure Studio

by The Editors on September 10, 2018

Cédric, Xavier and Henry Nidecker are the proud new owners of Rome SDS along with Low Pressure Studio (owners of Bataleon, Lobster and Switchback), according to a story on That’s taking a pretty big munch out of the market for sure.

According to Low Pressure director Dennis Dusseldorp Rome SDS will join Bataleon, Lobster and Switchback as part of Low Pressure Studio which will continue to be run from Amsterdam while Rome SDS creative, R&D and design will stay in Waterbury, Vermont, USA.

“Actually there are not too many changes,” Dusseldorp says. “The way we are set up is that in Vermont we keep the Rome SDS office for branding, product, marketing and sales. Rome SDS founders Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz will drive the Design Syndicate from their home turf. Operations for North America will move to Low Pressure Studio office in Seattle. I’ll be heading Low Pressure Studio’s HQ from Amsterdam and our current Low Pressure Studio team welcomes several of the key Rome Europe crew to our office in Amsterdam.”

So for those keeping track, Nidecker now owns Yes, Jones, Now, Nidecker, Flow, Rome, Bataleon, Lobster, and Switchback. Soon everything will be owned by one company. And that will suck.