Electric’s Mashman & Shield Rules

by The Editors on October 14, 2015


The new Mashman Helmet and shield from Electric may be our favorite snowboarding helmet concept for 2016.

Inspired by the counterculture period of the 1960’s, where motorcycle culture embodied a rebellious spirit of a new generation looking for freedom. That same freedom can be found on the hill today; riding as fast as you can with the wind in your face.

Not only will it allow us to zone out like Daft Punk while on the lift, the Mashman also offers total protection from those pesky drones (see below).

[Link: Electric]


Drones To Swarm Resorts This Winter

by The Editors on October 13, 2015

As if the drunk neighbor who flew his blinky-lighted drone over our backyard every Saturday night ALL SUMMER LONG wasn’t annoying enough, we now have something more dreadful to look forward to this winter. Redwood City, California based Cape Productions is launching a new “drone filming service” that will allow winter resort tourists to get a bird’s eye video view of themselves fumbling down their favorite mountains, stopping on jump landings, and falling off rails and boxes.

Here’s the pitch:

Cape’s drones automatically fly with you to record your favorite moments on snow. Customers sign up, meet Cape on the mountain, and get filmed by the drones while riding, then receive a professionally edited and published video online to share with friends and family. Cape’s proprietary drone technology can fly up to 40 mph, staying ahead of even the most hardcore athletes. The drones automatically maintain safe distance from the ground and all major obstacles like trees, chairlifts and crowded areas while withstanding the treacherous weather conditions and high altitudes found at mountain resorts.

Apparently, vaping on the chairlift just wasn’t annoying enough, now we have to be buzzed by a whining swarm of drones every time we want to get a couple runs in. We have three words: drone net guns.

To escape the coming drone apocalypse be sure to avoid the following resorts: Winter Park Resort, Copper Mountain, Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood Meadows, Powder Mountain, Homewood Mountain, Mountain Creek, Fernie Alpine Resort, and Schweitzer Mountain.

For the official word from Cape Productions, please follow the jump.

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Shaun White’s Got Halfpop Flavor

by The Editors on October 1, 2015

Shaun White has launched a couple new flavors for the half popped popcorn brand Halfpop (corn nuts). Kind of makes us hungry, but not for Brooklyn Dill Pickle, if you know what we mean. No offense, Shaun.


Peetu Piiroinen Speaks

by The Editors on September 28, 2015

. . . and if you’d like to listen, then please click on the video. Here’s the verbage:

Peetu Piiroinen is a man of few words. Over the years he has made a name for himself through various podiums across the planet, but on rare occasions has he opened up his thoughts about snowboarding. The following action packed video trails Peetu around Europe after the busy contest season has ended and shows another side of his riding. Peetu reveals his point of view on progression of snowboarding and what keeps him motivated after a decade of traveling the world with his snowboard.


Yobeat Went To Hot Dawgz And Hand Rails

by The Editors on September 20, 2015

SoCal kicked off the winter season during a heatwave. But that didn’t slow anyone at the 2015 Hotdawgz and Hand Rails event at Mammoth’s Bear Mountain down. Not one bit. We didn’t drive up, but came all the way from Portland, Oregon to partake in the hot, hot festivities. Guess they’re still into this stuff pretty serious. Good to know.

[Link: Yobeat]


Steez Magazine Pulls The Print Plug

by The Editors on September 18, 2015


After nine years and 35 print issues the Massachusetts based Steez Magazine has announced today (September 18, 2015) that they will be going 100% digital rolling forward.

A lot has changed over the course of 35 issues and many of us are onto other projects and ventures and this move will afford us the time needed for those. The Steez Magazine website will continue to thrive with the latest in influential culture and we’ll keep on hosting events and releasing new apparel on a more regular basis. Someday we will print again on our own terms as always.

No surprise there. For the official word from Steez, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Burton Releases Series Of Advertisements

by The Editors on September 18, 2015

Burton Snowboards will be releasing a series of extremely high production value advertisements this fall featuring their sponsored riders.

Watch Zak Hale dissect features with Ethan Deiss, and Mikkel Bang alongside Mikey Rencz, as well as individual parts starring Ben Ferguson, Danny Davis, and Mark McMorris.

The riders will all be wearing the latest Burton Snowboarding clothing and riding products that Burton hopes you will buy this fall. It is quite compelling, is it not? In fact, the ads will be so good that websites around the world will post them for Burton free of charge (Kind of like what we’re doing right now). Damn, they are crafty.


Mountain High’s Buck Off Rail Jam

by The Editors on September 18, 2015

BuckoffTemperatures just recently hit triple digits in Southern California, but there is a 100 percent chance of snow on Oct. 3 in Wrightwood, California as Mountain High trucks in than 60 tons of snow for the 2015 Buck Off Rail Jam.

The free festival runs from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is open to everyone in Southern California. Guests can stroll through the vendor village and test their taste buds at the chili cook-off. Another feature this year is the giant ski and snowboard swap, an area where guests can buy new gear for the upcoming season or sell their gently used equipment. . . “This coming winter snow season should be absolutely epic,” said Mountain High Chief Marketing Officer John McColly. “Our Buck Off Rail Jam is a great way for skiers and snowboarders to see who’s who for the coming season.”

For the official word from Mountain High, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Reiter Suing IOC For The Right To Race

by The Editors on September 16, 2015

With no support from the snowboard industry. And no support from USSA. Alpine snowboard racer Jason Reiter is taking his fight to get snowboarding racing back into the Olympics to the courts by suing the International Olympic Committee, according to a Jason Blevins story in the Denver Post.

Reiter’s lawsuit targets the scheduling of the IOC’s decision, arguing the committee violated its own rules when it announced the new sports without a proper timeline allowing for comment or objection. . . “I believe we have a valid case,” he said. . . He heads to Switzerland this week to argue his case. He has launched an online campaign — similar to the one he used to support his Olympic training in 2012 and 2013 — to raise funds to help offset his legal costs.

The IOC seems like a pretty big dragon to slay, but we wish Jason the best of luck.

[Link: Denver Post]


Rip Curl’s Search Revel Teasers

by The Editors on September 14, 2015

Not sure if it’s just the heatwave we’ve been going through lately, or what, but this little clip cooled us off quite nicely, even if there are one or two skiers in this clip. Why? Rip Curl, why?