Tony Hawk Pro Skater Documentary Premiere

by The Editors on February 19, 2020

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater documentary Pretending I’m a Superman is premiering at the Mammoth Film Festival on February 29, 2020 at the Minaret Theatre at 4:00 and 5:30 PM. Plus, there is this from the filmmakers:

We will be throwing an after party at the Mammoth Rock n’ Bowl. The Downhill Jam, America’s finest THPS-cover band, will be our special guests for the night. They’ll be playing all of your favorite songs from the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games.

Tickets are $35 to see the movie and a Q&A with cast and crew, and $25 to see the movie in theater two. To get tickets click here.

[Link: Mammoth Film Festival via Hypebeast


Shaun Tomson On Remarkable People Podcast

by The Editors on February 12, 2020

Former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki (remember the era of “clever” titles?) has a podcast where he interviews Remarkable People on the latest episode he interviewed legendary South African surfer Shaun Tomson, who we all can agree is pretty remarkable. Here’s what Guy says about Shaun:

Meet Shaun Tomson, one of the greatest surfers of all time. Surfing is a great metaphor for life. Fall off the board and afraid to get back on? Soak in Shaun’s Code designed to spread positive energy and encourage self-confidence in this week’s episode of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People. The world needs more people like Shaun.

If you have time, give it a listen. We thought we knew all about Mr. Tomson, but we didn’t.

[Link: Guy Kawasaki & Shaun Tomson]


Mt. Bachelor Opens Woodward Peace Park

by The Editors on February 10, 2020

Bend, Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor today announced the opening of the Woodward Peace Park and a chance to qualify for 2020 Woodward Peace Park Championships, April 22-26, 2020.

Woodward Peace Park, a featured venue at Mt. Bachelor’s Woodward Mountain Park, is a unique, ever-evolving terrain park designed to maximize creativity and progression with a focus on fun for shredders of all ages, intermediate to advanced. Only available at POWDR properties, Woodward Peace Park is now open at Mt. Bachelor, Killington in Vermont, Boreal in Tahoe, Woodward Park City in Utah, and Copper Mountain in Colorado. Wooodward Peace Parks are open regularly, as conditions permit, with any regular lift ticket or season pass to the mountain. . . The Woodward Peace Park Championships at Mt. Bachelor will unveil a five-day only, custom-built course, designed and built-in collaboration with Danny Davis, the Peace Park founder. . . Snow Park Technologies, and the Woodward Mt. Bachelor terrain parks team. As with the 2019 Woodward Peace Park Championships, the competition will include a women’s category and a user-generated #GoToPeacePark video contest for open rider and skier contestant qualification.

For all the details on the park and how you could win a chance to qualify for the championships, please follow the jump.

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RIP: Mammoth Mountain Founder Dave McCoy

by The Editors on February 8, 2020

Dave McCoy the eternally stoked, kind-hearted, ski coach, mountain biker, motocrosser, photographer, ski industry titan, and founder of Mammoth Mountain has died, according to a post on the Mammoth Mountain website and a story in the LA Times. He was 104.

The mountain is saying “Thank You, Dave McCoy. 1915 to 2020.” Sometime we’ll list all the ways Dave directly helped shape our lives, but for right now, in sadness, we’ll just say thanks, Dave. Rest in Peace. Our thoughts are with the entire family. For the complete McCoy Mammoth Mountain story click the link.

[Link: LA Times]


Fanning Has A Stalker (That’s Not A Shark)

by The Editors on February 6, 2020

First it was that shark at J-Bay and now former pro surfer Mick Fanning knows even more about the dark side of fame after a 38-year-old woman named Sarah Anne Foote broke into his home on February 2, 2020, according to a story in the Daily Mail.

The 38-year-old from Ballina in northern New South Wales is accused of following Fanning between January 29 and February 4. Foote allegedly broke into the 38-year-old’s Gold Coast home on February 2 with the intent to commit an offence.

The woman has been arrested and charged with with “unlawful stalking, enter dwelling with intent” and two counts of theft. 

[Link: Daily Mail]


2020 News Headlines Catch Up

by The Editors on February 6, 2020

We’d like to think of this as clearing our throats on the snow, surf, skate news front. Some of this has stacked up for months, and by getting it out of our systems we can more quickly get back to a more serious overview of any news that happens moving forward. Play along with us, and follow the jump.
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Vans UltraRange EXO: The Smooth Travelers

by The Editors on February 3, 2020

Vans has just dropped the sweetest traveling shoes for those days when you don’t need to skate your way through traffic. They are called the UltraRange EXOs.

The shoe features an internal EXO skeleton that provides built-in support across the toes and medial sidewall, with a heel lock for a secure fit. New to the equation is the UltraCush® Lite midsole, offering rebound and support without adding weight. Increasing breathability, the UltraCush® tongue provides ports for superior airflow. Finally, a full rubber wrapped reverse waffle lug outsole brings traction and flexibility to the UltraRange EXO.

Looking for comfort and convenience? These may be just the shoes. For the official word from Vans, please follow the jump.

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Major Shoe Brand Launches New “Skate” Shoe

by The Editors on January 30, 2020

One of the major label shoe brands is launching an all new skateboarding shoe today. This new shoe reportedly “prioritizes performance, quality and flawless comfort into a classic vulcanized design. . . The exterior features a high foxing tape that provides a low profile stance and protection against wear-and-tear, along with a deeper foot placement that offers the ultimate connection to the skateboard.”

Sounds like another half-hearted update to one of their old, dusty tennis shoe designs. Nice work, major shoe brand. Kudos.

[Editors’ Note: There’s nothing we love more than helping PR agencies do their jobs.]


Shot By Joe Carlino on Apple iPhone

by The Editors on January 27, 2020

Let’s just say we knew Joe Carlino way back when he was shooting on Mini-DV in the San Bernardino mountains. It’s good to see his image capturing device choices have gotten even smaller since then. Nice work for Apple, Joe. Baldface has rarely looked better and Danny Davis, Kimmy Fasani, Red Gerard, and Ben Ferguson look pretty good as well. For a little behind the scenes discussion of how Joe did it click here.


Two Chrises Riding Around In A Car

by The Editors on January 8, 2020

ESPN can eat a crate of barbecued donkey dung, and the X Games, well, they can slurp up the left overs with a stainless steel straw, but getting to listen to The Nine Club’s Chris Roberts on the other side of the questions, and to have them delivered by Chris Nieratko, is a pretty good set up. Which is just another way of saying that this interview is worth watching.