The Dingo On Richest Action Athletes

by The Editors on April 17, 2014

The Dingo sits across from a pair of talking boobs and outlines who he believes are the richest action sports stars of all time on some sports show called The Fumble Rumble. He appears just a little distracted by the entire operation. And that is apparently the point of the show entirely.


Weeman & Friends For DVS’s The Jarvis

by The Editors on April 17, 2014

This little clip is chock full of surprises. And it will make you smile.


Duane Peters Pleads Guilty To Assault

by The Editors on April 17, 2014

Duane Peters entered a plea on Wednesday (April 16, 2014) to charges of domestic violence in a fight with his girlfriend in February, according to a story on San Diego 6.

Los Angeles County prosecutors say Peters entered the plea Wednesday. . . He was sentenced to 60 days of community service and ordered to attend domestic violence counseling for a year. . . He also must stay away from his girlfriend for 10 years.

Readers may remember Peters going missing after being released from Los Angeles California’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility on February 13, 2014 following his arrest. Good to see Peters getting this all sorted out.

[Link: San Diego 6]


One Turntable And A Signal Snowboard

by The Editors on April 17, 2014

Yes, it’s already the third Thursday of the month and that means Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew have a new edit about building a wacky snowboard. This time they enlist the talents of Mix Master Mike “nobody can do it like. . . ” and our favorite OC artist MadSteez. As they say in first grade, “watch and learn. . . ”

[Link: Signal Snowboards]


Joel Tudor’s New Neptune From Spy

by The Editors on April 17, 2014

Joel Tudor Spy

Former longboard surfing world champion and Jiu Jitsu US national champion Joel Tudor has a new shade from Spy. It’s called the Neptune and it comes in four different frame options and three different lenses.

The Neptune is Joel Tudor’s signature style, and draws a cool line between modern and classic.

What more do you need to know?

[Link: Spy Optic]


Matt Warshaw Hits Reddit For An AMA

by The Editors on April 16, 2014

MattwarshawEver wanted to ask former Surfer Magazine editor and Encyclopedia of Surfing author and “biggest surf nerd on the planet” Matt Warshaw a question?

Now’s your chance. He’s on Reddit/r/Surfing and he’s said, “As Me Anything. . .” So far people wanted to know about Andy Irons, gender balance in the ASP, filmmaker John Milius and the “gnarliest situation” he’s ever been in. Warshaw’s answer?

I surfed Mavs three times, and was so fear-sick that I almost cried with relief once I got back to the beach. But I also remember a couple of gnarly moments as a kid, just getting in way over my head on days that I shouldn’t have been in the water. I got rescued a bunch of times, by lifeguards and other surfers, and each time I thought I was going to drown. I’d go home and cower for a day or two, then come back and try again.

For the rest of the AMA, click the link.

[Link: Reddit Surfing]


Skateline With Jaws, Walker Ryan, & Mike Mo

by The Editors on April 16, 2014

And with no further . . “Gary addresses the new Jaws part in Happy Medium 3, Mike Mo’s board control, P-Rod’s new Primitive Skateboards, and he finds a conspiracy within Walker Ryan’s footage in China.”


Mervin Manufacturing Slims Staff

by The Editors on April 16, 2014

44604Sequimlibtech1Mn4-16-14Mervin Manufacturing, the snowboard company formerly owned by Quiksilver and sold to Altamont Capital Partners (owners of Dakine) last fall, has cut a full 20 percent of its staff according to a story in the Sequim Gazette. The employees were notified on March 30, 2014.

Pete Saari, co-founder of the Carlsborg factory-based company, confirmed that they restructured and cut 20 percent of their staff in late March after shifting from a public to a private business model in November 2013. . . “As part of a larger restructuring initiated by our return to a privately held business model we have renewed our commitment to a healthy build-to-order-manufacturing strategy,” Saari said. “An unfortunate result of this was a one-time adjustment to our staffing in our Carlsborg manufacturing facility.”

Most of the employees who were cut were described as “weekend employees of the snowboard division.” Just one more page in the seemingly unending story of Pete Saari and Mike Olson’s constantly evolving snowboard company. Yet still, those two remain. Thankfully.

[Link: Sequim Gazette]


Daniel Lutheran’s New Era Pros

by The Editors on April 16, 2014

Danlu - Era Pro
Vans is putting out some new Vans Pro Classic styles. This one above is Daniel Lutheran’s own perspective on the Era Pro. His color way features “textured floral print.”

The PRO CLASSICS™ concept is simple: enhance the functional performance of our most tried and true, heritage shoes to meet the demanding requirements of the Vans pro skate team. The spring offering includes the Era Pro, Half Cab Pro® and Slip-On Pro with upgraded features like our Ultracush HD high impact sock liners, Duracap® rubber underlays for reinforcement in high wear areas.

To see what Ray Barbee has up his musical sleeves, follow the jump for his update to the classic Old Skool ’92 Pro. [click to continue…]


IASC Summit Early Bird Registration Ending

by The Editors on April 15, 2014


The International Association of Skateboard Companies would like to remind you that early bird registration discounts for their Skateboarding Summit on May 14-16, 2014 in Costa Mesa, California are ending on April 18, 2014. In other words, if you’re planning on going you should register today (or in the next three days) by clicking here. Like right now.

The IASC Skateboarding Summit is a 3-day experience that brings skateboard industry leaders together in a non-competitive atmosphere to educate, connect, inspire, and broaden perspectives. Enthusiasts are encouraged to spread knowledge and relay a positive sense of community within the active sports world.

For the official word from the IASC, including a list of speakers and events follow the jump. [click to continue…]