The Dingo On Richest Action Athletes

by The Editors on April 17, 2014

The Dingo sits across from a pair of talking boobs and outlines who he believes are the richest action sports stars of all time on some sports show called The Fumble Rumble. He appears just a little distracted by the entire operation. And that is apparently the point of the show entirely.


One Turntable And A Signal Snowboard

by The Editors on April 17, 2014

Yes, it’s already the third Thursday of the month and that means Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew have a new edit about building a wacky snowboard. This time they enlist the talents of Mix Master Mike “nobody can do it like. . . ” and our favorite OC artist MadSteez. As they say in first grade, “watch and learn. . . ”

[Link: Signal Snowboards]


Mervin Manufacturing Slims Staff

by The Editors on April 16, 2014

44604Sequimlibtech1Mn4-16-14Mervin Manufacturing, the snowboard company formerly owned by Quiksilver and sold to Altamont Capital Partners (owners of Dakine) last fall, has cut a full 20 percent of its staff according to a story in the Sequim Gazette. The employees were notified on March 30, 2014.

Pete Saari, co-founder of the Carlsborg factory-based company, confirmed that they restructured and cut 20 percent of their staff in late March after shifting from a public to a private business model in November 2013. . . “As part of a larger restructuring initiated by our return to a privately held business model we have renewed our commitment to a healthy build-to-order-manufacturing strategy,” Saari said. “An unfortunate result of this was a one-time adjustment to our staffing in our Carlsborg manufacturing facility.”

Most of the employees who were cut were described as “weekend employees of the snowboard division.” Just one more page in the seemingly unending story of Pete Saari and Mike Olson’s constantly evolving snowboard company. Yet still, those two remain. Thankfully.

[Link: Sequim Gazette]


Tim Windell Finds A Summer Camp Exit

by The Editors on April 2, 2014

We-Are-CampMt. Hood summer camp consolidation is well underway as Windells Camp and High Cascade Snowboard Camp join forces as We Are Camp, LLC. After shaping the world of snow summer camps and creating one of the most popular youth sports training brands in the world, former pro snowboarder Tim Windell appears to be taking a break.

“Combining the two camps has been a dream of mine since 2003,“ said Tim Windell, legendary world-champion snowboarder and Windells Camp founder. Windell will serve on the board in an advisory capacity to the company during the transition. Together, the brands offer an unrivaled summer snowboard and ski camp experience with three private terrain parks, Oregon’s best indoor and outdoor skate parks, two high-speed quad chairlifts, four surface tows, four BagJumps, two mini-pipes, and North America’s only Olympic-sized 22’ Summer Superpipe, which serves as the summertime Olympic training facility to the U.S. Snowboarding team and all major contending countries.

We’re stoked for Tim. Job well done! For the official word from We Are Camp, follow the jump. Or click here for an interview with Tim Windell and We Are Camp CEO Kevin English from [click to continue…]


Jamie Lynn For Dragon Optical Collection

by The Editors on March 26, 2014

Does the concept of pro snowboarder product endorsement still work? Of course it does. The only reason we posted this Dragon Optical Collection video is because Jamie Lynn is in it. And it’s probably the only reason that you’ll watch it. Simple as that.

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Winter Rages On At Mammoth Mountain

by The Editors on March 26, 2014

Pm3 9043

Today’s storm at Mammoth Mountain (March 26, 2014) dropped 8 -10 inches of fresh pow and kept Sierra shreds blazing in mid-winter glory. And you know what else? Mammoth is staying open until Memorial Day (May 26, 2014) like they have every and every year for the past 27 years.

“Although winter got off to a slow start, the past month brought a series of strong storms with nearly 100 inches of snow, and more in the forecast this week,” said Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory. “With excellent conditions typical of this time of year, we look to continue our long-standing tradition of skiing and riding well into May.” . . To celebrate, Mammoth has a jam-packed spring event calendar with all-ages activities on and off the hill. Events such as the JLA Banked Slalom, Mammoth Invitational, Grenade Games 10, Pond Skim and the annual Easter celebration are back in addition to new offerings like Spyder’s massive “Where’s the Party?” concert at Canyon Lodge.

For the official word from Mammoth, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


2014 Tom Sims Retro World Championships

by The Editors on March 24, 2014

Retro World 2014

Kevin Delaney, Shaun Palmer, Chris Roach, Keith Kimmel, Bob Klein and the rest of the old school shreds (photo Sky Rondenet) showed over the weekend (March 22 – 23, 2014) that they’re all just as strong as they ever were, maybe ever stronger as they joined snowboard fans from around the world at Soda Springs, California for the 2014 Tom Sims Retro World Championships. Follow the jump for the complete GS results or click here for the official Facebook page. [click to continue…]


Backcountry Snowboarder Dies In Tree Well

by The Editors on March 24, 2014

A 29-year-old snowboarder died Sunday March 23, 2014 after falling headfirst into a tree well while riding in the backcountry near Pemberton, British Columbia, according to a story in the Vancouver Sun.

The day began when the friends snowmobiled into a popular backcountry area near Pemberton, not far from the Miller’s Ridge Forest Service Road, said Sgt. Peter Thiessen, an RCMP spokesman. . . Partway through the day, one of the snowboarders paused on a run and noticed his friend was no longer behind him. When the friend failed to turn up shortly after, the boarder hiked back up the mountain through the deep snow to look for him, said Thiessen. . . He soon found his friend face down in a tree well. When he yanked the man out of the snow, he found him unresponsive, blue, and not breathing. . . Despite attempts to revive the man with CPR, he did not recover.

Our thoughts are with the man’s family and friends.

[Link: Vancouver Sun]


Snowboarder Dies Hitting Stratton Mtn Sign

by The Editors on March 24, 2014

Tommy Hoang, a 16-year-old from Randolph, Massachusetts, died Saturday, March 22, 2014 after hitting a sign at Stratton Mountain on his first day snowboarding, according to a story on

Winhall police say Tommy Hoang, of Randolph, Mass., was injured Saturday when he was snowboarding for the first time and crashed into a sign. . . When the ski patrol arrived Hoang had no pulse. Medical personnel at the resort restored his pulse and Hoang was flown by helicopter to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H., where he later died.

Our thoughts are with Hoang’s family a friends.



Signal Snowboard’s New Hot Rod

by The Editors on March 21, 2014

Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew get back to the base-ics, experimenting with new technology that adds a little heat up the base of a snowboard. Will it make the boards go faster? Will this be the technology that all boards will be rocking next year? Or will this just be a flash in the plan? Watch the edit and you’ll get all the answers in this March edition of Every Third Thursday.

[Link: Signal Snowboards]