Notes From Run 3 Of A Snow TV Show

by The Editors on January 29, 2019

We didn’t view much of the cable TV stunt sporting extravaganza held at Buttermilk Resort in Aspen, Colorado last weekend. The Eastern Sierra motel we were staying in didn’t get that channel, even if we would have wanted to. The one piece we did catch after returning to civilization was the third and final run of the obesity inducing fast food chain sponsored halfpipe competition. And while watching we noticed a few things:

Can you believe Danny Davis is still switch tricking his way onto the podium. Kudos Dano. Your diabetes drink sponsor must be pleased with your performance, especially when seeing their logo blazing brightly from your forehead. Still don’t know how you can ride so flow with your hood up.

We were shocked and surprised to see iPod going anywhere near an icy halfpipe. It was reassuring to see that a TBI (and recently broken nose) haven’t slowed him down nor dimmed his Vronsky charms for dazzling the green drink girls. Great to have you back, Iouri Podladtchikov…even in a Cookie Monster pelt jacket.

Scotty James’s high five victory lap was the most honest thing we’ve seen in a while (and granted, we haven’t seen much lately). But it’s always heart-warming to see someone who so appreciates where they are and how the crowd fits into the equation.

The biggest question we had from the event (second to wondering why all the slopestyle girls had black eyes) was this — is this snowboarding? We’re not asking because we know what snowboarding is. We stalled out on the sidelines years ago and have no idea what “professional” snowboarding currently is or where it’s going, but still we wonder. . . is it this?

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