The Bones Brigade Experience For $200

by The Editors on September 21, 2023

In this age of nostalgia nothing seems to be more interesting to skateboarders of a certain age than the Bones Brigade. And this fact has not escaped Bones Brigade co-creator (and documentary filmmaker) Stacy Peralta. He’s decided to create The Bones Brigade Experience for fans who would like to spend Sunday, November 19, 2023 with the Bones Brigade at Vans The Block in Orange, California. But, there’s a hook. It costs $200 a ticket and only (only?) 300 tickets will be sold.

Here is Mr. Peralta’s reasoning behind the rock star experience.

In March of this year, Mike McGill held a grand opening for his new skateboard shop in Encinitas, California. He invited a handful of Bones Brigade members to attend and sign autographs, and announced it weeks in advance on social media. The event was a huge unexpected success, as thousands of fans showed up for autographs and selfies with the Bones Brigade, to buy product and just be there to celebrate with everyone. The line of fans outside of the store seemed a mile in distance and didn’t abate once that day. The event went hours over time and yet hundreds of people had to be turned away when the store inevitably had to close. This incredible response got us thinking that maybe it was time we put something together to celebrate the Bones Brigade and our fans; thus the idea for the Bones Brigade Experience was born. . . .This is our first Experience, and we’re putting it together ourselves with the thought of it possibly becoming an annual event to be held in different locations all over the country, and perhaps the world. Being the first one of its kind, we are all very excited to present it to any and all of you who may have an interest in attending. See you there.- Stacy

We love the Bones Brigade and cherish every moment we’ve spent with them all, but. . . well, let’s just say, if you’re interested please click the link to buy tickets (only four per person) because they’re sure to sell out fast. Oh, and if you want to buy a limited edition Bone Brigade deck with all the rider’s logos and signatures, those decks are only $999. All the money is reportedly going to support skateboarding causes and is tax deductible.

[Link: Bones Brigade Experience]

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