Rob Dyrdek Buying Alien Workshop?

by The Editors on January 11, 2012

Dyrdek AlienThe news launched first in tweets last night (January 10, 2012) from Transworld Skate and Skateboardermag. Apparently, Rob Dyrdek announced to the crowd gathered for Zumiez annual 100k shop kid pep rally at Keystone Resort, Colorado that he was purchasing Alien Workshop from Burton Snowboards. According to a story on Shop-Eat-Surf, Dyrdek reportedly:

. . . grabbed the microphone from Alien Workshop Co-founder Chris Carter and told the hundreds of Zumiez’s employees, athletes and industry executives in attendance that he is buying the legendary skate company from Burton.

First he kickflips a car, now this? It would be understandable that Burton would want to shed a company that never seemed to make sense in its brand portfolio, but why Dyrdek would want to own a skateboard hardgoods company (aside from just keeping it alive) is anyone’s guess?

Burton’s Chief Operations Officer Mike Rees reeled in everyone a little in an email sent out early this afternoon (January 11, 2012) . “While Rob’s message was definitely premature, we did want to confirm that we are in an open dialog with him about a possible purchase,” Rees said. “At this point, please note that nothing is confirmed, and we will absolutely do a formal announcement when and/or if that transition happens.”

[Link: Shop-Eat-Surf]

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Hank Mellichamp January 11, 2012 at 12:12 pm

Congrats Rob, good buddy. This article seems to not understand why a skateboarder would eventually want to run the company they are attached to… Well I own my skateboard company.. A dream come true.. I guess the ‘editors’. Don’t ‘get it’..

chris January 11, 2012 at 3:00 pm

There probably is not too much of a difference in what Rob might be trying to do and the marketing companies old farts do as hobbies to justify why they are still in skateboarding.

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