Lipke + Highsnobiety + Mercedes

by The Editors on March 24, 2015

Nothing like a fast new car and a couple good waves to get the blood pumping in the morning. Highsnobiety, Mercedes, and Marlon Lipke get together to make it all work. This edit is another reminder, however, that each time we see a Mercedes it makes us want to test drive a Tesla. . . is that weird?


Smith Starts No Hate-Mongering Petition

by The Editors on March 20, 2015

Eunfpolluomvaea-800X450-Nopad’s Chas Smith has started a petition on suggesting that there should be “No Hate-Mongering in Surf Media by The Inertia.” We don’t read the inert site ourselves, but apparently a writer there started a petition to get Gabriel Medina suspended from the Pro Show because he went off script during that apparel sponsored event at Snapper Rocks. And Chas didn’t like that one bit:

Trey Highton, whose title is Poet/Surf Scholar/Ocean Activist (and whose name might actually be Henry), posted a 15,000 word piece today titled Gabriel Medina, Samsung and the Axis of Evil. In it he argues that Gabby should be fined $101,000 for using swears and criticizing commissioner Kieren Perrow (hereafter “Pierrow”) and suspended from Bells.

We couldn’t believe Highton’s story (or petition) was anything more than a joke and/or link bait. (Even though that event production company has apparently fined the current world champ). But again, we don’t really understand where most of the site’s writers are coming from. If you’d like to jump in on the high jinks please, click the link.

[Link: Beach Grit]


Apparel Sponsored Event At Snapper Rocks

by The Editors on March 16, 2015


A privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production held a surf apparel sponsored event at Coolangatta, Australia’s Snapper Rocks last week. Well, the finals were last week, but the event seemed to drag on for days and weeks before that (February 28 – March 13, 2015).

This ground breaking event was a live, online video presentation of scantily clad, fit, young men and women riding waves on foam and fiberglass boards. The production did not go off without a few hitches, however. Sadly, the ocean did not cooperate with the event production company’s timeline and days had to be added to their content procurement schedule. Then one of the performers (who happened to have received the event production company’s highest honor last year) spoke honestly and passionately about his performance in substandard location conditions against another performer who apparently became surly during the shooting of one scene. Because the event production company is focused on producing high value promotional entertainment content in an efficient, professional way, they didn’t seem to appreciate one of their actors going off script.

Aside from that, and a few instances where certain actors appeared to receive higher scores than they should have, the event was a success. The content created by the event production company was of very high production values. The camera work was amazing, the graphics stunning, the online stream stayed up most of the time, and the actors appeared to enjoy performing their parts in the production. Even the local people visiting the production set appeared to enjoy watching the content being created. Guess that’s a win for everyone.

For the event production company’s official overview of exactly how their commercial entertainment package was produced, performed, and concluded, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Invitational At Noosa

by The Editors on March 12, 2015

Ducttape Banner

The Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational (poster by Thomas Campbell) presented by Vans returns to the Noosa Heads, Australia this weekend (March 13 – 15, 2015) as part of the historic Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing. The world’s best traditional long boarders will exhibit their unique long boarding style for a piece of a $10,000 USD prize purse and the privilege to be a part of the celebrated heritage of the Noosa surf community.

The 16-man contest spans a three-day window with top contenders including defending champion and Noosa local Harrison Roach from Australia, past Duct Tape winners Alex Knost and Tyler Warren of California, plus a talented roster longboard specialists from all over the world. Strict guidelines will enforce the use of traditional, single-fin logs without modern attachments and no interference allowed. Additional points will be awarded for best shared wave, encouraging surfers to ride the same wave with style and creativity.

Other long boarders who will be working magic on the waves include: Ryan Burch, Dane Peterson, Matty Chojnacki, Jai Lee, Thomas Bexon, Matt Cuddihy, Mikey Detemple, Robin Kegel, Bryce Young, Troy Mothershead, Nathan Strom, and Kai Ellice-Flynt. For the official word from Vans, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Oakley Lowers Pro Returns To Trestles

by The Editors on March 9, 2015

MedinaIt’s been gone for two years, but this year the Oakley Lowers Pro finally returns to Southern California’s Trestles April 28 – May 2, 2015.

“Oakley has a long history at Lower Trestles and we’re excited to be back at this esteemed surf break to host some of the world’s best surfers in our own backyard,” said Cuan Petersen, Director of Global Sports Marketing, Oakley. “Lowers is a perfect canvas for innovative, high-performance surfing, which makes for an ideal competitive venue. And while it can be a picturesque wave, it’s a difficult one to master. It’s definitely a place that differentiates the good from the great. We’re looking forward to kicking off the competition at the 2015 Oakley Lowers Pro.”

With the ratings points on this years event being even with a WSL Championship Tour it will likely be the only time to see all the heavies this summer. Stoked. For the official word from Oakley, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


RIP: Kurt “Mellow Cat” Ledterman

by The Editors on March 6, 2015


We knew him best from Ted Richards serialized comic Mellow Cat which appeared in Skateboarder Magazine from 1978 to 1981, but those who knew Kurt Ledterman as the editor at Surfer Magazine (and brains behind Skateboarder) remember a charming, kind, intelligent man, according to a remembrance from legendary photographer Jeff Devine on Ledterman was 69.

He treated all contributors during his reign as an editor at SURFER—and also as an integral part of Skateboarder—with a politeness that many still remember. He loved jazz and obscure rock. He would formally invite you to drive him up the hill to his house on Soledad Mountain to enjoy an obscure background-drumming lick on the latest T. Rex album, piped through his parents’ stereo. Over and over. His mom described his informal group of musician friends as, “better than a barking dog.” . . . As editor at SURFER, he filled and stylized the magazine with his verbal accounts and captions. Publisher Steve Pezman once called him the soul of the magazine. “Kurt’s stretch at SURFER and Skateboarder would become an indelible part of the lore of both magazines,” he says. Surfers from Malibu to San Diego knew and loved him. Seeing him actually surf only added to the respect.

We know that Ledterman’s contributions to Skateboarder created delight in the minds of young readers and inspired them to find more in the magazines than simply photos and stories. Our thoughts are with Kurt’s family and friends. Radical-mon. . .

[Link: Surfer Magazine]

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Ten // Orange County At AR4T

by The Editors on March 4, 2015


On Thursday, March 5, 2015 Laguna Beach, California’s Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow gallery will be hosting a show titled Ten, feature the work of ten Orange County artists including: Ben Brough, Chantal deFelice, Jennie Cotterill, Jeff Gillette, John Sollom, Mark Oblow, Shag, Suzanne Walsh, Tim Hendricks, and Trace Mendoza.

Each artist was selected because of their talents and impact that they have made on the OC art community and beyond. Their pedigrees range from emerging to world renowned but together they are representative of the depth and power of the work being created here in our own back yard.

Yeah, some of the names are very familiar, right? The opening reception begins at 6 PM and will feature live music by The Sanitys and The Bent Duo. Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow is located at 1175 Pacific Coast Hwy in Laguna Beach.

[Link: Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow]


Brothers Marshall Know What’s SUP

by The Editors on March 3, 2015

Img 3366

Leave it to the Brothers Marshall to sum it all up in one T-shirt. ‘Sup, bro?

[Link: Brothers Marshall]


Dragon Throws A Big Shadow Collection

by The Editors on March 3, 2015

Dragon introduces the new Shadow Collection for 2015. A grouping of three silhouettes (the DS1, DS2 and Mansfield) that are based on their frameless lens technology.

. . . the Shadow Collection. . . a unique shield lens that creates a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic. This is combined with hand-made, Italian crafted frames and the assurance of the premium quality Dragon is known for. The name aside, this distinctive collection is for those looking to set themselves apart from the crowd.

For more info, click the link.

[Link: Dragon]


WSL’s World Headquarters Are Pretty Plush

by The Editors on February 25, 2015


When the World Surf League wants to project success they’ll invite potential sponsors to their newly renovated Santa Monica, California offices where Malibu design build firm Classical Progression, Inc. just gave the place a complete “surfer” make over, according to a story in Malibu Business.

Just steps from the surf in Santa Monica, the newly renovated, vintage bow-truss warehouse boasts business and creative office space for 50, a fully-equipped professional sound stage for its on-site broadcasting of worldwide competitions, a café with beer on tap, a game room with 24-hour live, surf video footage, and an on-site gym, complete with his and her locker rooms, all designed in a sophisticated surfer vibe. Professional surfers are welcome.

Those who have followed WSL CEO Paul Speaker’s career will not be surprised. It seems a newly renovated office is where he does his best work.

[Link: Malibu Business]