Another Extreme Sports Park Dreamer

by The Editors on July 17, 2013


Seems there is always someone who believes that what the world really needs right now is an action sports theme park. This time around it’s Josh Kearney, a 34-year-old Australian. According to a story on Vegas Inc,. Kearney wants to create a park “right off the Las Vegas strip” that will features motocross, wakeboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.

“Vegas Extreme will stand as a new model for amusement parks around the world,” Kearney said. “Its focus is on an exploding generation of sporting events and recreation that push the boundaries of human movement.” . . .The amusement park would include a white sand beach for sunbathing and cabanas fashioned out of repurposed shipping containers. A 7-acre lake would offer jet skiing, whitewater rafting and wakeboarding. A cable system would allow up to 10 riders to zip around the lake at once. . . During winter, the lake could be drained and filled with snow. The resulting “ski bowl” could be used for snowboarding.

So what’s left before this year’s version of the Gotcha Glacier or New Jersey’s Xanadu becomes a reality? Well, $50 million for one, and then Kearney will also need a piece of property to build it on. In other words, this isn’t even a project yet. But we wish Kearney the best anyway. Would be cool if one of these finally got built somewhere in North America.

[Link: Vegas Inc.]


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