Westerly Windina Story On Kickstarter

by The Editors on November 28, 2012

We’ve mentioned Westerly Windina a.k.a. Peter Drouyn before (twice, actually). He’s the former Australian surfing hero who in 2008 announced that he would live as a woman rolling forward. Now, Santa Monica, California based filmmakers at Westward Productions are hoping to make a documentary about the man and the woman he became in a film titled: Westerly: A Man, A Woman, An Enigma. Not surprisingly, they’re asking for your help on Kickstarter. Here’s what they’re pitching:

In 2008, Peter Drouyn announced on Australian national television that he was living as a woman. His new name, she said, was Westerly Windina. The surf community—and Australia in general—was astonished and mostly repulsed. Since then, Westerly has been living in public housing on Australia’s Gold Coast. Her life is not easy. She is alone, poor, and often taunted by her neighbors. . . We will explore Westerly’s past as a man, document her upcoming gender-reassignment operation in Thailand, and follow her post-up as she acclimates to the newest chapter of her enigmatic journey.

Westward Productions is hoping to raise $50,000 for the project, however, with only 18 days to go they’ve only raised $6,298. If you’d like to see this film completed, click here to back the project.

[Link: Kickstarter via Monster Children]

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