Enjoi Pulls T-Shirt Due To Change.org Petition

by The Editors on May 9, 2013

enjoi_changeEnjoi Skateboards has reportedly pulled a T-shirt design from its website after Ginae Klasek of  Phoenix, Arizona started a petition on Change.org claiming the shirt made fun of domestic violence, according to a story in The Guardian.

One of the ads was in the form of a T-shirt titled “The ex-girlfriend”, which depicted a woman with tears and an arm in a sling saying: “He really does love his skateboard more than me.” A different poster showed a male skateboarder with his finger over the mouth of a female mannequin head, as if hushing her, and the slogan: “Where no means yes.”

More than 1,800 people signed the petition and it appears that, after Klasek threatened to march on the company’s headquarters that Enjoi has taken the T-shirt down and enjoyed more mainstream media play than they’ve gotten in a long time. Times are hard, guess they have to take the attention while they can.

[Link: The Guardian]


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