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Fox Sports To Broadcast Surfing Sport

by The Editors on February 12, 2019

Fox Sports today announced that they have signed a deal making them the exclusive U.S. television broadcaster for shows produced by a certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production (mostly surfing sport).

FOX Sports will telecast more than 500 hours of [surf event] programming, including live contests and highlight shows, across FOX, FS1, FS2 and the FOX Sports app in 2019.

This just might mean we’ll end up watching some of the surfing sport shows this season. Haven’t for quite some time. . . we’ll see. We were surprised to see no mention of the Oprah Winfrey Network? Maybe that deal isn’t done yet. For the official word from Fox (including all the details we’ve purposely ignored in light of our own sad, tired, anti-establishment proclivities), please click the link.

[Link: Fox Sports]


Entertainment Company Hires Executive

by The Editors on October 8, 2018

A certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production (mostly surfing sport) announced today the hiring of former Oprah Winfrey Network President Erik Logan as their new president of content, media and studios. The Hollywood Reporter has gone so far as calling it a “shakeup at OWN.”

There’s no doubt this guy’s CV is stacked. Take a look:

[Logan] led OWN’s turnaround from 2011 and has positioned the company today as the #1 cable network in its target demographic with 5 of the top 20 shows in scripted cable programs for women ages 25-54, more than any other cable network. Before OWN, Logan was Executive Vice President, programming and broadcast operations for XM Satellite Radio, where he helped build the subscriber base to over nine million subscribers, negotiated partnerships, and managed day-to-day relationships with major content providers including Major League Baseball, PGA Tour, CNN, Clear Channel Communications and Fox News. Prior to joining XM, Logan also served as President of Programming for Citadel Broadcasting, and served for over a decade at CBS/Infinity Broadcasting in a variety of roles, including Vice President of programming.

We’re worn-out just reading his bio. Think of how good Erik is at going to meetings? Can’t say this company isn’t hiring the best people they can find.

In addition to his deep biz cred, Logan is also described as an “avid waterman,” co-founder of Shred & Speed, LLC Infinity SUP, and co-owner in Nikau Kai Surf Shop in Manhattan Beach, California. Guess that means he knows which way his fins go.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Logan can find an audience or if he’ll have to branch out into something other than surfing if they really want to maximize their ROI. Maybe live SUP events or even scripted cable programs for women ages 25-54? Logan starts his new job in January 2019. 


Margaret River Cancelled By Sharks

by The Editors on April 18, 2018

A certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production (mostly surfing sport) has reportedly shut down their production at Western Australia’s Margaret River due to sharks.

Following two separate incidents that occurred at nearby Gracetown on Monday, April 16, approximately 6 kms away from primary competition site at Main Break, the [company] actioned safety protocols and met with a variety of stakeholders for feedback over the past 48 hours before making the decision to cancel the event.

So, guess that’s one’s over. Seems this whole surfing content production business would be much more profitable if they’d simply shoot it TV style on a sound stage somewhere. They could shot a whole season in three weeks and then distribute it online over the year.

If only there were a TV production facility that had perfect waves and no sharks. . . wait, doesn’t Kelly Slater have a ranch somewhere that could accommodate this kind of production schedule? Think of it — surfers would no longer have to travel the world all year. They could stay in one place, get their work done in one month, and then spend the rest of the year free surfing at home. People who wanted to watch them surf could travel to the ranch, buy tickets and watch. Kelly’s ranch could become the Branson, Missouri of surfing. If only. . . 


Jeep Apparently Still Follows Pro Surfing

by The Editors on September 8, 2017

Seems that the marketing people from Jeep are still paying attention to events produced by a certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production even if the rest of us have given up. Jeep has reportedly signed “a long-term renewal and expansion of their global partnership” with said privately owned entertainment company. This is a good reminder that these deals have less to do with real audience than with how well event sales people are at mirage marketing. (Side note: today is a lay day for the Trestles surf content production event.)

For the official word from the privately owned entertainment company behind the Jeep deal, please follow the jump.

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Fanning, Moore Win Apparel Sponsored Event

by The Editors on April 13, 2015

Fanning Bells Act

Frankly, this is about all we know: Australian Mick Fanning won his fourth apparel sponsored event at Bells, and Clarissa Moore won her third consecutive. If we had anything else to say that would be written right here. But it’s not. So, if you’d like to read a certain privately owned entertainment company’s event and online streaming production notes from this latest commercial shoot at Bells, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


ISA and That Surf Tour Unified On Olympics

by The Editors on December 20, 2017

The International Surfing Association (ISA) today announced an agreement with a certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production (mostly surfing sport) on the qualification principles for surfing in the Olympics Games Tokyo 2020.

In principle, the agreement will see up to 18 of the 40 places at the Games reserved for WSL Championship Tour (CT) surfers (10 men and eight women), with the remaining 22 places determined at the 2019 and 2020 ISA World Surfing Games, the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, and a single slot (each for men and women) for the host nation (Japan).. . With the support of the WSL, the ISA eligibility rules for Olympic participation will require surfers to make themselves available for their national teams to compete in the ISA World Surfing Games in 2019 and 2020 and, if selected by their National Federation, to participate.

A little less that half the surfers will come from theSounds like a nice compromise. For the official word, from the two organizations, please follow the jump.

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Ziff’s Next Surf Pond: Palm Beach

by The Editors on October 30, 2017

Billionaire Dirk Ziff, who left his position on the board of The Weinstein Company earlier this month, appears to be planning a second of his wave ponds in Florida, according to a story in the Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach County commissioners on Thursday unanimously approved zoning for a wave park planned by . . .  billionaire Dirk Ziff.

Ziff, the co-owner of a certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production (mostly surfing sport), already owns one surf pond in Lemoore, California. Ziff was at the commissioners meeting, however he reportedly didn’t comment on the pond, the construction plans, or anything else.

[Link: Palm Beach Post]


Jose Cuervo: Corpo Surfing’s New Best Friend

by The Editors on October 25, 2017

Nothing puts the stamp of quality on a sporting entertainment property like a good old hard alcohol sponsorship. And that’s what a certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production (mostly surfing sport) is doing with Jose Cuervo, according to a story on SportsProMedia.

Under the deal, which covers the remainder of this year, Jose Cuervo’s Tradicional brand will be aligned with two upcoming contests: next month’s season-ending Maui Women’s Pro, and the Billabong Pipe Masters, the final stop on the men’s Championship Tour, in December. . . “The partnership between the WSL and Jose Cuervo Tradicional is a great fit culturally,” said Beth Greve, the WSL’s chief commercial officer. “The WSL is thrilled to work with such a prestigious and famous brand, and one that has been endemic to beach culture for almost 40 years.”

Epidemic to beach culture indeed. 

[Link: SportsProMedia]


Hurley Pro: The Boys Are Back in Town

by The Editors on September 1, 2016


Hey SoCal, you like watching the big boys play in the smoothest, rampiest, most consistent contest waves in the world? Now is your only real chance to see how a certain privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streaming content production does it right in your own backyard, with the Hurley Pro at Trestles. The show begins September 7, 2016 with a window open until September 18, 2016.

With four events remaining on this year’s CT a thrilling three-way title race is emerging between John John Florence (HAW), Matt Wilkinson (AUS) and Gabriel Medina (BRA). Florence and Wilkinson are on the hunt for their first world title while Medina looks to reclaim his 2014 surfing crown. . . Florence will wear the coveted Jeep Leader Jersey heading into the Hurley Pro after taking back-to-back runner-up finishes as the previous two events on the CT in South Africa and Tahiti. Florence, whose best result at Lower Trestles was a second place in 2014, will be looking to improve on last year’s 25th place finish at the event and extend his lead heading into the European leg of the tour. Florence will face Davey Cathels (AUS) and either Brett Simpson (USA) or Tanner Gudauskas (USA) in Round 1.

And remember, if you only watch one round, make it Round 1. That’s the round that everyone is in. Duh! For the official word from that privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streaming content production, please follow the jump.

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Apparel Sponsored Event At Snapper Rocks

by The Editors on March 16, 2015


A privately owned entertainment company specializing in event and online streamed content production held a surf apparel sponsored event at Coolangatta, Australia’s Snapper Rocks last week. Well, the finals were last week, but the event seemed to drag on for days and weeks before that (February 28 – March 13, 2015).

This ground breaking event was a live, online video presentation of scantily clad, fit, young men and women riding waves on foam and fiberglass boards. The production did not go off without a few hitches, however. Sadly, the ocean did not cooperate with the event production company’s timeline and days had to be added to their content procurement schedule. Then one of the performers (who happened to have received the event production company’s highest honor last year) spoke honestly and passionately about his performance in substandard location conditions against another performer who apparently became surly during the shooting of one scene. Because the event production company is focused on producing high value promotional entertainment content in an efficient, professional way, they didn’t seem to appreciate one of their actors going off script.

Aside from that, and a few instances where certain actors appeared to receive higher scores than they should have, the event was a success. The content created by the event production company was of very high production values. The camera work was amazing, the graphics stunning, the online stream stayed up most of the time, and the actors appeared to enjoy performing their parts in the production. Even the local people visiting the production set appeared to enjoy watching the content being created. Guess that’s a win for everyone.

For the event production company’s official overview of exactly how their commercial entertainment package was produced, performed, and concluded, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]