May 2010

Comune And The Art Of The Sell

by The Editors on May 15, 2010

When a action sports clothing company (Comune) refers to its own promotional snowboard film as “avant-garde” and uses an infamous 1960s anti-establishment art colony in Colorado (Drop City) as its main inspiration to help it move product through the malls of America (Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun) it’s difficult not to chuckle.

When the title of that black and white film is as pretentious as “Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformations Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden on the Moon,” it almost becomes farcical.

That said, the new Comune teaser Burn The Witch is fun to watch no matter we look at it.

[Link: Comune via Yobeat]


Big Shark Cruising San Diego County?

by The Editors on May 15, 2010

Two reports submitted to the Shark Research Committee website in the last week suggest there may be a bit of increased shark action in the waters near San Diego.

On Thursday May 13, 2010 around 1:15 PM surfer Mary Baker was waiting for some waves a bit outside the lineup at La Jolla Shores when she say a fin turn and head toward her.

“I looked outside and about 100 feet from me I saw the large triangle black fin, about 18 inches high, heading my way,” Baker said. “I moved South and inside to get my friend out. I surf everyday and know the difference between marine animals. This was a large triangle fin heading straight at me. Not a dolphin, seal or a bird. It was a black large triangle fin.”

Four days early on May 9, 2010 at about 5 PM surfer Brian Monroe was out at Ocean Beach when he saw a shark acting aggressively near a Grey Whale.

“I saw a large dark grey dorsal fin, 18 – 24 inches high, and splashing directly next to a Grey Whale ( Eschrichtius robustus) that had its back elevated out of the water,” he said. “I quickly paddled to shore and observed what appeared to be two whales, one large and one small, being repeatedly pursued by a large dark grey dorsal fin traveling along the surface. The shark appeared to be acting in an aggressive manner.”

And then there is the Great White reportedly spotted at San Onofre near the power plant . . . sounds like a similar men in a gray suits, no?

[Link: Shark Research Committee via Surfline]


Sheckler Foundation Skates For A Cause

by The Editors on May 14, 2010


On Saturday May 29, 2010 from 10 AM until 5 PM The Sheckler Foundation will be hosting Skate For A Cause at the Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest, California.

The Sheckler Foundation is proud to present, Skate for a Cause, a family friendly event that combines a world class skate jam with a carnival. We have invited the top names in skateboarding to participate in this unique skate event that will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Pretty much everyone you’ve ever wanted to see skate will be there: Chris Cole, Eric Koston, P-Rod, PJ Ladd, Mikey Taylor, Mike Mo, Sean Malto, Torey Pudwill and many more. This should be good. And, it’s for a good cause.

[Link: Sheckler Foundation]

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NorCal Death Match Tour Stop #1

by The Editors on May 13, 2010

Surf And Skate Flyer E

The First stop of the NorCal Death Match Touris this coming up Saturday May 15, 2010 in the bowl at Surf and Skate in SacTown, just a block away from the grounds of the old Rainbow Skatepark Pool (RIP) but we digress. Entry is $10 and there’s a master’s contest. N-Punks that means you. . .

[Link: Nor Cal Death Match]

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Noel Robinson Paddle Out May 15

by The Editors on May 13, 2010

Friends and family of NorCal big wave surfer and videographer Noel Robinson are gathering for a paddle out at 10 AM Saturday, May 15, 2010 at Goat Rock State Beach at the mouth of the Russian River, according to a story in the Press Democrat.

Robinson, 39, died in a surfing accident last Friday off Puerto Escondido, Mexico, his second home, though he roamed the world in search of the biggest swells with some of the sport’s most acclaimed practitioners. . . He was, friends said, a world-class barrel rider whose humility, humor and contagious smile made him friends wherever he went. . . “As a surfer and just a member of the Sonoma County community out here in west county, what I can tell you is that all of us are rocked by this,” said friend Jim Nevill of Bodega Bay, founder and director of Lifeskills, a wilderness program for teens and schools.

Everyone is invited and a “massive crowd” is expected.

[Link: Press Democrat]

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Rome United Bindings Recalled

by The Editors on May 12, 2010

Screen Shot 2010-05-12 At 3.19.26 Pm

Building bindings is a pain in the ass, especially when you have to recall 3,120 of them because they are too dangerous to ride.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Rome Snowboards is officially recalling the 2010 United binding (pictured above) because “the base plates can break at cold temperatures,” which sadly is pretty much the only time they are used.

The snowboard bindings were sold at snow sports retailers from September 2009 through December 2009 for about $160. . . Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled snowboard bindings and contact Rome Snowboards for free replacement bindings.

Damn, those China bindings. . . Luckily, no injuries have been reported and Rome will be replacing them—all 3,120 of them.

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Jake Duncombe: Stick Skater

by The Editors on May 12, 2010

Art-Lead-Stickskater-420X0Former Aussie skate filmers Ben Hazzard and Liam Stephens currently hold the number 2 paid app position in the Apple iTunes iPhone app store with their low-rez skateboarding game Stick Skater, according to a story in the Sydney Morning Herald.

We both grew up in Newcastle filming skate videos of local skaters, some of who have become world respected pro skater,” Hazzard said. . . “We modelled the skate animations on real skateboarders, and we specifically choose a particular pro skater, Jake Duncombe, who has a reputation for doing some of the best tricks.” . . Hazzard said the game allowed for many trick combinations. . . “While being a little exaggerated for entertainment purposes, they are still in touch with the progression of real skateboarding,” he said.

One of the coolest parts of the game is skating the famous spots including: the Carlsbad Gap, Hollywood High, Wilshire, and Love Park. We’re guessing this will be 99 cents well spent.

[Links: Stick Skater via Sydney Morning Herald]


Still Surfing The Gaza Strip

by The Editors on May 12, 2010


Alexander Klein’s film God Went Surfing with the Devil gets more well-deserved coverage on CNN today in a story titled Gaza surfers ride on wave of goodwill from Israel.

Dirt poor and mainly from refugee camps, they find joy riding waves, often on makeshift boards, in the green waters off Gaza’s beaches. . . Over the past few years, a number of groups, some based in Israel, have made it their business to try to help the Gaza surfers. . . Explore Corps and Jewish Surfing 4 Peace have sent surf boards and wetsuits to the 20 or so Palestinian wave riders, hoping to extend the hand of friendship across the bullet-pocked border.

We have to admit—a few hours in the surf can pretty much erase anything.

[Link: CNN]


Shaun White Skateboarding Site Up

by The Editors on May 12, 2010

ShaunwhiteskateWonder what kind of gentlemen’s agreement Tony Hawk and Shaun White have regarding video games? Because Tony’s new game Shred is rumored to possible get into a little snow and surf and Shaun’s new game Skateboarding (scheduled to arrive this fall) is not exactly a snowboard game.

Are the two monster boarding icons going head-to-head in the isles of the big box stores this Christmas? Looks probable.

[Link: Shaun White Skateboarding]


Another Riley Hawk Clip From Skate Movie

by The Editors on May 12, 2010

It’s nice seeing the progeny of skate royalty hold things down all by themselves. Riley Hawk is obviously not suffering from Frank Sinatra Jr. disease.

[Link: Mountain And Wave]