Bam Margera Reaches Middle Age

by The Editors on April 1, 2016


Apparently, Bam Margera has reached that age when waking up every morning with a hangover just isn’t all that fun any more and everything he eats just loads on as fat. So what does Bam do? Another reality show, only this one is called Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn’s. Good to see he’s still getting paid, that his mom April is still cool, and that Bam may not OD just yet.

[Link: US Magazine]

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Antihero’s Landfill Contributors #2

by The Editors on April 1, 2016

Julien, Austin & Raney, mess things up and Antihero presents their Spring 2016 Drop 2. You know what we mean. . .

[Link: Antihero]


Jake Phelps Profiled In California Sunday

by The Editors on March 30, 2016


Willy Staley puts down a great profile of Thrasher Magazine mascot Jake Phelps in California Sunday. And the photos by Andrew Paynter make Mr. Phelps look every bit the lovable punk that he has become over the past two decades of putting a face to the Thrasher ethos.

Here’s the start:

I had spent only a few minutes with Jake Phelps before someone called him an asshole. It was a balmy October morning in San Francisco, at the tail end of the city’s reliably tardy summer. I found Phelps outside of a corner store at 24th and Valencia at the appointed time, dressed like half of a magazine editor: On top, he wore a crisp white oxford and a gray sweater vest, chunky black glasses, and a few days’ worth of graying stubble. But his pants sagged to mid-ass; his shoes had pentagrams stitched into the tongues. At his side he held his skateboard, which had dried rivulets of blood in the griptape.

Click the link for the rest and think about just how happy the rest of the Thrasher staff is to have a guy like Jake to dive on all these media grenades for them.

[Link: California Sunday]


Vans Stays Gold For 50th Anniversary

by The Editors on March 22, 2016


In a continued celebration of its 50-year anniversary, Vans releases the Gold pack to further commemorate the momentous milestone of “Off The Wall” heritage.  For the official word, please follow the jump.

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New Zealand’s New Cock n’ Balls Bowl

by The Editors on March 16, 2016


The design of a new addition to the skatepark in Rangiora, New Zealand apparently has some of the locals feeling like they’re getting the shaft, according to a story on One News Now.

“To roll with the pun, it’s [been] a bit of a cock-up,” local skater Mark Pijnenburg told Fairfax media. . .It’s already been labelled “the dick bowl” by some locals, he said. . . Public submissions against the design have been made including one saying it “looks like a giant doodle”.

Not sure what they’re pissed off about really. Certainly some skaters will find the new bowl fun to ride. Plus, it appears to have a lot to grind. We just hope it’s not too hard for the kids. Locals need to nut up and remember that sometimes a bowl is just a bowl.

[Link: One New Now]


Vans Pro Classic Anniversary Collection

by The Editors on March 15, 2016


Vans is continuing their 50th Anniversary celebration with the release of their Vans Pro Classic Anniversary Collection tomorrow, March 16, 2016.

Anecdoted by its original year of release, each style in the Vans Pro Classics Anniversary Collection pays homage to influential cultural milestones from Vans’ groundbreaking era of 1966-2000. What began as simple renovations in color, fabric and shape bolstered true connections with action sports icons such as original Dogtown Z-boy Stacy Peralta, celebrated surfer Duke Kahanamoku, and Vans’ skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi.

For the official word from Vans and a closer look at all the shoes, follow the jump.

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Joey Brezinski’s iPhone olloclip Workflow

by The Editors on March 8, 2016

Skateboarder Joey Brezinski has been creating and editing his own video parts for years. Lately, he (like most of us) has been using his iPhone for most of his video work and with that comes the need for other lenses. olloclip has them and Joey uses them. Probably long before he was paid to do it. Check it.


Willy Lara Keeps The Underground Lit

by The Editors on March 8, 2016


Vans AVE Collection Drops March 12, 2016

by The Editors on March 8, 2016


Vans is launching an all-new Anthony Van Engelen collection on March 12, 2016 and it has some some interesting stuff in it (like the AV Holser windbreaker). To check it all out, follow the jump.

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BS With Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee

by The Editors on March 2, 2016

Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee talk a little more about music than skateboarding, but that’s kind of nice on a Wednesday — skateboarding, community, music. And some quality people talking about it.