Active Goes Out To The Ball Park

by The Editors on September 6, 2008

Active Open

Foam Magazine, Neff Headwear, and The Skateboard Magazine are helping Active President Shane Wallace welcome the world into Active Ride Shop’s newest retail location. It’s Thursday night September 4, 2008 and the place is packed.

Located at 319 7th Avenue in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp District the high ceilinged, 7,000 square foot, brick building sits literally on Petco Park’s left field line directly next the gate that 15,000 people walk through each time there is an event. And Shane Wallace is pretty happy about it. “We have the best retail location at the best ballpark in the nation,” Wallace says.

Tk WallaceA DJ is spinning to the side of the woodgrain-and-mirrors eyewear display and skateboarder Terry Kennedy and his crew are making some noise. It’s hard to see much of the detail of the store thanks to the sea of people filling ever bit of floor space. One thing that is visible is the bark-covered trunk of an evergreen tree reaching for the roof. “That’s where the snowboards will go,” Shane says. “We had to wait until after this party to get that set up.”

The interior, which was designed by JPS Designs, The Goodwins, and Shane Wallace, is expansive yet retains a boutique feel. Doors open both onto the street and into the ballpark grounds, so in theory people could walk out of an event and through the store on their way home.

With 27 stores in the heart of what Wall Street is calling the worst “housing state” in the nation, Wallace knows that it hasn’t been all parties and DJ’s in action sports retail lately. “I won’t lie to you,” he says. “It’s been really tough year. But it’s going to turn around.”

He smiles proudly as he gazes across the packed store on opening night. “We have a few more adjustments to make, but this is our future,” he says. “This is Active.”

[Update 09.06.08: Just got word that sales in the store’s first two days of operation have been “stronger than expected.”]

Follow the jump for all the photos (click to see them full size).

Active Crowd
The place was so packed it was difficult to see much of the store.

Garrett Cobb
Airborne Media’s Ross Garrett and New Era’s Justin Cobb driving like jehu.

Swift Dave
The Skateboard Mag Editor Dave Swift trying to find his way outside.

Schmaus Campana
Jody Schmauss and Foam Magazine Publisher Monica Campana.

Wallace Mihaly
Active President Shane Wallace and The Skateboard Mag’s Mike Mihaly.

Yep, those ceilings are pretty tall aren’t they? We wanted to say “cavernous” but that doesn’t really apply.

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