Surfer Rides New Transition

by The Editors on September 30, 2008

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In 1970 surfer Peter Drouyn was the number one ranked surfer in the world: for men. Now the 58-year-old Australian is “transforming himself into a lookalike of voluptuous Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. . . and going by the name of Westerly,” according to a story on

The retired legend, from Sydney, said his male hormones had gradually ‘drained from his body and been replaced by female hormones’ over the past eight years. . . . ‘It hasn’t been intentional. It’s totally natural, with no medication or hormone therapies, no enhancements and no advice. . . . It’s just happening,’ he said. . . . ‘It’s a strange phenomenon. This is all happening for a purpose.’ And he plans to undergo gender reassignment, which he hopes will be his ‘rebirth as a human’.

Apparently, he’s serious.


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