Man Dies Falling Off Motorized Skateboard

by The Editors on January 26, 2015


A 31-year-old Covington, Lousiana man has the above SkaterX 49cc skateboard to blame for his death on Sunday, January 25, 2015, according to a story on Fox8Live.

Jerry Siles Jr., 31, was killed on Sunday while driving a SkaterX 49cc, a gas powered skateboard. . . Officers say that Siles was traveling westbound on Boston Street when, for unknown reasons, he lost control and was thrown from the skateboard. . . Covington Police say he was not wearing a helmet.

One more reason to stick to the stunt sticks.

[Link: Fox8Live]


Brandon Reis’ Full Think Thank Almanac Part

by The Editors on January 26, 2015

Yes, Brandon Reis put down some interesting rail-a-rifficness in Think Thank’s Almanac for sure.

Like a horde of spot decimating locusts Brandon chomps his way through school yards, parks and side country hits on a biblical scale. Day or night, rain or shine Reis won’t stop (and if he does stop, a little peer pressure will get him going again). The world is upside down, conspiracy theories are true, the dark slide is possible, fish are leaping to land, all of this points to signs of the beast, Reis the Beast.


2015 X Games Slopestyle Results

by The Editors on January 26, 2015

It’s only the 2015 X Games, but Mark McMorris (and Sage Kotsenburg) finally got the scores they should have gotten in the 2014 Olympics. Yes, McMorris took the gold. Then again, we don’t know what we’re talking about because we didn’t watch the X Games. Oh, and Jamie Anderson didn’t win the women’s event. Silje Norendal edged her by a little over two points. For the full results. Follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Carving It Up At The Aspen X Games 2015

by Sponsored Post on January 23, 2015

Facebook Taylor

The X Games Aspen 2015 will be known for two things:

1. Amazingly skilled athletes who defy the laws of physics while shredding snow, air, and everything in-between. And…

2. Their intensely loyal fans who tune in to cheer and support their favorite X Games athletes.

For the fans in Aspen, getting an up-close view of the athletes on a course or hanging out in town is typical. For fans around the world, getting closer can be a little tougher. And that’s where Skype is helping to bring everyone closer together.

By teaming with X Games star athletes Gus Kenworthy, Sage Kotsenburg, and Taylor Gold, X Games fans are getting the chance to ask them questions one-on-one, through the power of Skype.

All you need to do is add XGames2015 as a contact on Skype for a chance to join in. Follow the jump to for all the details, and personal video invitations from Sage, Taylor, and Gus. [click to continue…]


Danny Davis’ Winning X Games Pipe Run

by The Editors on January 23, 2015


Danny Davis is still riding well. In fact, he won X Games Gold last night in Aspen with this run. Kind of reminds us of some of his runs from back in the day. For the complete Men’s X Games Superpipe Results, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Forcite Brings The Smart To Snow Helmets

by The Editors on January 21, 2015

A crew of Australian helmet designers have created what they’re calling the first “smart helmet for snow sports.” It’s called the Forcite and it features an HD camera, speakers, impact sensors, and a micro computer inside the helmet which is all controlled by a smart phone app. These features allow sheds to capture the action, communicate with friends, and even send out a distress signal with GPS coordinates when there is an intent impact. It’s like turning in to Robo Cop on the hill. We’re not sure this will ever make it to market, but for all the details, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Burton Puts A Logo On Some Speakers

by The Editors on January 21, 2015

Burtonspeakers Lineup W-Logo
If you like Burton Snowboards and music, then Braven has just the Bluetooth speakers for you.

Heralded for their superior ruggedness, plethora of features and outstanding sound quality, the compact BRV-1 and battle-ready BRV-X can withstand even the hardest elements. Ideal for riders and those who love the outdoors, both wireless Bluetooth speakers enjoy an IPX7 certified waterproof rating and can transform into a battery bank to charge USB devices to stay powered up while on the go.

Guess the whole waterproof thing comes in handy when you’re in the hot tub apré shred and you want the other kids to know you’re down with the Big B. For the official word from Braven, follow the jump. [click to continue…]

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Ricardo dos Santos Killed By Off Duty Cop

by The Editors on January 20, 2015

Ricardo dos Santos surfing at home. Photo: @williamzimmermann

Brazilian surfer Ricardo dos Santos, who received the 2012 AI Forever Award at Teahupoo, has died from gunshot wounds he received outside him home on January 19, 2015, according to a post on He was 24 years old.

Dos Santos was allegedly shot three times by off-duty soldier, Luiz Paulo Mota Brentano, 25, outside his home. There details are grey, with two theories of what happened. One version of events details that Ricardo confronted Brentano and two others over their blatant use of drugs on the streets of Embaú Guard (translated). The second, based on what family members believe, is Brentano and his brother, 17, had parked their car over building materials outside Dos Santos’ home which was under construction, and he asked them to move on. The response was gunfire, and according to Hardcore’s International Editor Steve Allain, Ricardo was shot once in the back, turned, and was shot twice more in the abdomen.

It was obviously way too soon. For more on the story, click here for Stab Mag’s coverage. Our thoughts are with Ricardo’s family, friends, and the entire surfing community.

[Link: Stab Magazine]


Ride On’s Augmented Reality Goggles

by The Editors on January 20, 2015

As we’ve discovered over the past decade, creating a video demo of a tech product is much easier that creating a tech product. Over the years we’ve seen some amazingly cool technology that hoped to be transformative. Then nothing went to market. We know nothing about Alon Getz or his company Ride On, but from the looks of this video he and his team are at least dreaming in the right direction. If you’re impressed with this edit, then by all means donate some funding to Ride On’s Indie Gogo project and help get this immersive heads up display goggle out on the market. Click the link.

[Link: Ride On Goggles]


Bryan Knox Moves To Sports Agency

by The Editors on January 20, 2015

Knox PrLong-time Burton Snowboards team manager Bryan Knox has joined the action sports agency world as the new vice president of marketing and media for Newport Beach, California based The Sports Syndicate.

Knox comes highly qualified with over 15 years of action sports industry marketing and media leadership under his belt. For the past eight years, he held down the role of Global Director of Team Marketing and Media for Burton Snowboards, and prior to that he was Senior Marketing Manager at Vans. “I have watched Bryan grow from a Team Manager during his early days at Vans to a Global Director at Burton,” says Bobby Nichols, President of The Sports Syndicate whom Knox will report to. “I look forward to working with him on even more of a day-to-day basis now, and am excited to see what he can accomplish for both our clients and the agency.”

For the official world from McClellan Nichols Sports Syndicate, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]