Westerly Windina: Rides The Transition

by The Editors on July 31, 2009

331245Former Australian Junior Surfing Champion Peter Drouyn (who we mentioned in September 2008) never felt like a “real boy or man” according to a Samantha Turnbull story on Goldcoast.com.au. Now, as Westerly Windina, the creator of the Stubbies Classic at Burleigh Head and the inventor of the “man-on-man” surf contest format talks about how becoming a woman has finally put her at peace.

Mr Drouyn no longer exists. In his place is Tweed Heads transsexual lawyer Westerly Windina who says Mr Drouyn was never a real boy or man. . . “I’d always had a deep suspicion something wasn’t right,” said Ms Windina. . . “I was always an emotional butterfly, very sensitive. My mum put high heels on me and painted my nails as a child and I was in awe of her beauty and glamour, I wanted to be like her.

If Westerly is happy, we’re happy.

[Link: Goldcoast.com.au]

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