Long List of Headlines From The Now

by The Editors on April 28, 2020

A long list of stories for our time this week. Some don’t even mention COVID-19. We can say that when everyone is locked up in their own homes they just don’t generate as much news. Duh! So here you go.

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Vans President Sends COVID-19 Letter

by The Editors on April 22, 2020

Vans Global Brand President Doug Palladini sent a letter to Vans employee world wide outlining the work that Vans is currently doing to support those in need. He included the Vans ‘Foot The Bill’ initiative, product donations and partnership with Hedley & Bennett to use Vans’ shoe canvas to make and donate more than 250,000 reusable facial masks.

As a brand engrained in the belief that we aren’t a shoe and apparel company but a people company that makes shoes and apparel, looking after our people has always been and will remain our top priority. This commitment rang true in March as we made the decision to shift corporate offices to remote working and temporarily closed our stores in the U.S. and Canada to prioritize the safety and health of you and all of our store associates. I am especially humbled by the fact that in partnership with VF Corp., we’ve been able to ensure that our store associates have continued to receive full pay and benefits during closures. Additionally, I want to express my personal appreciation for our distribution center associates who continue to facilitate consumer purchases from Their dedication to our brand is truly inspiring and together with VF Corp., we continue to implement proactive steps to uphold the well-being of our associates.

During these rough times it’s great to see good people (and brands) rising to the challenge in such positive ways. So stoked that Vans is able to do the right thing for their employees and for people around the world. For the entire letter, please follow the jump.

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Monday News From Before The Now

by The Editors on April 13, 2020

We’ve collected a monster page full of all the news that is news. We’d like to apologize in advance for all the COVID-19 stories. Personally, we been skipping the news lately as an act of self preservation, but please feel free to dive in. Hope you’re all safe and well. Really.

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Manhattan Beach Surfer Fined $1,000

by The Editors on March 29, 2020

A surfer in Manhattan Beach, California who was told not to enter the water due to LA County beach closures was issued a $1,000 fine on Saturday morning, March 28, 2020 (according to a story in the Easy Reader) after reportedly telling a lifeguard:

“F… you. What are you going to do about it,” the surfer said to the lifeguard who confronted him, according to sources who were present during the encounter.

Aside from getting a pretty swift answer to his question, he also got some waves that were still way cheaper than his first wave would have cost him at Tavarua.

[Link: Easy Reader]


News From The New (and Old) World

by The Editors on March 27, 2020

While we’re blown away (with the rest of you) by how fast our world can change, and have little wisdom and no panacea for the current time, here is a short collection of news stories that have caught our attention over the past month or so. Follow the jump for the full list.

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Stay Home, Kooks!

by The Editors on March 18, 2020

A little reminder to everyone who believes that total Coronavirus lockdown is the perfect time to travel to hike your favorite resort, skate a distant park, or surf a break that’s not in your front yard. Don’t do it. Stay home.

Mammoth Lakes Tourism speaks for almost every place on the planet right now with the following message:

We’re asking anyone who is not a primary resident of Mammoth Lakes or providing essential services to our residents NOT to visit Mammoth Lakes for the time being. The reason is simple: as a small, remote mountain community our healthcare facilities lack the capacity to handle a widespread outbreak of COVID-19. Additionally, services in Mammoth Lakes are currently extremely limited. Mammoth Mountain and restaurants (excluding takeout services), bars and other public spaces are temporarily closed due to county-mandated health orders. Public gatherings have also been prohibited by the Mono County Public Health Officer.

In other words, stay home kooks! And, if you do live where it’s epic, and you’re able to get out ALONE then please, by all means, share your content with the rest of us who are hunkered down, indoors, for the foreseeable future, doing whatever it is we’re do. We’re all in this together.


It is amazing that in these coronavirused times the International Surfing Association was able to complete their 2020 AmpSurf ISA World Para Surfing Championship in La Jolla, California last week. Led by a pair of Visually Impaired Gold Medals, Team Spain rose to the top of Para Surfing to earn their historic first-ever Team Gold Medal.

Spain’s Aitor Francesena earned his second Gold Medal in the event’s history in Men’s Visually Impaired 1, while teammate Carmen Garcia earned her first Title in Women’s Visually Impaired 1. The dual Gold Medals coupled with six other podium finishes propelled Spain to the pole position, their first Team Medal since the event’s inception in 2015. . . “I was only hoping to do my best,” said Garcia. “The most gratifying part of all of this has been continuing to improve as a surfer and now to have the chance to defend a title at the next edition.” Team USA, the previous Team World Champion in 2018, earned the Silver Medal, with Team Brazil earning Bronze and Hawaii Copper.

Congrats to all the competitors and organizers and we hope all the competitors have safe travels home. For the rest of the story, please follow the jump.

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Shaun Tomson On Remarkable People Podcast

by The Editors on February 12, 2020

Former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki (remember the era of “clever” titles?) has a podcast where he interviews Remarkable People on the latest episode he interviewed legendary South African surfer Shaun Tomson, who we all can agree is pretty remarkable. Here’s what Guy says about Shaun:

Meet Shaun Tomson, one of the greatest surfers of all time. Surfing is a great metaphor for life. Fall off the board and afraid to get back on? Soak in Shaun’s Code designed to spread positive energy and encourage self-confidence in this week’s episode of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People. The world needs more people like Shaun.

If you have time, give it a listen. We thought we knew all about Mr. Tomson, but we didn’t.

[Link: Guy Kawasaki & Shaun Tomson]


Fanning Has A Stalker (That’s Not A Shark)

by The Editors on February 6, 2020

First it was that shark at J-Bay and now former pro surfer Mick Fanning knows even more about the dark side of fame after a 38-year-old woman named Sarah Anne Foote broke into his home on February 2, 2020, according to a story in the Daily Mail.

The 38-year-old from Ballina in northern New South Wales is accused of following Fanning between January 29 and February 4. Foote allegedly broke into the 38-year-old’s Gold Coast home on February 2 with the intent to commit an offence.

The woman has been arrested and charged with with “unlawful stalking, enter dwelling with intent” and two counts of theft. 

[Link: Daily Mail]


2020 News Headlines Catch Up

by The Editors on February 6, 2020

We’d like to think of this as clearing our throats on the snow, surf, skate news front. Some of this has stacked up for months, and by getting it out of our systems we can more quickly get back to a more serious overview of any news that happens moving forward. Play along with us, and follow the jump.
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