Northwest Skateboard vs. Gun Showdown

by The Editors on August 29, 2012

Two skateboarders were arrested August 24, 2012 in Everett, Washington for skateboarding where skateboarding is not allowed. The best part of the story is the write-up the event got in the police report, according to a story on Here’s how the overzealous, pistol-waving bicycle cop described the interaction:

The officer grabs his bicycle, and the chase is on. While additional officers converge on the area, the officer catches the boarders. Surprisingly, they refuse to comply with his order to stop and a struggle is on. The officer takes one boarder to the ground, but looks up as the second pulls his board back to use as a bat. The officer transitions to his sidearm, and it is a skateboard versus gun standoff. Supporting officers arrive and immediately assist the second boarder to the ground.

Always be cautious when an officer “transitions to his sidearm.” As for the skaters, they’re “in county lock for investigation of obstruction.”

[Link: Heraldnet]

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