Rotary Snowboard Bindings Keep Coming

by The Editors on February 2, 2013

While we didn’t see any rotary bindings during our cruise of the 2013 SIA Snow Show in Denver (we’re sure they were there, they always are) we are glad to see that the ubiquitously useless innovation is not yet dead. A post on Shreddit alerted us to the Rotary Binding which is currently attempting to raise funds on Kickstarter. And there’s nothing new here:

Anyone who has ever gotten on or off a chairlift with a snowboard knows how uncomfortable it can be. Simply getting on and off requires painful bending of the knees and ankles in directions they were never meant to bend! . . Our state of the art bindings allow the board to rotate around the front foot by the simple tug of a cord. The Rotary Snowboard Bindings are extremely simple and safe to use while making your way to the next ski lift.

Michael Fultz, of San Diego, California, hopes to raise $100,000 for the project. With 28 days to go he’s got close to $3,000. We’re guessing he won’t reach his goal, but that’s probably best for everyone involved. Because seriously, we’ll say this again, “No one who snowboards wants a rotating binding.”

[Link: Kickstarter]

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