Shaun White Sells Malibu Pad For $8 Million

by The Editors on December 2, 2020

Shaun White has apparently sold his beach house in Malibu for a cool $8 million, according to a story in the LA Times.

The long, sloping lot covers an acre, combining two parcels perched just above the beach in Malibu’s Point Dume community. While many of the neighboring homes cram in as much square footage as possible, White’s house only spans about 2,200 square feet, letting a vast stretch of lawn take up most of the scenic estate.

Sound like he was a bit motivated. The Times reports he got $5 million less than he was asking, and appears to have lost $2.75 million on the property since he bought it in 2016. That might hurt a little. Click the link for more details.

[Link: LA Times]


Nidecker Brings Back The Morrow Spoon

by The Editors on December 2, 2020

Nidecker has just announced a new, amazing snowboard technology that is “ideal for both freestyle and general progression” and they’re calling it “the SideKick.”

SideKick mellows out a board’s riding characteristics, making landings smoother and turn transitions smoother. . . SideKick Tech is simply a gentle lifting of a boards edges at its widest points, aka the contact points. Doing this makes a board less prone to ‘catching’ when riding flat base or landing in the park, but when deliberately put on edge it still bites and retains the same hold you’d expect from a regular board.

In 1994 Morrow created this tech and called it a Spoon. Ten years later Bataleon called it “Triple Base Technology.” In both cases it was a sellable tech. It worked well enough, but then snowboard design moved on. It’s nice to see Nidecker bring something back from 26 years ago to let it roll again. For more info click the link.

[Link: Nidecker]


Burton Opens Company Store In Denver

by The Editors on December 2, 2020

Burton Snowboard’s new 6,500 square foot retail store in Denver, Colorado puts the company right where it will want to be when this whole COVID retail dilemma is over. The new shop is located at 2649 Walnut Street in the “RiNo Arts District.”

“We’ve been carefully planning and building our Denver store for years now, and it was so exciting to finally open our doors to the Colorado community just in time for the holidays,” said John Lacy, CEO of Burton. “We have a number of protocols in place to help our customers shop safely at the Denver store, including reduced store occupancy, as well as social-distance friendly services like curbside pick-up and phone orders. With Colorado resorts beginning to open for the winter season, our Denver Hub will be a convenient new place to pick up gear, then head to the mountains for some fresh air, and hopefully plenty of fresh snow.”

But it’s more than a retails store. The location also features a wholesale showroom, kitchen and multi-purpose rooftop penthouse. You know, for 2024 makeout parties. For the official word from Burton, please follow the jump.

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Michael Schwab On Action Sports Investing

by The Editors on November 20, 2020

Michael Schwab (son of investment firm founder Charles Schwab) and managing director (and only partner) of Big Sky Partners says he began investing in what he loves at the age of 36, according to an essay posted on He calls it “adventure capitalism.”

So far his adventure capital investments have included a couple surf resorts, Kelly Slater Wave Co., Travis Rice’s Natural Selection Tour, and Meriwether Companies, the company that is planning a “wellness resort community” around Kelly’s La Quinta, California wave pool called Coral Mountain. This is his explanation:

The shift to investing in sports-related startups is unique because not a lot of large funds have touched it to date. It’s been kind of a fringe idea that has been looked at as dangerous or unapproachable, and I want to make it more mainstream. If you asked most people if they are into action/adventure sports, they would say no. I want to change that. I call what I am doing adventure capitalism. But, like any business, the risk is failure and loss of capital. I am investing alongside friends and family, and we are all passionate about the work and believe in the future of surfing, wellness, and adventure sports.

People who invest using other people’s money always seem to figure out a way to come out ahead on the deal, but seriously, we can’t imagine any of these “investments” returning much more than a few good, fake waves and some heli time. Then again, if Charles Schwab is your dad what kind of return on “adventure” investing do you really need?



The New Snowboarder’s Journal Is Here

by The Editors on November 19, 2020

Just a little reminder: don’t let the demise of corporate action sporting magazines get you down. A quality snowboard print magazine still exists. It’s hand-crafted (or at least published) in the heart of Bellingham, Washington under the long, morning shadow of Mt. Baker. That’s right, it’s The Snowboarder’s Journal. And volume 18, number 2 is shipping right now.

The new issue features an interview with Austin Smith, a profile of Kennedi Deck, a Stephan Jende gallery, plus Wyoming, Newfoundland, and much more.  to subscribe and, while you’re there, gift a subscription to someone you love.

[Link: The Snowboarder’s Journal]


Jake Burton’s Best Business Suit

by The Editors on November 16, 2020

Jake Burton Carpenter’s final personal project was called Mine 77. With it he reportedly got to build, design, and create products for himself without thinking about the market, or Burton’s customers, or anything else that gets in the way of personal creativity. At least that’s the brand story.

Burton just dropped the latest collection (in commemoration of Jake) and it includes this rocket Gore-Tex 11-Pocket Coverall. Here’s what Timi Carpenter says about it:

We pulled out all the stops – Gore-Tex fabric, strategic durability patches, and a long list of features. Every detail has a purpose — that was always a big thing with my dad. He also loved pockets and this one has a shitload of them. 11 to be exact including one that’s insulated to protect you phone. Some pockets have magnetic closures for easy access while others are zipped for locking down your valuables.

Pull this on over a base layer and you’re good to go for all day powder blasting. No snow down the butt, no belly gap. Just all over function, warmth, and steez. Click the link to buy one before they’re gone (smalls and mediums are already sold out).

[Link: Mine 77]


Trevor Andrew Shows At Shanghai MAM

by The Editors on November 11, 2020

It’s actually a “duo solo” show for former snowboarder and Gucci Ghoster Trevor Andrew and Britain’s Phillip Colbert at Modern Art Museum Shanghai. Titled Neo Golden Age the show features a whole mess of bright colors, huge sculptures, large paintings, and installations of all kinds, according to a story on The Up Coming.

Neo Golden Age will be the pair’s largest solo show to date as they return to Shanghai. Utilising a wide array of forms, the maximalist space sparks a dialogue between the intertwined motifs of Colbert’s Lobster Land and Andrew’s The Real Big Deal. Packed with monumental lobsters, inflatable cacti and factory-like settings, Neo Golden Age engages with a unique, immersive presentation method, inviting viewers to step into a world of amplified pop culture and consumerism. 

Modern art, dog. Modern art. Half the genius is in the explanation, right? Check it out.

[Link: The Up Coming]


Mike Basich Fire Relief Fund

by The Editors on November 5, 2020

Mike Basich’s 241 warehouse in Northern California went up in flames on November 2, 2020 due to a faulty clothing dryer. The warehouse was his maker headquarters and home to his large collection of snowboard memorabilia — most of which (including his photographs, old contest banner, jerseys, trophies, magazine, video, etc. . .) was destroyed in the fire. Sadder still, Mike’s insurance company cancelled his fire coverage last year.

There is a way to help Mike out. Mason Dotto has created a GoFundMe for Mike with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Mike to help rebuild his warehouse. For all the details please click the link.

[Link: GoFundMe]


Big Old News List For Monday

by The Editors on November 2, 2020

It’s been much too long, and so is this list of news headlines that may or may not resonate with you on a pre-election Monday at the start of the month of November.

Who knows what the future holds, in the meantime, look busy while scrolling this big old list of stories that jumped out at us. Click the jump for more.

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Aaron Draplin + Smith Optics = Must Buy

by The Editors on October 30, 2020

Do we need to say more? Thought not. Get them while they’re hot. Aaron Draplin designed Smith goggles for the new season. We love Aaron, you love Aaron. Check ’em out. Very Orange and Thick Lines up for your consumption. They are in limited supply, so you might want to order them now. (Don’t worry about taking ours, we already bought ’em. . . big brain!)

Oh, and if you want to know what Aaron has learned since March 15, 2020 (and it is a stunning amount of good shit), pop on over to Adobe for his most recent video missive.

[Link: Smith Optics]