Spy Launches New Happy Bravo Goggle

by The Editors on October 9, 2014

spy_gog_14Spy brings the happy, happy, joy joy to snow goggles with the Bravo.

. . . the Bravo boasts a quick-change lens system and a mid-sized frame for a more universal fit without compromised function, acting as your first line of defense against the ever-changing elements of Mother Nature. Available with the first Lens with Benefits in snow, SPY’s Happy Lens™ helps riders Feel Better by letting in the “good” rays that studies suggest create an uplift in mood and alertness, while still blocking all of the “bad” rays.

For the official word from Spy, please follow the jump.

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Downtown Throwdown Invades Boston

by The Editors on October 6, 2014


Lib Tech Snowboards is taking their zany urban street rail set up to Beantown on Saturday, October 18, 2014 for the Downtown Throwdown Boston.

The DTTD has always set itself apart from other events by specifically choosing riders who focus on filming video parts and are out changing the face of urban snowboarding…and this year’s line-up continues to back that up. Forest Bailey, Dylan Thompson, Ted Borland, Dillon Ojo, Brandon Reis, Andrew Brewer, Mike Rav, Jaeger Bailey, Spencer Shubert and Dylan Alito are among the 25 riders chasing $20,000 in the famous DTTD giant cardboard I.O.U.’s. To date, the DTTD has paid out over $100,000.00!

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Deer Valley Buys Some Solitude

by The Editors on October 3, 2014

Img 0904Heromediablast700X215

Utah snow resort consolidation continues with news that Deer Valley Resort has “entered into an agreement to purchase Solitude Mountain Resort” and will start running the place on May 1, 2015.

“The DeSeelhorst family has enjoyed being a part of Solitude’s history for almost 40 years. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish at the resort and in our mountain community,” said Dave DeSeelhorst, owner and general manager of Solitude Mountain Resort. “We feel very fortunate for the opportunity to have worked with so many amazing people in our industry and most importantly being able to work with our incredible staff at Solitude over the years. It is exciting to pass on this unique and beautiful resort to one of the best resort operators in the country, Deer Valley.”

Will snowboarding be outlawed? Will Deer Valley bring in their butt wiping valets and nose powdering pamperers with them to Solitude? Will lift ticket prices sky rocket? Will the One Utah lift system finally bring Deer Valley and Big Cottonwood Canyon together? For answers to all these questions — and more– follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Jeremy Jones & Mikkel Bang Full Parts

by The Editors on September 30, 2014

If watching Jeremy Jones and Mikkel Bang don’t get you in the mood to ride, you’re a lost cause. . . and trust us, we know lost causes.

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Chasing Sunshine With Megan Pischke

by The Editors on September 30, 2014

For years pro snowboarder Megan Pischke was one of Boarding For Breast Cancer’s most tireless ambassadors. That’s why when she discovered that she had breast cancer herself in October of 2012 she decided to do what she could to share what it’s really like to “go through the rigors of cancer treatments and come out on the other side.” That sharing turned into the film Chasing Sunshine and the Chasing Sunshine Project which is launching today (September 30, 2014).

In sharing every detail of this personal journey, Megan’s intention is that her story brings hope to others. . . “Being so raw and honest feels like the only way to share something as heartbreaking as cancer,” states Megan Pischke. “Through this film, my hope is that I may inspire and educate others about the possibilities we have today in coping with breast cancer and any of life’s challenges.”

This is a heavy, heavy, edit. If you thought Megan Pischke was a badass before, this film brings a whole new meaning to the term. For the official word on the film and the project, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]

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Federal Judge Throws Out Alta Lawsuit

by The Editors on September 26, 2014

Alta Skiers

U.S. District Judge Dee Benson has reportedly dismissed a Utah lawsuit brought by snowboards (Wasatch Equality) that claimed they have been discriminated against at Alta Ski Resort, according to a story in the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Benson wrote in a 30-page opinion that federal court was not the right arena for the snowboarders to argue they should be allowed on the Utah resort’s famed runs such as Baldy Chutes. . . “There are many forums plaintiffs can resort to in an attempt to accomplish their goal of snowboarding down the Baldy Chutes at Alta,” Benson wrote in his decision. “Seeking an injunction from this court is not one of them.”

Seems like a nice way for the judge to get out of making a decision, doesn’t it? The attorney who filed the lawsuit, Jon Schofield, say he and his clients are evaluating a possible appeal.

[Link: SLC Tribune]


Jussi Oksanen Hits The Bottle Full Time

by The Editors on September 26, 2014


Jussi Oksanen had one of the longest, most amazing professional snowboard careers with Burton Snowboards. But after 14 years at the big B, Oksanen is leaving to focus full time on the water bottle company he co-founded, Mizu.

“I’m thrilled and humbled that everything fell in to place exactly as I’d hoped it would with my snowboarding career and with Mizu,” Oksanen said. “Tim Pogue (CEO) has taken the company to the next level and I’m really excited to be working alongside him developing new products and guiding Mizu’s marketing. I’m thrilled we’ve reached this point in Mizu’s evolution and I’m even more excited about the next chapter.”

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Mammoth Mountain Buys Bear & Summit

by The Editors on September 24, 2014


For years Mammoth Mountain has been Southern California’s favorite winter resort (even though it is technically in Northern California). Now, with Mammoth’s just announced purchase of Big Bear Mountain Resorts, Mammoth Mountain owns Southern California winters for real with four resorts total: Mammoth, June, Bear Mountain, and Snow Summit. And, yes, all of them will be grouped into one Cali4nia season pass for only $689 for adults.

“We couldn’t be more excited to enter into this agreement with Big Bear Mountain Resorts. These two uniquely southern California resorts have been providing great skiing, riding and biking experiences to visitors from California and beyond. Millions have enjoyed their first mountain resort experience on the slopes of Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, and we look forward to expanding upon the legacy that Dick Kun and his people have created over the past six decades,” said Rusty Gregory, Chairman and CEO of Mammoth Mountain. “This acquisition represents the beginning of a renaissance for both Mammoth and Big Bear and is the first step in the next era of skiing and riding in California. In the coming months we will be announcing exciting new development and expansion plans for each of our four resorts designed to attract visitors from down the street, across the country, and around the world.”

For people in Southern California this is the best season pass ever. Makes us almost feel sorry for Mountain High. For the official word from Mammoth, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


11th Annual Hot Dawgs & Hand Rails

by The Editors on September 19, 2014


The Southern California shred season always gets kicked off just right with Bear Mountain’s Annual Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails event. This year the 11th annual edition goes down on Saturday, September 27, 2014 and the crew that will be bucking is stacked. Check it:

Yuma Abe, Dylan Alito, Jaeger Bailey, Madison Blackley, Cody Boan, Isabella Borriello, Andrew Brewer, Craiger Cameron, Oliver Dixon, Jeremy Estorga, Justin Fronius, Tommy Gesme, Grant Giller, Mike Gray, Luke Haddock, Zak Hale, Brandon Hobush, Christian Hobush, Johnny Lazz, Erik Leon, Denis Leontyev, Brady Lem, Cole Linzmeyer, Lucas Magoon, Lenny Mazzotti, Jon McDonald, Johnny Miller, Justin Mulford, Riley Nickerson, Johnny O’Connor, Dillon Ojo, Nirvana Ortanez, Jesse Paul, Ryan Paul, Zach Rawles, Ian Sams, Jake Schaible, Spencer Schubert, Jordan Small, Ryan Tarbell, Masato Toda, Jo Truchon, Scott Vine, Max Warbington, Braedon Wheeler, Brett Wilkinson and Kody Williams.

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Volcom’s Mr. Plant Hits The Road

by The Editors on September 12, 2014

Volcom’s latest snowboarding marketing and promotional video is called Mr. Plant. It features:

Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Scott Blum, Bryan Iguchi, Seth Huot, Jamie Lynn, Zach Normandin, Elena Hight, Hunter Wood, Mike Rav, Terje Haakonsen, Arthur Longo, Jake Welch, and friends.

It’s raw and fast and tasty as usual. For a complete premiere tour listing and more horticultural information regarding Mr. Plant, please click the link.

[Link: Volcom]