Eli Reed’s Paradise Lost At Playboy Mansion

by The Editors on August 26, 2014

Eli Reed makes getting head whipped look like a dream ticket to hottie heaven in this short Diamond Supply Co. viral video attempt at the Playboy Mansion. Hey, we fell for it. Why not? In other news, apparently the Playboy bunnies have names, too: Kayla Collins, Ashley Doris, Carly Lauren, Crystal McCahill, Jaslyn Ome, Tiffany Toth, and Dani Mathers. PS: we’re not even getting into this video’s other sponsor.


Lib Tech’s Lords Of Seatown Benefit BBQ

by The Editors on August 26, 2014


Marginal Way DIY Skatepark will be host to Lib Tech’s Lords of Seatown on Sunday, September 14, 2014. The event which is a mix of skate jam, bbq, and fund raiser will be collection funds for the Marginal Way Skatepark Association.

Lib Tech is putting up $2000 in cash ($1000 1st / $500 2nd / $300 3rd + $200 for random acts of rawness) for the Open category, as well as getting the fundraiser off to a good start with a $1000 donation! Other categories such as Groms, Grrrls & Gramps/Old Guys will compete for prizes from our amazing sponsors. . . $20 entry fee includes BBQ lunch, drink and a raffle ticket. We are capping the entrants at 50.

The Marginal Way DIY Skatepark is located at 1 S. Hanford St. in Seattle, Washington. For the official word from Lib Tech, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Huston, Pudwill, Wair Make Great TV

by The Editors on August 25, 2014

Sls Swc

Don’t mean to gush, but last night’s Street League Skateboarding Nike SB Super World Championship was the best skateboarding we’ve ever seen on TV. The way the guys stepped up and committed to the game was all time. And the SLS format is so shockingly easy for moms and even grandmas to follow along and enjoy that the whole family can cozy up and feel the heat. The miracle is that nothing is dumbed down. It’s all real.

Luan Oliveira went out like a boss, Matt Berger impressed us all, Tory Pudwill stayed on point, Ishod Wair pulled it all together, and Nyjah Huston reminded everyone that he has his mind and body completely locked on Street League Skateboarding by winning the event on his final attempt with a Cab flip.

“I am stoked to win this one – it’s one of the best contests I have ever skated”, said Nyjah Huston, winner of the 2014 Super Crown World Championship. “The Cab Kickflip I had landed multiple times in practice and it was a trick that was already on my mind and I knew I could do it.”

If you missed any of the SLS events this season, all four (Pro Open, Chicago, LA, and Super Crown) are getting replayed on Tuesday, August 26 beginning at 5:30 AM PT (set your DVRs). For the official word from Street League Skateboarding, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Terry Kennedy Goes Skating In The City

by The Editors on August 21, 2014

Want to go on a skate tour of LA? Terry Kennedy know exactly where to take you to live and ride in LA.

From where it all started in Venice Beach to Downtown LA hotspots and into the streets of Long Beach, Terry teams up with pro skaters hitting up LA’s best skateparks, along with musicians, artists, and street wear moguls with ties to skating. . . This first installment of the series, which includes three episodes, showcases Terry Kennedy, Kevin Romar, Tristan Funkhouser, Kid Ink, Crooked I, Stevie Williams, Cyril Jackson, Felix Arguelles, Chad Tim Tim, Gary Rogers, Venice Skatepark, Stoner Park, Fairfax Avenue, Belmont Plaza, and much more.

Terry even a gets a word from Dogtown legend Nathan Pratt. Yes, it’s that deep.


Skate Crate Rolls Skateboard History Forward

by The Editors on August 20, 2014

Dave Bergthold, the legendary creative mind behind Blockhead Skateboards and the TV show Built To Shred, is kickstarting a whole new skateboarding groove with the launch of Skate Crate. These retro skateboard designs are taking skateboarding back 100 years to the days of a two-by-four and a fruit crates, but doing it in an all new way.

Utilizing high quality Baltic Birch and Canadian Maple for both the crate and modern skateboard deck, Skate Crate replaces the bone shaking metal wheels of old with smooth riding urethane cruiser wheels. The crates feature eyelet hooks to easily tie down a 12-pack, groceries, or a backpack inside the box. Vintage fruit crate labels, classic motorcycle racing, and car club designs were the influence for the fully-assembled Flying Tiger, Raceway, and Sidewalk Screamer models. The DIY kits come unassembled with racing-inspired decals available to encourage hands-on fun.

Click here to visit the Skate Crate Kickstarter page and help get these retro skateboards rolling, or follow the jump for all the official details from Skate Crate by Blockhead.

Skatecrate Ss-Ft-Rw-Comp-1 [click to continue…]

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Don Pendleton’s Booming Speaker Art

by The Editors on August 10, 2014

ueboom_pendletonWhat has skateboarding fine artist Don Pendleton been up to lately? It appears that he’s lending his art flair to electronics company Ultimate Ears and their UE Boom wireless speaker, according to a post on Technology Tell.

Continuing the company’s aim to blend people’s passions for music, design and art, the limited-run Jettison Edition is designed with Pendleton’s distinct organic cubist graphic style.

We haven’t heard the speakers so we have no idea how they sound, or if they are worth the $199.99 price tag, but we do know that everything looks better with a Pendleton paint job. Look for them arriving in the USA later this month.

[Link: Technology Tell]

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The North American CONS Project

by The Editors on July 24, 2014

Cons-Project Tour 11X17-Digital-FlyerHey, if the Nike Corporation’s CONS skate crew is going to spend the money to travel around and offer up free seminars on how to build skate structures and/or how to film skate videos it might not be a bad idea to take them up the free infos. Especially if you live near NYC, LA, Boston, or Toronto.

“Converse has always been an advocate for unleashing creativity and we’re thrilled to promote CONS Project as a platform that is truly useful to them and encourages the creative expressions of our consumers ,” said Ian Stewart, Converse Vice President of North America Marketing. “Ultimately, our intent is to provide the next generation of designers, producers, musicians, builders, and more the opportunity to work alongside acclaimed influential experts within skateboarding, art, and music, and encourage them to explore their creative ambitions and aspirations.”

Anytime you can help Nike spend their money instead of taking your’s it’s probably a good thing. And learning something along the way makes it even better. For all the official details, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Hazard Park Skate Plaza Grand Opening

by The Editors on July 24, 2014


This afternoon, July 24, 2014, join Diamond Supply Co., Street League Skateboarding, and Torey Pudwill, Boo Johnson, Marquise Henry, Felipe Gustavo, Joey Brezinski, Brandon Biebel, Nick Tucker, and more at the public opening celebration of the Hazard Park Skate Plaza. The whole thing goes down at 5 PM. Hazard Park is located at 2298 Norfolk St. Los Angeles, California 90033.


IOC Selects ISF For Olympic Skate Showcase

by The Editors on July 24, 2014


The International Olympic Committee apparently not only know that skateboarding exists (finally) they are interested in showcasing the activity at this summer’s Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China August 17-27, 2014. And they’re leaving the logistics up to the International Skateboarding Federation.

“We’re honored that the IOC has chosen the International Skateboarding Federation to present world-class skateboarding on such a global stage as well as in front of the Olympic leadership,” said Gary Ream, President of the ISF. “We’re appreciative of the support given to the ISF from nearly every corner of the international skate community as we show the unique excitement that skateboarding offers and also that we may leave the skatepark as a legacy for area skateboarders and kids that we are able to turn on to skateboarding.”

Woodward always seems to have some skin in the Olympic games, right? For the official word from the ISF, follow the jump. [click to continue…]

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Francis Brings Out The Worst In Antihero

by The Editors on July 18, 2014


To celebrate the release of Todd Francis’ new book Look Away, Antihero Skateboards is launching a reissue collection called Worst of the Worst.

Check out the mini site to see the limited tees, sticker packs and hand signed limited decks, along with a sneak peek at Todd’s new book including unseen artwork, original sketches and classic board graphics for Antihero and more. Available Now in Select Skate shops.

For the young this is all new, fas or the rest of you, just let the nostalgia splash over you like a spilled PBR. Then no one will notice your tears for better days.

[Link: Antihero]