October 2007

Onboard Digital Magazine

by The Editors on October 31, 2007

CoverIt’s the kind of online solution that someone who’s never been online would come up with, and we’re guessing a lot of marketing directors are going to think it’s cool: today Onboard released a North American edition of their publication, but rather than printing and shipping it (which costs way too much these days), they’re using an modified .PDF viewer called Ceros to put it online in digital magazine form. That’s right, full spread, full bleeds, and you have to click in the lower corner of the pages to “turn the page.” Get it? And the pages have video. It’s like a digital magazine circa 1996.

Ignoring the fact that this is a ten-year-old techonology, it is a completely annoying interface. That said, the content is actually okay: great photos, solid video, and a few clever bits of writing (thanks the editorial skills and deep snowboard knowledge of Dave Sypniewski). Best of all, it’s free. If they’d simply put it on a proper website we’d say that it was a great addition to world snowboarding media. But they didn’t, so we can’t.

[Link: Onboard Digital Snowboarding Magazine]


RVCA Moves To The Haight

by The Editors on October 31, 2007

Tb1007 In14 01 300Why wouldn’t one of the trendiest clothing companies in action sports build their first retail store on the most famous corner in San Francisco (Haight and Ashbury)? No reason, according to a story in TransWorld Business.

According to RVCA Founder Pat Tenore, the diverse subcultures still found in the neighborhood make it the perfect landscape for the brand’s first retail location. “I grew up in the Bay Area and have always had a big spot in my heart for San Francisco,” Tenore says. “The city has everything—art, music, surfing, and skateboarding. It’s home to a lot of the cultures and subcultures in which RVCA and the Artist Network Program are involved with.”


[Link: Transworld Business]


Quiksilver Up On Cleveland Golf Sale

by The Editors on October 31, 2007

As if the Rossignol part of the Quiksilver purchase wasn’t enough, the Cleveland Golf numbers were a huge drag on Quiksilver’s otherwise strong position in the sports marketplace. Now, it appears Quik can become even lighter on its feet now that it has announced the sale of Cleveland Golf to SRI Sports Ltd of Japan for a reported $132.5 million.

Quiksilver Chief Executive Robert McKnight said in a statement that Cleveland Gold was “not a strategic asset for us as we strive to maximize our core businesses and brands.”

How right he is.

[Link: Reuters]


Truckee Snowboarder Killed At Halloween Party

by The Editors on October 31, 2007

BildeCoogan Kelly, a 21-year-old snowboarder from Truckee was one of three people shot and killed (along with two other people) at a private halloween party at a home at 3125 Heatheridge Lane in Reno, early Sunday morning.

Reno police investigators say the shooting broke out on a crowded dance floor at a private party. . . Van Ruiten [Coogan’s girlfriend] said shoving by the dancers turned into a fight, and she was separated from Kelly before the shooting occurred.

Kelly was sponsored by Totally Board, Adidas, and Ride Snowboards. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

[Link: Nevada Appeal and Reno Gazette-Journal]

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Lindsay Lohan’s New “Snowboarder”

by The Editors on October 30, 2007

Giles Lohan

So who does Lindsay Lohan meet in her Utah “re-hab” facility? A guy known only as “Riley Giles: snowboarder.” He claims to have competed in the X Games. Ever heard of him?


686 Mammoth Opening Party

by The Editors on October 30, 2007

Don’t really need so say much more than this. Be there



Shred Or Die? Tony, Please.

by The Editors on October 24, 2007

When Will Farrell launched the site funnyordie.com with his writing partner Adam McKay they launched it on the popularity of one viral video: The Landlord. A skit in which Adam’s two-year-old daughter Pearl played Will’s landlord come to collect late rent. It was inspired comedy and the site got massive amounts of traffic. Obviously the brand name celebrity and the quality content added up to success in the short term.

Now Farrell and McKay have taken the same idea to action sports and launched Shredordie.com with the help of celebrity action sportsman Tony Hawk and some scraps of video left over from his production company 900 Films. What the site ends up looking like is, well, left over footage from 900 Films. We’re sure it will get better over time, but really, Tony, is this what you want to pin your Internet hopes on?

[Link: Shred Or Die]


Nalu Underground Goes To Jail

by The Editors on October 16, 2007

Michael and Curtis Smith, the founders of Nalu Underground surf magazine were caught and arrested in June trying to board a flight from LAX to Lihue, Kauai with close to six pounds of cocaine between them. Huh?

According to their statements to a DEA agent, contained in court documents, Michael Smith admitted transporting coke from California for the past eight years. The smugglers would buy cocaine for about $23,000, typically transport it in their suitcases and then sell it in Hawaii for $30,000, the documents said.

Seems like people never learn that financing your business with cocaine is a bad idea. Looks like there were a lot of people on Kauai jonesing last summer, too.

[Link: Honolulu Star Bulletin via Go211.com]


Nike Places Hurley CEO

by The Editors on October 16, 2007

Is it still a surf brand? Was it ever? What does the future hold? Nike has announced that Roger Wyett, 51, is the new CEO of Hurley. Here is his bio:

Wyett brings to Hurley more than 25 years of experience in the apparel industry, including seven years at Nike. Wyett first joined Nike in 1994 and held a number of key senior apparel roles in soccer and Nike Team Sports before leading Global Product Creation. Before joining Nike, he worked in the apparel industry in Los Angeles for 14 years, including five years at Puma USA.

We don’t know the guy, but ah. . . we’ll just leave it at that.

[Link: Boardsports Source]