Quiksilver Corp Cuts To The Core

by The Editors on February 25, 2013

Quik Logo10In the race for corporate “efficiencies” Quiksilver is making some pretty big changes.

In addition to COO and Global Brand President Craig Stevenson resigning (he’ll be paid through October 31, 2013), the company is apparently cutting the snowboarding team (but keeping Travis Rice) and cutting the skateboarding team (but keeping Tony Hawk). The Quiksilver surf team has also been reportedly trimmed by several surfers. There are also rumors that Quiksilver Women, the Waterman Collection, the VSTR brand and Dane Reynolds side project Summer Teeth were also set aside.

Over at DC Shoes they’ve cut their entire BMX team and their surf team. There is also mention of auto (and co-founder Ken Block himself) being cut as well. As one surf industry stalwart ironically put it, “Can’t wait until the same thing happens at Billabong.”

One thing to remember: Hollister doesn’t spend a dime on “core teams” and they don’t seem to be having any problem in the “So Cal inspired clothing for Dudes and Bettys” space. Still no official word from Quik, but then again, their information distribution department never has been very effective. We’ll let you know if and when anyone shares any information on what is obviously a very bad day for action sports athletes, media, and the industry in general.

[Editors Note: The details in this post have been in flux all day thanks to various sources adding and subtracting details. So far, no replies to emails sent to Quiksilver corporate PR and other contacts.]

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