Florida Surfer Steps On A Shark

by The Editors on June 17, 2013

St. Augustin Beach, Florida surfer Andrew Birchall, 37, is recovering from two shark bites to his foot after jumping off his board and stepping on a shark, according to a story in Action News Jax.

“When he got off the board, he apparently stepped on the shark in about waist deep water. The shark bit him we think twice. We think he bit him once, then kind of pulled his foot out of the shark’s mouth, then he got another bite on his toes,” mother Nancy Birchall said. . . She said her son has been surfing the St. Augustine Beach area for years, and never had a problem.

After a trip to the hospital and surgery to remove a shark tooth from his foot, Birchall is doing well. Seems it’s hard to step off your board in Florida without stepping on a shark.

[Link: Action News Jax]

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