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Trevor Jacob Pleads Guilty To Obstruction

by The Editors on May 11, 2023

Remember that time former pro snowboarder Trevor Jacob posted a video in which he ditched his airplane by jumping out with a parachute and let the plane crash somewhere in the Los Padres National Forest near Lompoc, California? Remember how aviation experts called bullshit on his needing to ditch the plane that glides so well? Apparently, the United States Attorney’s Office of Central District of California never forgot. They stayed after him and now Trevor has decided to plead guilty (click the link to read it) to the “intent to obstruct a federal investigation, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1519,” according to a story on Court House News.

A felony count of destruction and concealment with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Obviously, he would not agree to enter a plea if he was going to get the maximum sentence, so hopefully he’ll get out from under this with a minimum of prison time. He’s asked for less than two years, so we will see. Neither Jacob nor the government commented on the case.

[Link: Court House News]

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Trevor Jacob Stripped Of Pilot’s License

by The Editors on April 25, 2022

Well, after all that hoopla about having to bail out of his stalled plane in a parachute the Federal Aviation Administration has officially taken former pro snowboarder Trevor Jacob’s pilot license away from him stating that he “crashed the plane as a stunt,” according to a story in the Washington Post.

The FAA cited several pieces of evidence that Jacob intentionally crashed his plane in November, saying he did not call air traffic control, try to restart the engine or attempt to land the plane “even though there were multiple areas within gliding range in which you could have made a safe landing.”

And because of this, they are taking away Trevor’s right to pilot an aircraft in America. Looks like he’ll have to stick to skydiving and ultralights from now on if he wants to go flying. Hope the Youtube views were worth it. He certainly got some milage out of this one.

[Link: The Washington Post]

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Did Trevor Jacob Crash A Plane For Views?

by The Editors on January 4, 2022

Former pro snowboarder Trevor Jacob (heir to the Ski Tote fortune) has reportedly had a plane crash called into question. Some suggesting that the crash may have been staged to increase his YouTube video views, (yes, we’re helping him get more right now), according to a story on OutThere Colorado. Someone has pointed out a few inconsistencies in Jacob’s “I had to bail from the plane” video including: 

Instagram user @enbm_spotting made this comment on Jacob’s post, raising some of the common arguments of people who are accusing him of crashing on purpose: 

“1. You did not troubleshoot the power loss.

2. You had all the cameras angled to not show any of the perfect landing sites underneath the plane when you bailed.

3. You were wearing a skydiving parachute and altimeter.

4. You bailed instead of landing at any of the landing sites, all of which you had more than enough altitude to glide into.

5. You made sure to grab a selfiestick before bailing.

6. You intentionally landed close to the aircraft to retrieve the GoPros.

This is all pure BS. Go find cheaper and better things to intentionally destroy than a vintage T-craft.” 

So far the video has been viewed 372,146 times (and the comments have since been turned off), so maybe Trevor’s plan is working. That has not stopped other pilots from commenting, however. Here’s a pretty good breakdown from a Tuber named Jay Alaska:

Here’s another take. . . Begging the question, shouldn’t Trevor get Google ad credit for all the views other people’s comment videos are garnering from “reaction” videos? Penguinz0’s has 2.5 million views (almost triple Trevor’s original video). And the fact that PenguinZ has 9.75 million followers is more frightening than anything Trevor has ever done, however, all to the point the Jacob has attained viral success no matter how you shake it.

[Link: OutThere Colorado]

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Trevor Jacob’s Skateboard Double Cork

by The Editors on May 29, 2012

Multi-glisse practitioner Trevor Jacob tossed off this little skateboard double cork to springy landing zone at Woodward while “skateboarding across this country.” Not a bad buck. Now let’s see that on the mega-ramp. . .

[Link: TWSnow]

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Trevor Jacob Airing That Train . . .

by The Editors on March 24, 2011

Trevor Jacob updates the fabled Donner Pass train jump made famous back in 1995 by Andy Hetzel and Temple Cummins.

[Link: The Tackled Box]

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Jacob Stunt Lands Him Six Months In Prison

by The Editors on December 4, 2023

Trevor Jacob the talented snowboarder, skateboarder, pilot, and Youtuber who crashed his small airplane for views back in November of 2021 has reportedly been sentenced to six months in prison according to a story on Courthouse New Service.

Trevor Jacob, 30, was spared the 12-month prison term prosecutors sought at his sentencing Monday in downtown Los Angeles. . . “I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” Jacob said in a tearful plea for leniency at Monday’s hearing. “I look back in complete shame on my conduct.” . . . U.S. District Judge John Walter, while acknowledging that Jacob’s regret for the Nov. 24, 2021, stunt was sincere, said the offense required a prison sentence and not just probation, as his attorney had suggested.

Yeah, we’re bummed for him, but just think of the stories he’ll have to tell when he’s back out and on the tubes.

[Link: Courthouse News Service]

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Mountain High’s Los Angeles In Full

by The Editors on October 15, 2012

Miss the premiere? No worries. We’ve got the entire Mountain High Los Angeles video right here featuring the snow sliding talents of: Cory Cronk, Kyle Lopiccolo, Spencer Link, Harrison Gordon, Trever Haas, Nick Visconti, Ryan Paul, Marc Frank Montoya, Trevor Jacob, Scott Blum, Jussi Oksanen, Ian Thorley, Mitch Richmond, Ian Sams, Jager Bailey and Yale Cousino. All this only a hour from downtown LA. Yes, believe it.

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Vito And Hight Blast Into Mammoth HP Wins

by The Editors on March 3, 2012

020312 Hp 8
Click here for a complete US Grand Prix Photo Gallery.

Louie Vito didn’t bust a move on Dancing With The Stars for you. He didn’t nude up in ESPN’s Body Issue for the ladies. And he didn’t win the halfpipe at the 2012 US Snowboarding Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain on March 3, 2012 for us. Like the monster roast beef that kicked off his first final run (see above) he did this for himself. That with a pair of doubles (front and cab) mid-pipe put Vito in the lead.

Vito stayed in the lead until Mammoth’s hometown tallboy Greg Bretz put down his second run and blasted past Vito’s by nearly three points with a 95. But Bretz wasn’t safe with his lead.

“Oh, I knew it was coming,” Bretz said. “I know Louie. He and I ride a lot together. He’s like my older brother. So I’m stoked for the kid. I just had to give him a little pressure.”

Last Run Louie must have felt the pressure because he triple up on the doubles with a run that included a double crippler, back five, front double, cab double and another monster roast beef served up right in the judges face. The upgrade did not go unnoticed as they rewarded Vito with a massive 98.2 giving him the win and the overall 2012 US Snowboarding Halfpipe Title.

“I am super stoked on winning the overall,” Vito said. “But riding with Greg and Luke today and watching them throw down some good runs really pushed me to ride better and for me that is what it is all about. The sun is out, the pipe is good and I walked away with a win so I can’t complain.”

020312 Hp 5On the women’s side Elena Hight (right) didn’t let any recent news stories hold her down in Mammoth’s perfect superpipe. She busted larger than any of the girls from the monster method on her first hit and rocked it to the finish. Hight had the whole thing wrapped up on her first run with a 88.6, but that didn’t stop her from going harder on her victory lap and raising her first score by 3.4 points to a 92.

“I am super stoked on today,” Hight said. “It was really beautiful and I got to come out and do qualifiers early this morning. I qualified first which I am really happy about and enjoy this California sunshine with my friends. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Kaitlyn Farrington finished in second, followed by Ellery Hollingsworth with her first podium finish of the year.

In the $10,000 Maloof Best Trick Farrington won with a backside 900 and Luke Mitrani padded his wallet with a double Michalchuck.

Follow the jump for the complete results or click here for a complete photo gallery. [click to continue…]

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High Fructose Corn Syrup 2012 Tour Wrap

by The Editors on February 13, 2012

We know there was a lot going on last weekend, what with the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom and all, but while we weren’t paying attention another pedestrian season of the flame retardant, mouse disolving caffeinated, carbonated high fructose corn syrup tour slipped into the history books.

As you might imagine Louie Vito and Kelly Clark took home the halfpipe cups and Sebastien Toutant and Spencer O’Brien grabbed cups for slopestyle. The above clip features the last Slopestyle event, if you were wondering. Watching it makes us wonder how much longer the Winter Dew Tour can keep sliding on? Next year we figure they’ll be down to just one winter event at Breckenridge.

For the complete results from the 2012’s last event in Ogden follow the jump. [click to continue…]

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Spencer Link Takes Cholula Triple Air

by The Editors on February 7, 2012

Mountain High local Spencer Link topped riders like Yale Cousino, Scotty Vine, Trevor Jacob, Ian Thorley and Garrettt Warnick to take win the Cholula Triple Air Show at Southern California’s Mountain High. Link rode away with $5,000.00 in cash and a really, really large bottle of Cholula sauce. Follow the jump for the official word and complete results. [click to continue…]

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