Cop Pays Skatepark Membership For Kids

by The Editors on April 1, 2009

When Naples Police Officer Jullian Cercone, 26, caught Jose Vega, 13, his brother Michael and their two friends skateboarding in an area where they weren’t supposed to she could have roughed them up. But she didn’t, according to a story in Naples News.

Instead, she found a solution that would make the businesses happy all while keeping the boys rolling. . . “If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be skateboarding,” Jose said. . . . Cercone also used her encounters as an opportunity to build a relationship with kids in the community. . . .“I think it’s important for the young kids in the community to develop a good rapport between themselves and the police department,” Cercone said. “They are the future of our county.”

Cercone went so far building rapport that she actually paid for the kids’ membership at the local skatepark. See, not all cops are power mad authority freaks. Apparently, it’s just the dudes. . .

[Link: Naples News]

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