Laird Hamilton’s GolfBoard Open

by The Editors on May 21, 2015

So big wave surfer Laird Hamilton is reportedly the co-founder of a company that makes a skateboard like golf cart that’s used at Bend, Oregon’s Tetherow Resort. It’s call the GolfBoard. And next weekend he is hosting the world’s first “GolfBoard Only Tournament.” In other words, everyone has to get around the course on a GolfBoard.

Festivities kick off Friday, May 29 with a Speedgolf demo and competition (winner takes home $1,000), followed by a lively meet and greet arrival party at 5:30 pm. The GolfBoard Open Tournament will take place on Saturday morning, May 30, topped off with afternoon libations, lunch and awards ceremony.

We’ve said before that there’s nothing anyone could do to golf that would make us want to play it, but the GolfBoard certainly makes it look a little less boring and painful. The downside — we’d still have to hang out with golfers. Follow the jump for the official word from Tetherow Resort. [click to continue…]


Life Beyond Walls: Highway 101

by The Editors on May 20, 2015

Undecided on where to take a spring trip this year, Yadin Nicol and Dillon Perillo looked at the reports, packed their bags, and bought one-way tickets to Smith’s new home in Portland, Oregon. From there, the two embarked on a 1,600-mile journey down the pacific northwest coast searching for waves and avoiding sharks. Titled “Highway 101,” the second surf installment of Life Beyond Walls shares a glimpse into their journey as they weave down the coastal route drinking coffee and looking for hidden gems along the way.

[Link: Smith]


Shaper Roger Hinds Wins Another One

by The Editors on May 19, 2015

Rogerhinds Winer2015One of the most fun contests to watch at the Boardroom Surfboard Show (mostly because it shows how fast shapers can get a board done when they want to) is the Icons of Foam.

Each year a crew of shapers are given the directive to shape a board just like one of the greats would do it. This year, the “shaping tribute” was honoring Rusty Preisendorfer. And for the second year in a row, Seal Beach, California’s Roger Hinds took top honors.

Hinds bested fellow craftsman Tim Stamps, Chris Christenson, Stu Kenson, Ward Coffey, & Dave Parmenter. In 2014 Hinds won the Boardroom’s Icons of Foam competition honoring Ben Aipa. On his two-peat performance, Hinds said, “ . . . “All these shapers did a fantastic job,” said honoree Preisendorfer. “There were some subtle yet definitive design characteristics in this board particularly in the back half (Rusty 1984 “Occy” model). I’m honored and inspired by their efforts. ” . . . “I’m really proud & humbled for back to back wins against such great shapers & honoring Rusty Preisendorfer,” said winner Roger Hinds. “Looking forward to next year!”

For the official word from The Boardroom Surfboard Show, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Toledo & Conlogue Win In Brazil

by The Editors on May 18, 2015


. . . at least that’s what we heard from the content production company. For their version of the wildly well attended event at Barra da Tijuca, Brazil, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Byrds Of Paradise Pins Them Up

by The Editors on May 15, 2015

Byrd, the men’s grooming product company founded by Chase “Big Bird” Wilson has decided to jump in on the sex sells game with a stunning little 16mm featurette staring Kayslee Collins. The question is, does it make you feel like buying pomade?

[Link: Byrd]


Alana Blanchard’s 50 Cent Headphones

by The Editors on May 14, 2015

Last fall when word went out that surfer Alana Blanchard had joined up as an ambassador for 50 Cent’s SMS Audio headphone company we thought, “Pffffft, what does Alana know about headphones. She just needs something to fill the audio slot on her sponsor dance card.” Well, our understanding of Alana’s personal audio knowledge has not changed since September, however, we did get the chance to plug in some SMS Audio headphones and you know what? We like ’em.

We’re kind of picky about headphones. We only like in-ears, because, really, why roll around with big Princess Leah buns on the sides of your head all day. And we only go wired because we have enough stuff to keep charged already. How hard is it to run a wire down your shirt and plug it into your phone. Not hard at all. That’s why we think 50’s In-ear Wired Sport headphones are right up there with our favorite sounders yet.

The earphones ship with three sizes of ear pieces and “stay-fit wings” and once we got them sized right they locked in and didn’t budge a bit no matter how much we got rattled them. They also kept most of the ambient sound out even though they are not noise canceling. The MFI cord is tangle free and flat and features a three-button controller with a mic for controlling the volume and taking calls on the roll. What more do you need? The In-ear Wired Sports retail for $79.95 if you click right here you can get them for $42.99.

[Link: SMS Audio]


The Boardroom Highlights Rusty

by The Editors on May 11, 2015


The Boardroom surfboard industry trade show is rolling into Southern California’s Del Mar Fairgrounds on May 16 – 17, 2015. Not only will The Boardroom show off the world’s finest surf riding craft, they will also honor one of the world’s finest surfboard shapers, Rusty Preisendorfer.

“We are humbled and extremely stoked to honor surfer, shaper, and artist Rusty Preisendorfer,” said Scott Bass, Executive Director of The Boardroom. “Since the show’s inception, all of the shapers that participate in the shape-off do so out of respect for the honoree, and the craft of surfboard shaping–a sacred craft. Passed down through the generations beginning in Polynesia and carrying on today with icons such as Rusty, as the spirit and culture of surfboard designing and manufacturing thrives in a constantly changing world of visionaries and new technologies.”

For the official word from The Boardroom, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Anastasia Ashley + Terry Richardson

by The Editors on May 8, 2015

Tumblr Nny795Inlh1Qa42Jro1 1280

It seems like a match made in. . . well, you know. Anastasia Ashley gets in under Terry Richardson’s hot white studio flashes and puts on a little show. For more photos from Terry’s blog click these links: here, here, here, especially here, and here.

[Link: Terry’s Diary]


Rarick, Garcia Into Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame

by The Editors on May 6, 2015


Professional surfing co-founder, Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Executive Director, and global surfing icon Randy Rarick and Sunny Garcia were inducted last night into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame. Rarick is one of the rare, humble, talented surf promoters who worked tirelessly for the betterment of surfing. In a time of conflict and issues between locals, sponsors, and the media Rarick seemed always able to walk the good line through it all.

“My efforts along the way have always been to honor the sport of surfing and the meaning it has brought to my life and countless others around the world,” Rarick said. “Surfing is truly, uniquely Hawaiian and I’m honored to have had a career that has shaped and spanned my entire life. I would also like to honor others along the way who have helped me to do that, including Fred Hemmings, Buffalo Keaulana, Rell Sunn and Gerry Lopez.”

Rarick took the event as the opportunity to officially announce his “full retirement.” Thank you Mr. Rarick. Professional surfing is so much better because of you and we hope that it can survive your absence. Follow the jump for more. [click to continue…]


RIP: Shawn “Barney” Barron

by The Editors on May 6, 2015

FullSizeRenderThe surf community mourned the loss of another iconic surfer yesterday as news spread that Santa Cruz, California artist, surfer, and “funny human” Shawn “Barney” Barron died yesterday (May 5, 2015). He was 44.

According to Surfline:

Barron was born in Pomona and raised on the Westside of Santa Cruz, learning how to surf in fourth grade. By the time he was a teenager, Barron was one of the most progressive surfers in town, along with fellow Westsiders Darryl “Flea” Virotsko and Jason “Ratboy” Collins. In the mid- to late ‘90s, Barron and crew created a highly specialized niche as aerialist/big-wave freesurfers, traveling around the world and charging at home and at Maverick’s as the spot was beginning to gain notoriety as the West Coast’s heaviest wave.

Surfer Joel Tudor took to Instagram this morning with the photo to the right and the following:

Rest in power you cosmic awesome human! Shawn “Barney” Barron you were a pleasure to know and honor to surf will–first attempted 360 air I ever witnessed was by Shawn at the lane in 1987 // you are a legend sir — respect in the highest form.

According to a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel there will not be an official cause of death until an autopsy is completed. But this is what happened:

About 4:30 p.m., a 23-year-old woman who lives at Barron’s home on the 100 block of Dufour Street heard a crash, said Santa Cruz police Lt. Bernie Escalante. She went outside to an area between the home and an in-law unit and saw Barron on the ground, Escalante said. . . She called 911 and was instructed by an emergency dispatcher to open his airway, which she did. Paramedics and police arrived and tried to resuscitate Barron, but he was pronounced dead at 5:05 p.m., police said.

More details as they become available. Our thoughts are will Barron’s family and friends.

[Link: & Santa Cruz Sentinel]