Lib Tech’s Lost Round Nose Fish Redux

by The Editors on May 5, 2017

Lib Tech surf is proud to announce the release of its latest …Lost X Lib collaboration with legendary shaper Matt Biolos and his Round Nose Fish Redux.

This classic shape is now modernized and Mervin Made with Lib Tech’s proprietary technologically tougher Eco-Iso construction. Check out the full …Lost X Lib Round Nose Fish Redux video now featuring Matt Biolos, Chris Ward, Corey Lopez, Ryan Carlson and more! 

Kind of makes you want one doesn’t it?


Secrets of Desert Point World Premiere

by The Editors on April 13, 2017

The Newport Beach Film Festival will be hosting the world premiere of Opper Films’ Secrets of Desert Point, a film that documents the discovery, evolution and exploitation of a legendary surf break in remote Indonesia almost 40 years ago. Here’s the pitch:

In the early eighties, while sailing off remote Lombok Island in Indonesia, young California surfer Bill Heick and his friends (dubbed the “Golden Beards”) stumbled across the perfect wave…a pristine barreling left reeling endlessly and empty over a shallow, live-coral reef. As treacherous as it was beautiful, it was later dubbed “Desert Point” for its dry forbidding nature. In the years that followed, a pioneer crew of hardcore surfers set up a makeshift beach outpost and kept their treasure off the surf-media map for almost a decade. Their mission: to surf uncrowded Desert Point at the highest level possible…no matter the cost. . . But Paradise, they quickly found, came at a price.

For the rest of the story, follow the jump, or better yet, check out the film when it premieres Monday, April 24, 2017 at 5:15 pm, at The Triangle 3 Theatre in Costa Mesa, California.

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Sticky Bumps Re-signs Zeke Lau

by The Editors on April 10, 2017

World Tour rookie Zeke Lau is continuing to keep his boards nicely waxed with Sticky Bumps.

“Stoked to re-sign with Sticky Bumps for Wax,” Lau says. “It’s super important to have solid wax in all conditions on my boards as I enter my rookie year on tour.”

For the official word from Sticky Bumps, please follow the jump.

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Keith Malloy’s Fishpeople Film Tour

by The Editors on April 10, 2017

Join Keith Malloy for a premiere screening of his new film, Fishpeople. The documentary tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea. From surfers and spearfishers to a long-distance swimmer, a former coal miner and a group of at-risk kids on the streets of San Francisco, it’s a film about the transformative effects of time spent in the ocean—and leaving behind our limitations to find deeper meaning in the saltwater wilderness that lies just beyond the shore.

You’ll have a chance to nab a limited edition Fishpeople stainless steel pint cup and a Yulex® beverage cozie. Keith will also be hosting a question and answer session after the film. For all the details, please click the link.

[Link: Patagonia’s Fishpeople]


Florence & Fitzgibbons Win Margaret River

by The Editors on April 9, 2017

2 John Florence won a surf event at Margaret River in Western Australia on Sunday April 9, 2017 and moved up to the number one spot on the list of the best competition surfers. Sally Fitzgibbons won a women’s event at the same spot and is now tied for first place on the list of best female competition surfers.

For more info click here to visit the official site of the company that owns all the content, the contests, the contest performances of the surfers and the world rankings.


Slater’s Florida Wave Pool Foes

by The Editors on March 30, 2017

Seems not everyone in Florida is stoked about the possibility of a Kelly Slater Wave Co. pool getting built in Palm Beach, Florida, according to a story in the Palm Beach Post. They fear what happened in the Austin, Texas wave park could happen to them.

Jupiter Farms residents and others from different parts of the county fear a replay of that failure, which they say could threaten the water supply from the nearby Pine Glades Natural Area. “I urge you to nip this in the bud and deny the zoning changes rather than using valuable staff time on this,” Boynton Beach resident Chris Lockhart wrote to county commissioners. “If you do not, I ask that you direct staff to consider the impacts to Pine Glades Natural Area and other adjacent and nearby conservation lands, impacts on our water resources, etc.”

We’re still wondering who really wants to surf an unchangingly perfect wave in dirty pool water on the edge of an industrial park every day? Anyone? Florida surf is bad, sure, but really? 

[Link: Palm Beach Post]


Noah Beschen Goes Electric

by The Editors on March 30, 2017

Electric is proud to announced a “new partnership” with North Shore ripper Noah Beschen.

“I am excited to join the Electric family! It’s awesome to be part of a company that supports my dream to surf and travel. I live on the beach and having good eyewear is key to saving my eyes from the hot Hawaii sun. I’m psyched on the brand image and the product quality and feel that they are a perfect fit for me. I look forward to my future with their support!”

Noah joins Zeke Lau, Dave Wassel, Kala Alexander, Kai Garcia, and Tai VanDyke in the Electric Hawaii family. For the official word from Electric, please follow the jump.

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ISA World Surfing Games 2017

by The Editors on March 28, 2017

The world’s best national surfing teams are set to converge in Biarritz, France for the 2017 ISA World Surfing Games May 20-28. Athletes from all five continents will compete for Gold and national pride with their sights set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Looks kinda fun.


Dakine + Furrow Surf Craft

by The Editors on March 20, 2017

Dakine partnered with Furrow Surf Craft creator and shaper Christine Brailsford Caro on a collection of products that they say blends Christine’s wood-carved artwork and her board designs that are progressive, yet simple in shape and form.

The Furrow x Dakine Collection is inspired by the fun of riding waves, creativity, and a dedication to craftsmanship.

For more info, click the line.

[Link: Dakine]


Gilmore, Wright Win A Surf Contest

by The Editors on March 19, 2017

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