March 2008

Another Great Reason To Visit Copenhagen

by The Editors on March 20, 2008


DVS, Spotlight Productions and The Copenhagen Skatepark are kicking down the second annual CPH Pro – Copenhagen, Denmark June 20-22, 2008.

Staying in tune with last year’s event, Pros from around the world will converge upon Copenhagen for three days of skateboarding, parties and Viking traditions. This year, the event will take place on the weekend of, “Go Skateboarding Day”, which will bring even more action!

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DVS Saves Poythress From Atlanta Tornado

by The Editors on March 19, 2008

Slide2 467990 Stormmain.0316-003
Cullen Poythress, the new marketing manager at DVS Shoes is thanking Podium Distribution for moving him out to Cali when they did. Poythress, who previously worked for Surf Expo in Atlanta, moved out of his place one week to the day before the tornado destroyed his apartment at the Fulton Cotton Mills Lofts. “DVS saved my life,” Poythress said. “Literally.”
Poythress’ apartment window is the fourth from right in the bottom right hand corner of this Atlanta Journal-Constitution photo. “The tornado touched down on top of the place and ripped the whole roof off,” he said. “My new flat screen would’ve been laterd.”

As happy as he is with the new job, he’s also happy to have left the ATL. “We got out just in time,” he says. Now, lets just hope for no earthquakes.


Burton Signs Five Year Deal With

by The Editors on March 18, 2008

28331According to a press release on Boardsport Source:

Burton and are pleased to announce a five-year partnership in which Go211 will become a global partner of the Burton Global Open Series (BGOS) and webcast all BGOS competitions and other events over the next five years.

Let’s see, the last time Burton did a big online deal for the Open series it was with a company called Sadly, Lat34 ran out of money before they could webcast even one full season of Burton Opens. This deal sounds like it will last about three years longer than will be around.

[Link: Boardsport Source]


Pipeline Claims Another Life

by The Editors on March 18, 2008

The most famous wave in the world claimed another life on Sunday March 16, 2008, as Joshua Kalai Nakata, 23, of Mililani, Hawaii “apparently hit his head on the reef while surfing at the Banzai Pipline.”

The waves were about 6 to 8 feet at the time, said Bryan Cheplic, Honolulu Emergency Services Department spokesman.. . . . Lifeguards pulled Nakata out the water and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation until paramedics arrived. Rescuers took the man to Kahuku Hospital in critical condition. He died later at the hospital, Cheplic said.

Our thoughts are with Nakata’s friends and family.

[Link: Honolulu Star-Bulletin]


Taos Finally Pulls Head Out Of Ass

by The Editors on March 18, 2008

Taos Hell

We’re not the kind to get excited when a ski resort that has banned snowboarding “until hell freezes over” finally realizes that it might be a good idea to start taking snowboard dollars. All the same, we’re glad Taos Ski Resort has decided to open on March 19, 2008, even if they’ll have mad poop behind their ears for eternity.

[Link: Ride Taos]


Right: A Newspaper Made Kelly Surf Bells

by The Editors on March 18, 2008

Australian newspaper the Geelong Advertiser has run a story today claiming that Kelly Slater decided to surf in the Rip Curl event because of comments from the newspaper’s readers.

Readers and local surfers – including big wave champion Tony Ray – appeared in a video stating why they felt Slater should compete. . . . The message got through, according to the 36-year-old American, who said he changed his mind after watching the video on the internet.

While we’re sure he changed his mind post video viewing, we’re going to guess that there was a lot more going on than pressure from the locals. . . you know, like another title? And, more media incentive money, and the chance to jack with the rest of the ASP top 44.

[Link: Geelong Advertiser]


The 808 Now On

by The Editors on March 18, 2008

Apparently, this was a show that aired on Fuel TV last summer. We don’t get Fuel so we never watched it. This is a show about a famous tough guy Kala Alexander and his Wolf Pack crew. Thug life meets the surf. And now, thanks to (the new online TV “network” set up to put iTunes out of business) we can see all the episodes of the world according to Kala.


Keir Dillon Interviewed On TWBiz

by The Editors on March 18, 2008

Keir Nip3Damn, anyone can win a snowboard contest, but Keir Dillon delivered his own child. That is impressive.

Long story short, I think all the talk about doing kickflips and mctwists in the belly got her all excited and she couldn’t wait for the hospital. Luckily I watched a lot of the Cosby’s when I was a kid so it was all good in holding it down in the living room. I will say tying the cord with dental floss was something that they don’t teach you in health class.

[Link: Transworld Business]


Sandbech In Telus Pro Photo Finals

by The Editors on March 18, 2008

Selv StrekkWe were just looking over the list of photographers who made the finals at this year’s Telus Pro Photo Shootout and realized that we only know one of them: Frode Sandbech (probably because the rest of them shooting skiing).

Without seeing any photos from the others we’re going to call it right now: Frode will win the contest because he is a photographic monster truck and his competitors are stacks of junked cars. Remind us if we’re wrong.



Jenna Jameson on Zoo York Board

by The Editors on March 16, 2008


There’s not much more that you can say about this other than, not surprisingly, sex continues to sell.

[Link: Nick Papageorgia via Skate and Annoy]