August 2011

Billabong Pro Tahiti Is On!

by The Editors on August 28, 2011


After a day of massive “code red” 20-foot Teahupoo waves yesterday (August 27, 2011) that were too big to paddle, the Billabong Pro Tahiti is back on for round three in some of the best waves of the 2011 tour. Matt Wilkinson just landed a perfect 10 in the first heat of the day!

Follow the jump for all the info including heat line ups. Do not miss this!

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Injured California Surfer Sues Channel Islands

by The Editors on August 26, 2011

Channel IslandTom Gregg, a California surfer who suffered a “deep gash” on his right leg while surfing in France in 2009 filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, against Channel Islands Surfboards claiming:

“The surfboard, fins and their component parts were unsafe for their intended use. . . Gregg’s attorney, Jeffrey Karpel, said the fins are so sharp some surfers cover them with protective sleeves. Gregg was not aware of that before the injury, Karpel said.

According to the story Channel Island’s GM Scott Anderson says this is the first liability claim that he has heard of. While this kind of injury is no surprise to surfers or companies like SurfCo Hawaii (makers of Pro Teck fins), it does seem a little like Gregg is blaming his equipment. It will be interesting to see how Burton lawyers proceed with this one.

[Link: LA Times]


Caltrans Destroys The Spot

by The Editors on August 26, 2011

Oakland and Emeryville skaters like Alex Fatemi saw all their work at The Spot destroyed as Caltrans brought in the bulldozers and removed their DIY skatepark citing the usual “liability issues,” according to a story on KGO.

There had been hope of leaving the spot open and perhaps working out a deal with Caltrans. But skateboarders say, with redevelopment agencies on the way out and the economy what it is, officials in Oakland and Emeryville were unable to come up with the money for the $5,000 per month lease that Caltrans wanted.

So another DIY park will revert to it’s previous life as a place for trash (both human and garbage) to pile up, and the skateboarders will be back out in the streets.

[Link: KGO]

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Andino Wins Coastal Edge Vans Pro

by The Editors on August 26, 2011


Kolohe Andino double-finaled today (Friday, August 25, 2011) winning the men’s ASP 4-Star Coastal Edge presents Vans Pro presented by Rockstar and Skullcandy and finishing fourth in the Vans Pro Junior.

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Street League Running From Irene

by The Editors on August 26, 2011


Thanks to the approach of Hurricane Irene Rob Dyrdek has moved the Street League New Jersey finals up to tomorrow (Saturday, August 27, 2011).

In response to Hurricane Irene, please note that the Street League Skateboarding Championship event at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ that was originally scheduled for this Sunday is being moved one day earlier to tomorrow, Saturday, August 27th at 3pm. Tickets will be honored for the new date and doors for the public will open at 2pm. Refunds for ticket holders who cannot make the new date, will be available at the point of purchase beginning on Monday. The championship broadcast will still air at its original time-slot at 5PM ET on August 28th.

Not a bad idea.

[Link: Street League Skateboarding]


Greg Dacyshyn: Standing Sideways

by The Editors on August 25, 2011

Bilde-24Greg Dacyshyn, Burton’s Chief Creative Officer, had a column on “innovation” in the Burlington Free Press today. In it he talks about how meaningful the term “standing sideways” is to him and how innovating Burton is.

As for innovation, there is no denying that it is at the core of what we do here at Burton. We’re literally obsessed with making our products better. It started when Jake Burton hand-built over 100 different snowboard prototypes in his Vermont barn back in 1977. At that time he was making snowboards using the construction techniques of skateboards, surfboards, boats, water skis, and even solid wood furniture. He tells a great story about how, since there were no snowboard manufacturing machines, he had do it all by hand, and almost killed himself twice when wooden blanks shot off his hand router and went through a wall.

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[Link: Burlington Free Press]


5th Annual Malibu Invitational This Weekend

by The Editors on August 25, 2011

Malibu InvitationsalOn Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28, 2011 the Fifth Annual Malibu Invitational returns for a fifth consecutive year to Surfrider Beach and the Malibu Inn.

The Malibu Invitational has established itself as an end of summer institution bringing together great surfers for good causes: “The contest began as a benefit for Lyon Herron,” said contest organizer Skylar Peak, “a local grom who was suffering from a rare disease, and needed both financial and spiritual support.”

This year, in addition to helping out Lyon Herron, money raised will also to to support THERAsurf and Babette Ho, wife of Jeff Ho. For more information, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Ronnie Creager Wins Maloof Best Line

by The Editors on August 24, 2011

The finals of the Maloof Money Cup Best Line Competition were held yesterday (August 23, 2011) at the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ronnie Creager rolled away with first place and $10,000 in cash for a line that included a “smith grind 270 out, a switchtail 270 out to a switchcrook half-cab flipout.”

Not bad. Morgan Smith and Kurtis Colamonico finished in second and third.

For the official word from Maloof, follow the jump.

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Tony Hawk Toothless In Florida

by The Editors on August 24, 2011

Hawk LookYesterday, while skating doubles with Kevin Staab at Kona Skatepark in Florida, Tony Hawk something “went wrong.”

Now Tony says this is his new look. We have to say, the photo of his missing tooth is much better than this one taken directly after the mishap.

On the upside, now he’ll be able to roll around undetected in Jacksonville.

[Link: @Tonyhawk via TMZ]

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Pac Sun Loses $19.3 Million More

by The Editors on August 24, 2011

Pacsun LogoPacific Sunwear has reported their financial results for its quarter ending July 30, 2011 and guess what? They lost $19.3 million. Of course, they’re pitching this as a good thing because they loss less than they lost last year at this time, and they beat analysts’ forecasts. In other “good” news, while total sales fell, sales at stores open longer than a year were actually up one percent, according to a story on Forbes.

“Until recently we had expected this positive momentum to continue, yet we are now more cautious in our near-term outlook due to a combination of factors including macroeconomic pressure, along with a highly promotional start to the back-to-school season,” said President and CEO Gary Schoenfeld.

Losing less is good. Just give Mr. Schoenfeld a few more years and things will probably get right back on track. Or maybe he just loves hitting two-year stock price lows.

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