686 Lights Out: SIA Titans Trade Blows

by The Editors on January 27, 2012

Night one of the 2012 Snow Industries of America show began at Denver’s Casselman’s for 686 Outerwear’s Lights Out! boxing. The night featured The Dingo on the mic, Danny Kass as a referee and some of action sports’ biggest names duking it out in the ring.

Transworld Media Editorial Director Rob Campbell went toe-to-toe with Frends‘ Sean Lake (Lake prevailed). Sketchy D got in on the action. But the night’s biggest brawl came in a classic battle of “my CEO can beat up your CEO” when Electric Visual Co-President Bruce Beach and Vestal CEO Johnny Gehris stepped into the ring in what looked like a Costa Mesa grudge match royal. Neither fighter saved anything for later. The two fought like warriors trading damage until a Beach right cross to the nose forced Gehris to throw in the towel late in the last of three rounds.

Just watch the clip, you’ll see what we mean, or click here for all ring-side photos.

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