Burton Sticks A Final Fork In The US Open

by The Editors on October 12, 2021

Good-bye Burton US Open of Snowboarding. Sure, it limped along for eight years in Colorado. But we all know the Open died in 2013 when, after 30 rad years at Stratton Mountain, Vermont, it moved to the middle of the country. Now, according to a press release from Burton Snowboards, the US Open of Snowboarding is finally and officially done for good.

What will rise in its place? Who knows. But we do know that it will be called — The Burton Mystery Series. With a nod to the Craig Kelly Mystery Air, this new series will apparently be a collection of “global grassroots” marketing efforts eventually culminating sometime in the future at a big Mystery event that is not limited by the United States of America.

Burton’s vision is to build up the Mystery Series into a global series of snowboarding events that welcomes all levels of riders. Then, down the road, the ultimate goal is to host a pinnacle Burton Mystery event that includes elements from the global grassroots events and features the world’s best riders. Unlike the Burton U·S·Open which was always held in the United States, this final, pinnacle event would ideally be hosted in a different country each time, opening up the new event series to more international riders. . . “One of the major goals of the Mystery Series in the years to come is to get back to the roots of what events like the original Opens were all about – the idea that a young unknown rider could break into snowboarding through Burton events,” said Donna Carpenter, owner of Burton. “With all the passionate people working to build the new Mystery Series, Burton will continue its long legacy of hosting the greatest snowboard events in the world.”

So, RIP US Open of Snowboarding. It was really fun while it lasted. We will always remember bombing those hardwood Vermont forests hot on the tail of Jake Carpenter, laughing till we cried trying to untangle ourselves from those pesky Beech trees. Here’s the Queen of the US Open’s take on all the feels.


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Enough nostalgia. For the official “mystery” news from Burton, please follow the jump.

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A Post Summer News List

by The Editors on September 15, 2021

There’s a question we asked ourselves, while watching The Ultimate Surfer — Is this the pinnacle of surf entertainment? Was merging a group of washed and ok surfers with Survivor the best idea ever conceived by a man formerly employed by Oprah? Then we asked a followup: if we can seriously consider the first question, then what business do we have choosing stories for a long list of important action sporting news? The answer to the second question was is easy. We have no business. None whatsoever. Enjoy!

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SIA Cancels Snowbound Festivals For 2021

by The Editors on September 8, 2021

The Snowsports Industries of America announced today (September 8, 2021) that they officially “postponed” the 2021 Snowbound Festivals in Denver and Boston until 2022 due to COVID-19. Obviously, this means the events have been cancelled, but cancel is such a loaded term these days.

Over the last year, the Snowbound team has been working to run the festivals as planned and we all believed that we were nearing the end of the pandemic. In reviewing the latest public health guidelines and the most recent health and safety protocols, we felt that even with mask mandates and proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test requirement, we could not guarantee a completely risk-free environment for winter enthusiasts of all ages.

One more bummer to throw on the pandemic dumpster fire. For the official word from SIA, please follow the jump.

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Boardroom Livestream & Boardroom Talks

by The Editors on August 25, 2021

The Boardroom International Surfboard Show presented by US Blanks will broadcast a livestream of their Del Mar, California show on Surfline.com September 25-26, 2021. They’re calling it Boardroom Live and it will be powered by Boardshaper.com and Keyedin Solutions.

“We will again have thousands of attendees and exhibitors at the show, and everyone is very excited,” explained Executive Director Scott Bass. “For years I’ve been receiving emails from surfers around the globe who want to check out the show. With the livestream broadcast presented by Boardshaper, our global audience will be able to experience the core of the surf industry. I’m excited to partner with BoardShaper because I’ve been using their App, and the versatility and mobility is what my small business needs. I update contact notes, push out invoices and take care of project tasks all while checking the surf at Swamis.”

To buy tickets for the in-person show. Click here. For all the official info, please follow the jump.

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All Our Thoughts On The Tokyo Olympics

by The Editors on August 5, 2021












Terry Kennedy Arrested For Assault

by The Editors on July 30, 2021

Pro skater Terry Kennedy, 36, was reportedly arrested on July 27, 2021 in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois for allegedly “violently attacking a man at the motel” and “threatening to kill police” according to a story on TMZ.


Camp Academy At Copper Mountain

by The Editors on July 28, 2021

With all the talk lately about Olympic surfing and skateboarding we thought it was time for a little reminder that snowboarding still exists, and is happening even now, in July. Check out Academy Snowboard’s camp at Copper Mountain for a little late July snow fix!


Ray Barbee & The Linda Lindas

by The Editors on July 22, 2021

That’s called a cameo. . . right, Ray? Nice pics.


Pre-Olympic Super Hype News Lister

by The Editors on July 21, 2021

Twenty-twenty-one is a huge year for skateboarding and surfing. If you haven’t heard both are now Summer Olympic sports (Thanks, Fernando). And because of this, news coverage will blast far and wide over the next three weeks. Before that happens we’d like to clear our news throats and put down one last news list before all hell breaks loose. Enjoy.

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RIP: Rick “Rockin’ Fig” Fignetti

by The Editors on July 18, 2021

To SoCal surfers of a certain age there was no better sound to hear on a morning drive to Newport or Huntington Beach than Rockin’ Fig’s surf report on KROQ. His reassuring voice let us all know that whatever else was going on in the world, things were going to be much better once we reached the beach.

For decades no Huntington Beach surf event went off without Fig on the mic. His smooth, sing-song vocal stylings came to typify what a surfer sounded like and few who hold a surf mic today would deny the influence Fig had on their announcing style. Sadly, Fignetti died of a heart attack on Friday, July 16, 2021. He was 64 years old.

Laylan Connelly has a great rememberance of Fig in the Orange County Register. We will all miss him greatly. Our thoughts are especially with his girlfriend Andrea Roberson.

[Link: Orange County Register]