Why NAROO Makes the Only Sports Mask/ Accessories You’ll Ever Need In Winter

by Sponsored Post on June 28, 2021

What gives them the gumption to make this claim? Almost 20 years in the business of making masks, tubulars, gaiters, and any other kind of face and neck covering someone down with winter has in their bottom drawer. NAROO designs to be one thing in particular, which is breathable. Then it combines that breathability with a bunch of other functions that can vary based on clime and need. For those of us who love the snow, we need something we can breathe in, something that as prevents foggy goggles, and something thermal that warms and humidifies the air.

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We’ve been using winter face masks and neck coverings for ages to keep us warm and protect our skin from the cold, wind, and sun since the start of time. It would be handy if they could do more and actually be more breathable so they didn’t end up hanging around our necks. With the advent of what they call the EX-BONE, which is basically a moldable plastic frame that sits on your face, NAROO has solved a good many problems that winter athletes face – especially when it comes to breathing easy. Instead of inhaling fabric, the EX-BONE creates a space between the mouth and fabric so we can gulp air instead of thread.

This bendable EX-BONE is found in a couple of NAROO Masks: the Z5H and the Z9H. Although called masks, they are really half-balaclavas that are geared for keeping athletes warm. The space between your mouth and the cloth creates a little pocket of space where air is made warm and humid so the cold air doesn’t freeze our throats and lungs on the way down. Another perk of this pocket of space, also called an air chamber, is that it allows for the air to exit from the front of the mask, preventing your goggles from fogging up.

Artem Nabuilin, Sergey Ridzik, and Jonas Baumann, who enjoy NAROO’s breathable sports masks. It looks like the brand has us covered for wintertime fun, which is always a good thing.

Check out their winter face masks at naroomask.com and get 10% off with the coupon BoardistanNAROO.

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