Skaters Back New Proactiv Ink-X

by The Editors on April 1, 2009

29Le9Hy.Jpg[April Fools Day Story 2009] With Proactive Ink-X there always is a second chance and no one knows that better than Antwuan Dixon, Jereme Rogers and Braydon Szafranski, all of whom have reportedly signed on to back Proactiv’s new face tattoo removal creme, according to a press release posted on the South Of The North blog.

Known for its wide range of celebrity supporters, Proactiv will feature the three new members of the skate world in the brand’s 11th national television program, which began airing nationwide in America during peak face tattoo season. The new cycle will serve as a unique platform for the skaters to share his experience of what a face tattoo has done to their position in society. . . adds Rogers, “When you put it on your face, you can feel it actually getting the ink out. It feels like you have a brand new face. I might get a face tattoo of a dolphin sitting in a recliner hitting a bong like my friend Jimmy got in Cabo on spring break. I mean shit, it ain’t nothin’ Ink-X can’t get out.”

Hey, we never talk shit about a man’s need to get paid.

[Link: South of the North]

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