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What The Hell Is A BeachGrit?

by The Editors on January 5, 2015


Stab magazine founder Derek Rielly and Welcome To Paradise Now Go To Hell author Chas Smith believe that some surfers are still interested in viewing clever, well written groupings of words and photos related to surfing. And for all 11 of you who are interested yet have grown tired of the incessantly sincere sniveling of The Inertia they have created BeachGrit. Here’s how they see it:

BeachGrit is as fearless as it is fun. It does what no other space in surf does because it has seen it all and knows that surfing is light, loose and libertine. Every day is a new day and there is much to explore. Surfing is, after all, the most anti-depressive thing ever!

See? Doesn’t that snappy bit of prose lift your loins like a sandy crack selfie? Apparently, Anastasia Ashley’s literary rump wasn’t driving as many clicks as it used to so BeachGrit has enlisted Ruth Bader Ginsberg (above) as their new “it girl.” Follow the jump for the official word from Rielly & Smith or just click the link and see it for yourself. [click to continue…]

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Want A Good Book For Christmas?

by The Editors on December 20, 2013

Xmas Books

This is about as far as we’re going to go with the whole Christmas Gift Guide idea. Four books: two for people who like to read and two for people who like to look at pictures. Word books first.

Welcome To Paradise Now Go To Hell
by Chas Smith

In his debut book Welcome To Paradise, Now Go To Hell writer, editor, filmmaker, and handsome father Chas Smith weaves many of his best surf story lines into a tale of surfing (and violence) on the North Shore of Oahu. Its centerpiece is the story of Smith being verbally assaulted by world champion Mick Fanning and the shit-storm that his reporting of that incident caused. But there’s also more about surfing in general, the North Shore, Hawaiian history, and just how much Chas Smith the writer admires Chas Smith the man. We couldn’t stop turning the pages once we started and ended up reading it straight through. We guessing you will, too. It’s good.

By Nick Carroll

This tell-all surf memoir is the “autobiography” of the two-time ASP world surfing champion Tom Carroll written by respected surf journalist and editor (and Tom’s brother) Nick Carroll. It’s a family book. It’s a surf book. Here’s the official pitch:

On the surface he was Tom Carroll, dreamer, cheeky grommet, brilliant surfer, Australian sporting hero, fitness fanatic, businessman, family man, big wave charger. Inside turned the terrible wheel of drug addiction, part family curse, part legacy of the footloose surf culture he’d done so much to legitimize. Tom’s family and friends struggled with him, kept his secrets, and looked on in anger and fear as the wheel began to grind him down. Then a window opened, but getting through it made charging Pipeline look like a piece of cake. This is the story of an unlikely moral education: of humility, family, damage, brotherhood, youth, stupidity, glory, single-mindedness, and surrender, and about the feeling of water moving under a surfboard, how it can bind past to present and make sense of lives.

For the picture books, follow the jump. [click to continue…]

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A Post Summer News List

by The Editors on September 15, 2021

There’s a question we asked ourselves, while watching The Ultimate Surfer — Is this the pinnacle of surf entertainment? Was merging a group of washed and ok surfers with Survivor the best idea ever conceived by a man formerly employed by Oprah? Then we asked a followup: if we can seriously consider the first question, then what business do we have choosing stories for a long list of important action sporting news? The answer to the second question was is easy. We have no business. None whatsoever. Enjoy!

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A Mid-February New News Blast

by The Editors on February 19, 2021

Blast? Cold blast? Arctic air freezing you pipes? As a warm up, please check out the latest news stories that caught our attention since the last time we posted a list of headlines. And that was a while ago. Admittedly.

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Fresh News For The Dawn Of A New Day

by The Editors on January 20, 2021

The stories that shape our world are the stories that we share. Here are the headlines that caught our eye during the past month. And yes, it was a rough one. But we’re not going to let that get in the way of sharing with you. Click the link for all the stories.

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The Sounds Of Mammoth Opening Weekend

by The Editors on November 8, 2010

Thesounds Mam

With two feet of fresh snow in the last 24 hours it looks like Mammoth Mountain is going to have a real winter opening when they fire up the lifts for the first time this year on Thursday, November 11, 2010. But the mountain doesn’t want everyone to just come up for opening day. No, they’d like us all to stay all weekend. And to make it more enticing they’ve hooked up Maja Ivarsson and The Sounds to play Canyon Lodge on Saturday night (following the premiere of the Unbound Terrain Park movie Another Day In Paradise).

Follow the jump for all the details.
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Hawai’i’s Newest Surf Stamp

by The Editors on August 21, 2009

Hawaii Stamp

The United States Postal Service helped celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hawai’i statehood with a brand new surfing stamp that was desinged by Herb Kawainui Kane (no relation to Rick).

“We’re proud to play a part in this significant anniversary for Hawai‘i and especially proud that the stamp will serve as a lasting reminder of this special occasion,” said U.S. Postal Service Honolulu District Manager Daryl Ishizaki in dedicating the 44-cent First-Class stamp that goes on sale nationwide today. . . Joining Ishizaki in dedicating the stamp was Hawai‘i Governor Linda Lingle.

The 44-cent First-Class stamp that goes on sale nationwide today. Follow the jump for the rest of the story.
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