X Games Austin Results Round-Up

by The Editors on June 9, 2014

So it went down a little like this: Jimmy Wilkins won vert, Tom Schaar took Big Air, Pedro Barros grabbed the Park, and Nyja Huston (of course) and a ripping Lacey Baker took street. This edit shows how Nyjah did it up. For the rest of the final results, please follow the jump, or click here for all of the X Games Austin 2014 results.

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Supra Launches New Skateboarding Site

by The Editors on June 6, 2014

Supra Skateboarding Pr 3

When a company formerly known as a skateboard brand announces a “new website devoted solely to skateboarding,” it’s obvious that they’ve outgrown their neighborhood.

Are Supra’s fashion buyers so annoyed by skateboarding that the company had to bump all their skate content out into its own site? Here’s how Supra explains it:

With the amount of content being captured on a daily, we decided to dedicate a site for the skate team,” said Dennis Martin, skate marketing. “We will be updating this site with content focused around skateboarding, the team, and anything we find interesting. So hold on to your beer, it’s

More skateboarding content is always good, and more Supra is good, too. You’ll have to check it out yourself by clicking the link.

[Link: Supra Skateboarding]


Wall Street Journal Tests Electric Skateboards

by The Editors on June 4, 2014

Our favorite Wall Street Journal reporter, skater Conor Dougherty, is about to become our favorite San Francisco, California based New York Times reporter (congrats, Conor). But before he switched gigs, he wanted to do one more story for his former employer. Did he investigate the fading housing crisis? Or, sneak onto a Google Bus? No, he tested a slew of electric skateboards and even found one he liked. Sadly, although he has a solid kickflip, he was unable to do that on any of the electric skateboards, and that may be the problem.

[Link: The Wall Street Journal]


Penny Drops Christian Hosoi Hammerhead

by The Editors on June 3, 2014

We’ve seen the Christian Hosoi Hammerhead surfboards from UNIV, now Penny Skateboards has updated their Christian Hosoi Signature Series with the Penny Nickel 27 inch Hammerhead.

In speaking about his partnership with Penny and the “Hammerhead” graphic, Hosoi says that it came about when he was a young kid with big dreams wanting to do something outside of the box. “I was wanting to be an individual, creative, artistic entity. Skateboarding is art, mixed with what we love to do….and that’s where determination…(and) motivation comes from, it comes from a place where you do it because you love it. Not because you’re going to get something from it, but because you’re going to give back to it.”

For more details, click the link.

[Link: Penny Skateboards]


Asher Bradshaw Lands 900 At 9

by The Editors on May 30, 2014

Asher Bradshaw, the 9-year-old skateboarding wunderkinder has kind of blown the whole 900 thing up by landing it at his age. Say what you will about underground baby racing, but this is truly impressive.

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Save The Date: Stand Up For Skateparks

by The Editors on May 30, 2014

Savethedate 03

Want to hang out with Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, and legends of skateboarding at a Beverly Hills mansion while at the same time helping to raise money for the Tony Hawk Foundation’s legendary work to build skateboard parks? Then the 11th Annual Standup For Skateparks event is the perfect place for you. Planned for September 21, 2014, this “action-sports carnival” promises to be a good time for a great cause. If you’d like to reserve tickets just click here to email Lily Schwimmer, but be careful. They are spend spend.

[Link: Stand Up For Skateparks]


The Southwest Gets Real Wrecked

by The Editors on May 29, 2014

Robbie Brockel, Davis Torgerson and Jack Olson serve up some good, old fashioned Wrecking Crew action in the ditches of the great American Southwest. Kinda makes you wanna hit the road to flash flood country, doesn’t it?

[Link: Real Skateboards]

{ 0 comments } Jumps Up To Speed

by The Editors on May 29, 2014

The launch of the new site has even Steve Van Doren looking a little confused. Luckily, Vans President Kevin Bailey has a good handle on it:

“It was imperative going into the new site development that we merge Vans storytelling and brand content while showcasing all of our product categories in the most comprehensive way for our consumers,” Bailey said. “The new allows consumers to engage with our brand, find the product they want and from there, locate a store, buy online or purchase however they choose.”

Follow the jump for the official word from Vans.
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Bret Anthony Johnston On The Mini

by The Editors on May 28, 2014

Here’s a normal clip of an average old guy throwing down ten tricks on the mini at Camp Woodward. What is special about this edit (aside from the blunts) is that the skater, Bret Anthony Johnston, is the director of creative writing at Harvard and his debut novel (Remember Me Like This) just dropped on May 13, 2014.

Now, watch that edit again. Yep, Johnston may be the best literary fiction writing skateboard professor in the world. If that isn’t enough reason for you to check out his book, then here’s a review from the Washington Post. Oh, and both John Irving and Tom Perrotta liked Remember Me Like This as well. If you know them, then you know.


Madars Drops Into Edward Abbey Country

by The Editors on May 28, 2014

We’ve been trying to figure out why we like Madars Apse’s web series It’s A Mad World, and all we can come up with is that it’s fun to see America through the eyes of someone from Eurolandia. Seriously. In this episode (we don’t know the number) Madars heads to the American Southwest and enjoys some of the most spectacular views the world has on offer. ..oh, and there’s some skating, too.