YouTube To Cut Some Programming Deals

by The Editors on November 12, 2012

Youtube LogoAccording to a story on All Things D Google’s YouTube is about ready to “pull the plug” on 60 percent of its channel programming deals, you remember, all that money that was given to channels like Network A, Tony Hawk’s Ride Channel, Red Bull Media House etc. . .

This week, Google’s video site will start offering new contracts to some of the channel programmers/creators it signed up in the last year. But not all of them: YouTube figures it will end up re-investing in up to 40 percent of its original channels by the time the renewal process is done. . . YouTube will handle renewals in batches, starting with the first set of channels that launched in January of this year.

If we go by’s weekly ranking of the YouTube Channels and guess that Google is going to save save their top performing channels and lose the bottom, then it would appear that number 17 ranked Ride Channel might just make the cut. But then, we have no idea how Google with sort this out. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

[Link: All Things D]

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