November 2010

Maverick’s Season Opens December 1

by The Editors on November 30, 2010

20101129  Css98E01~3 GalleryOn Monday, November 30, 2010 big waves surfers gathered at Maverick’s for the opening ceremony for The Jay at Maverick’s big wave contest, according to a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The day began with a touching opening ceremony honoring beloved Santa Cruz surfer Jay Moriarity, for whom the contest is named, and a paddle out and ceremonial surf ring in the calm waters by the reef break. . . The official contest waiting period begins Wednesday and continues through Feb. 28. The invitees get to vote on contest-worthy swells. Once the majority picks one, they will have 24-hours notice to get to the break near Half Moon Bay.

After all the boys have been through, it’s nice to the see the Maverick’s contest back on track. Click the link for the official heat draw.

[Link: Santa Cruz Sentinel]


Colorado Snowboarders Talk Slope Fashion

by The Editors on November 29, 2010

04Andy HarrisDenver’s Westword Weekly visited Cooper Mountain for post-Thanksgiving Leftover Yam Jam and talked to snowboarders about fashion. Here are two:

Mike Perle, 16, snowboarder “I like Volcom because they are the biggest company. I also like Quiksilver. Tight pants and tall tees need to go — I like normal clothing on skiers and riders.”

Andy Harris (pictured right), 22, snowboarder “I’m wearing Tech Nine. I like Big Clothes and like to look like a gansta. I think your gear needs to be steezy.”

These civilians certainly know what they want. Steezy, indeezy.

[Link: Westword Weekly]

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A Little Heat To Fight The Cold

by The Editors on November 29, 2010


Jason Lee’s Adult Swim Skate Show

by The Editors on November 29, 2010

Jason Lee 28455Real Estate expert Jason Lee is apparently working on a new TV series for Adult Swim that would have something to do with skateboarding, according to a story on

Lee wasn’t very specific on the details of the pilot, however he did say that he would be starring and directing in it and that it takes place within the skateboarding world. . . . “It’s very twisted, it’s very out there being that it’s Adult Swim, but I’m very proud that it takes place in the world of skateboarding because not much is done in that world, and so I get to play with that. We’re gearing up to shoot that in a few weeks, so fingers crossed.”

For the record we’ll watch (and even occasionally pay to see) anything Jason Lee appears in.


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Quik Estimates Improvements In 2010

by The Editors on November 29, 2010

Quik Logo10Quiksilver hasn’t wrapped up their final 2010 numbers, but wanted to let everyone know that things aren’t as bad as they thought they were going to be back in September 2010, according to documents filed today with the SEC.

Based on preliminary data, the company estimates that fourth quarter fiscal 2010 net revenues were between $492 million and $497 million, compared to net revenues of $538.7 million for the fourth quarter ended October 31, 2009, and that fourth quarter fiscal 2010 pro-forma Adjusted EBITDA was between 10% and 20% higher than pro-forma Adjusted EBITDA of $49.9 million for the fourth quarter ended October 31, 2009. . . These preliminary estimated results are higher than the most recent outlook provided in September, at which time the company had expected fourth quarter revenues to be down in the mid-teens on a percentage basis compared to the same quarter a year ago and anticipated that full-year fiscal 2010 pro-forma Adjusted EBITDA would be up approximately 25% when compared to fiscal 2009.

And that’s good considering that 2009’s loss from continuing ops was about $73 million. In other news, Quik is rounding up another €200 million in a private offering in Europe.

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Jason Lee Loses It On LA Home Sale

by The Editors on November 28, 2010

Jason LeehomeStereo’s Jason Lee has apparently sold his Los Feliz LA home at a loss of $300,000, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal.

Located in the Los Feliz neighborhood, the 2,200-square-foot home has three bedrooms and three baths. Situated on a 1½ acre lot with city views, the home, which was built in 1948, has a separate guest house, gardens and a private office. There’s a hot tub located off the master suite.

Lee reportedly bought the home in 2007 from bluesman Robert Cray for $3.4 million and has just sold it for $3.1. In “these economic times” it could have been much worse.

[Link: Wall Street Journal]


Cooler’s Sam Haddad Visits Stratton

by The Editors on November 28, 2010

Jake-Burton-001If The Guardian is going to give Cooler Magazine Editor Sam Haddad a trip to Stratton she might as well write it up the old-fashioned way. And do it she does. Going as far as to claim that Stratton Mountain is the place “where it all began.”

Today, snowboarders are such a ubiquitous sight on the slopes, it’s hard to imagine there was ever a time when they were universally banned, not to mention ridiculed as renegade punks who wore too much fluoro. Those of us who get our kicks from riding sideways through the snow have a lot to thank Stratton Mountain for. In 1983 the Vermont resort became the first to allow snowboarders on its slopes, and in doing so catapulted the sport towards its modern-day incarnation. Skiers have Wengen, surfers have Santa Cruz, and we have Stratton.

Well, Haddad got the East Coast version of the snowboard story down, but we’re still kind of stumped by the Santa Cruz reference?

[Link: The Guardian]


The Alternate Groove’s Baja 1000 Finish

by The Editors on November 28, 2010

3332Cowichana34Nov2610BajaAlternate Groove Snowboard Shop owner Marc Ebdrup may live in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a desert bad-ass, according to a story Cowichan News Leader. He and teammates Nick Caldwell, Paul Gallagher, Don Hatton finished fifth place in the plus-30 pro class for “enduro bikes.”

Duncan Motorsports owner Don Hatton, sales and parts manager Nick Caldwell, technician Paul Gallagher and Nanaimo’s Marc Ebdrup teamed up to complete the race Friday in 33 hours, two minutes and seven seconds . . the big event began Thursday at 7 a.m. from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, about 65 miles south of the U.S./Mexico border. . . The course covered a distance of 1,061.69 miles before racers finished in La Paz.

Congrats. The team averaged 30 MPH for the entire race. As anyone who follows the Baja 1000 know, just finishing is a win.

[Link: Cawichan News Leader]


Zumiez Employee Jacked In Mall Parking Lot

by The Editors on November 28, 2010

Zumiez-NotaglineAn employee of a Carlsbad, California Zumiez action mall store was robbed at gun point on Friday evening in the parking lot of the Westfield Plaza Camino Real, according to a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The employee told authorities that the suspects were wearing “wrestling-type” masks over their faces and were carrying large semi-automatic handguns. They ran northbound through the parking lot of the shopping center, located at 2525 El Camino Real.

The robbers got away with the employee’s personal property and a Zumiez bank deposit. This is probably one of the reason’s locals call it “The Ghetto Mall.”

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]


Sal Masekela x Kelly Slater: The Interview

by The Editors on November 24, 2010

Kelly-600Sal Masekela has kicked down the most personal, insightful interview with Kelly Slater we will probably ever hear. Sal takes Kelly through all the questions we’ve all had (and more) for the 10x ASP World Champion.

The two cover thoughts on contest pressure, mindset going into his 10th title win, Andy Irons, Kalani, the future and much, much, more.

Anyone who has ever had a question for or about Kelly Slater, or even casually wondered what the life of a pro board sports athlete is like, take a half hour, sit down in a quiet place, and listen to this. It’s that good.

[Link: Transworld Surf]