Ridiculousness Writers Want Dyrdek To Pay

by The Editors on September 1, 2023

Like the rest of us, it seems the writers behind the “unscripted” reality show Ridiculousness, are tired of getting played by Rob Dyrdek. And to get what they deserve they’re pushing to unionize the team, according to a story on Deadline.

“‘Unscripted’ television is very much scripted and our writing staff is fed up with being abused and underpaid by Paramount, MTV and Rob Dyrdek. We produce the most profitable show currently on TV and yet we are paid 60% less than WGA writers that work for America’s Funniest Home Videos,” writer Ally Maynard told Deadline.

We wish them luck, however, MTV (and Dyrdek co.) will probably just cancel the show (or the entire network for that matter) rather than pay the writers what they’re worth.

[Link: Deadline]

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