Boil The Ocean’s Top 40 Skate Videos List

by The Editors on November 13, 2009

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Erudite skate blogger Boil The Ocean is proving once again that he has watched (and thought seriously about) way, way too many skateboard videos as he counts down the 40 most skateboarding videos of the past decade. While most skaters would be hard pressed to even name 40 skate videos from the last 10 years Boil The Ocean kicks down otaku level knowledge of these videos in a way that suggests he’s watched them all hundreds of times.

A general disclaimer about the list to follow ought to start with noting that most lists of this sort are pretty much bullshit anyway, designed to ignite pointless debate and sell women’s health magazines or ad spots on VH1, and this one may not be much different really. However, given that this is an internet blog site, and the end of a decade is approaching, fate holds that a list must be made.

Take a walk down memory lane and argue along the way: 40-31, 30-21, 20-11, and 10-1.

[Link: Boil The Ocean]

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