Final Day Of The Billabong Pipe Masters Live

by The Editors on December 19, 2014


The Oregon Supreme Court has allowed a $21 million lawsuit against Mt. Bachelor Resort to proceed, overturning two lower court rulings, and saying the liability waiver that Myles Bagley signed when he purchased his season pass is unenforceable, according to a story in the Bend Bulletin.

The court’s opinion is that the resort’s release is offered on a “take-it-or-leave-it basis” and that doesn’t mean the resort is free from any liability resulting in conditions the resort created, according to the story.

“As Mt. Bachelor is open to the general public largely without restriction, and visitors subject themselves to the risk of harm from conditions created by the resort operators, the safety of resort visitors “is a matter of broad societal concern,” the opinion stated. . . . The court found there are “inherent risks” to skiing and snowboarding but those risks do not justify insulating ski area operators from all liability.. . . Skiers and snowboarders have important legal inducements to exercise reasonable care for their own safety by virtue of their statutory assumption of the inherent risks of skiing,” read the opinion. “By contrast, without potential liability for their own negligence, ski area operators would lack a commensurate legal incentive to avoid creating unreasonable risks of harm to their business invitees.”

Bailey was paralyzed from the waist down after breaking two vertebrae while snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor in February of 2006, according to The Bulletin. Obviously, this new court opinion could open the doors for all manner of injury lawsuits against resorts, and we will be following it with interest. Compared to the tight “no-jump” policies of the 1980, resorts have had freedom to create bigger and bigger features in their snowboard parks over the last decade. It seemed only a matter of time before someone blamed the builders of the jump for the injuries of a jumper. For the rest of the story, please click the link.

[Link: Bend Bulletin]


Nixon + Surfline = Smartest Tide Watch Ever

by The Editors on December 19, 2014

We’ve often given our friends at Nixon grief for the fact that all their watches really do is tell time. And time of day really isn’t all that important of a metric when compared to all the other data points we use to run our lives. Sure the SuperTide kicks down a great overview of the tide, but in the era of truly smart watches, all most Nixon watches had going for them is they looked good and kept the proper time. With the launch of their Nixon UltraTide all that is about to change. This new Nixon tide watch delivers up to the minute Surfline tide, swell, wind, and weather data directly to the wrist.

Using advanced technology to take surf watches to an entirely new level, Nixon and Surfline’s goal in creating the Ultratide was not to change the way people surf, but rather give surfers more information and to deliver it in real time so you’ll never not know. . . . The Ultratide – unlike virtually every smart watch out there today – has no pesky cords required to sync or charge. Syncing with your smartphone via Bluetooth delivers the most accurate and up-to-date surf conditions directly to your wrist. This is not predicted information… this is real time with 10 live data points including creating custom surf alerts for the spots you want and the conditions you like. Browse the entire Surfline network of spots – over 2,700 and growing – and select your favorites. Set up custom alerts for each spot, and The Ultratide will make sure you never miss an epic session again.

Sounds like this watch is going to be a serious surf watch killer. The only bad news — it’s not out in time for Christmas. We’re all going to have to wait until “early spring,” well after the Apple Watch has dropped. Not to worry. From what we’ve heard the Apple watches aren’t even waterproof. For the official word from Nixon and Surfline, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Last Minute Gifts: Jeff Curtes’ Chasing Epic

by The Editors on December 19, 2014

Chasing Epic

As the principal photographer for Burton Snowboards for 10 years, Jeff Curtes has had access to the world’s best snowboarders and the skills to capture them at their finest. Many of the photos Curtes has shot during that time have been collected in the Ammo books oversized, hardcover edition Chasing Epic: The Snowboard Photography of Jeff Curtes. The 15 inch by 11.5 inch book includes 96 pages and an introduction by Jake Burton Carpenter himself. This collection of images makes the perfect gift the the snowboard on your list. And if you hurry you might just be able to get a copy before Christmas. Click the link for more info (or check for and even better deal.
[Link: Ammo Books]


Last Minute Gifts: Mission Belt Co

by The Editors on December 18, 2014

Mission Belts

It is getting down to the wire. If you weren’t paying attention when we listed out our 12 Days Of Gifts and you didn’t take action on any of those ideas, not to worry. We’re still rocking this gift game and the good news is you still have time to help the one you love hold their pants up with a rockin’, totally adjustable belt from Mission Belt Co.

Mission belts don’t have holes. They have a ratchet systems that allows for a perfect fit each and every time they go on. And better yet, you’re not just getting high tech leather belt, you’re also helping to end world hunger. Mission Belt Co. gives one dollar from the sale of each belt to the micro lending site

For each Mission Belt sold we contribute a dollar into a Kiva fund that then gets lent out to borrowers in developing countries who are seeking money to support their small business operations. We’re not talking about expensive factory equipment or a new tractor, but rather what we might consider a relatively cheap income producing asset, like a cow that produces milk, or a few hundred dollars worth of supplies that can be resold for a profit. In this way, our Mission isn’t just satisfying people’s immediate needs, but giving them the means for an improved standard of living that will last the rest of their life.

So with this gift, you’re holding up someone’s pants and helping to change the world through local economics all at the same time. And, if you order a belt by noon mountain time on December 19, 2014 (that’s tomorrow), you’ll get the belt by Christmas and everyone’s happy.

[Link: Mission Belt Co.]


Danny Kass & Kyle Clancy vs The Trike

by The Editors on December 18, 2014


It’s been a while since we’ve laughed this hard reading a snowboarding story (and we’ve read thousands). If you’d like to brighten your day, then drop in on this Kyle Clancy’s Column from YoBeat on that one summer in Mammoth when Danny Kass bought a chopper trike and tried to take Kyle out for a ride.

I step outside to see him sitting in the parking lot with an entire building complex and the rest of the neighborhood looking at him on a Trike. Not just any Trike, a Low Rider Trike with chopper handle Bars and a high-rise bench back seat. It’s deafeningly loud. I determine I need my skateboard and run inside, and by now the whole fucking street is watching. . . .Danny throws me a Cappix helmet — these fake plastic baseball looking hats used to fake out skate park cops — “You’ll want this.”

Click the link to read the entire thing.

[Link: YoBeat]


Ryan Sheckler Strips Down For Peta2

by The Editors on December 16, 2014

It’s nothing half of Las Vegas hasn’t seen at those summer pool parties, but Ryan Sheckler has shown some skin for PETA youth division’s “Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin, and Let Animals Keep Theirs,” campaign.

“I’ll never put on a mink coat. It’s just not right,” Sheckler says in an exclusive video interview with peta2. “Be aware of what you’re actually doing and what materials you are using. You’re taking a life from an innocent animal.”

We agree with Ryan. For the full page ad and the official word from PETA2, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]

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by The Editors on December 16, 2014

97Dd3090-9984-4175-Bd75-A182Ee697973Blockhead Skateboards founder Dave Bergthold is happy to announce that Skate Crate, his newest skateboarding retro-innovation, is now live on the web.

Over a year and a half since building the first prototypes we’re finally in business! We are proud to announce the site is now fully functional and before we could even get this announcement out – some pre-orders have rolled in. . . We have t-shirts, decks, trucks and wheels ready to ship and pre-orders for Skate Crates will be shipping as soon as we have product in our hands (this week – fingers crossed!). Like I mentioned before, we’re offering a 10% discount on all Skate Crates and complete Blockhead skateboards through the end of December. We are also offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more through the end of January!

For the official word from Skate Crate, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Established Forever Is A Nightmare

by The Editors on December 15, 2014

Any movie that arrives with a quote from Hunter S. Thompson and is introduced by Max Headroom is just fine by us:

No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride… and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well… maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.

And then lifting our iTunes library for their soundtrack didn’t hurt either. Retro rewind wizardry.

[Link: Ride The Nighmare]


Roxy + Sony = SmartBand With Roxy

by The Editors on December 15, 2014

Quiksilver isn’t completely stuck trying to figure out which direction they’re headed . Their Roxy brand just partnered with Sony on a nice looking SmartBand fitness tracker and as we all know, wearables are the future.

The wearable technology in SmartBand with ROXY talks to the Lifelog app and your Android smartphone via Bluetooth® and NFC. If you receive any calls, messages, likes or tweets while away from your phone, SmartBand with Roxy will vibrate to notify you. SmartBand with ROXY can also measure your sleep cycle and wake you up at the optimum time. . . A perfect solution for a girl who is always on the go and ready for an adventure, SmartBand with ROXY merges fashion with technology in a unique way. Our favorite feature: it’s waterproof! So no need to take off SmartBand with ROXY when you go stand-up paddle boarding!

If we were teenage girls (who had Android phones) we’d buy one right now, even for $99.

[Link: Roxy]

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