George Carpenter Shares His Spine Story

by The Editors on March 14, 2024

George Carpenter, son of Burton Snowboards founders Jake and Donna Carpenter has shared his spine surgery story publically for the first time on Instagram. Here’s what he said:

On July 27th, 2023, I underwent an emergency surgery to remove a benign tumor that was within my spinal cord at the T-4 level. Until a week before this surgery, I had been unaware to the presence of the tumor. And we’ll never know why or how it got there. If I had left the tumor alone, I would have been paralyzed in a matter of months. . . Post-surgery, I was left with incomplete paralysis, with very little sensation and no movement below my nipples. Since then, I have regained some function and sensation. I’m living in Denver with my girlfriend Jamie and doing intensive rehab at Craig hospital, one of the best spinal cord injury facilities in the world. . . While I tend to deal with hardships privately, at this point it feels good to share. Much love!

For the rest of the story and continuing updates please check George’s posts on Caring Bridge.


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