Signal Snowboard’s New Hot Rod

by The Editors on March 21, 2014

Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew get back to the base-ics, experimenting with new technology that adds a little heat up the base of a snowboard. Will it make the boards go faster? Will this be the technology that all boards will be rocking next year? Or will this just be a flash in the plan? Watch the edit and you’ll get all the answers in this March edition of Every Third Thursday.

[Link: Signal Snowboards]


Danny Davis Wins the 2014 Arctic Challenge

by The Editors on March 18, 2014

Truthfully, all we know about the 2014 Arctic Challenge is that Danny Davis won and that other famous Olympic guy didn’t. But as soon as we post this, we’re going to watch it and then we’ll know more. Just like you will.

[Link: Arctic Challenge]


LUUV: Image Stabilization For Us

by The Editors on March 17, 2014

We’ve all shot terrible, jittery video. In fact, most of us do it all the time. Finding a solid, inexpensive rig to smooth things out, however is nearly impossible. Now, a crew from Berlin, Germany is working to create the LUUV system specifically for use with GoPros, iPhones, and other small cameras and best yet, make it affordable and modern.

LUUV is a camera stabilizer for all action cams and smart phones that enables you to shoot shake-free footage while you are in motion. Thanks for a full three-axis-stabilization, LUUV separates the motion of your hand from the camera. You hand is moving, but the camera is not. The outcome: flowing, steady footage instead of shaky videos.

Co-founders Felix Kochbeck and Tim Kirchner are launching their product on IndieGoGo and hope to raise $50,000 in the next 53 days. If you’d like to help them out, click the link and be one of the first to get the LUUV when they begin production.

[Link: IndieGoGo]


Snowboarder Dies After Hitting Tree

by The Editors on March 17, 2014

Austin P. White, a 22 year-old snowboarder died Sunday, March 16, 2014 after hitting a tree at the Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, New York, according to a story in the Press Republican.

White. . . was boarding with his sister and some friends on the Excelsior trail, State Police Troop B Public Information Officer Trooper Jennifer Fleishman said on Monday morning. . . He passed them, she said, then they came upon him moments later, just after he’d skidded off the trail and struck the tree a short distance into the woods, near the junction with Lower Northway trail.

According to the Associated Press, White was a student at State University of New York College at Brockport where he was a senior studying excise science. He was scheduled to graduate in May. White reportedly suffered a “severe head injury,” and was not wearing a helmet. Our thoughts are with White’s family and friends.

[Link: Press Republican and Associated Press]


Kaitlyn & Jamie Climb Mt. Weird

by The Editors on March 11, 2014

Are gold medal girls Kaitlyn Farrington and Jamie Anderson trying to be weird in this Gnu edit, or was it an accident? For reals. . . right? [click to continue…]


March Logo Madness Skate Week

by The Editors on March 10, 2014


This week the March Logo Madness moves out of surf (last week’s winner was Thalia Surf Shop) and into skate with the face-offs shown above. Click the link, vote, and let your voice be heard above the logo raving masses. For the official word from Valhalla Design & Conquer, follow the jump. [click to continue…]


2014 US Open Of Snowboarding Recap

by The Editors on March 10, 2014

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Some spectators even stopped by at one point during the contest.

It’s Monday morning. Time to review all the snow shredding we missed over the weekend. Namely, the Burton Mini US Open of Snowboarding from Vail, Colorado. Apparently some amazing aerial stunts went down.

Mark McMorris was scored correctly (unlike in Sochi) and he won the slopestyle and showed absolutely no bitterness toward the Olympic games at all. . . .

“To end my season at an event by snowboarders for snowboarders with back-to-back wins is really cool,” said McMorris. “There’s no bobsled team or figure skating team at the Open – it’s just a bunch of snowboarders who all share the same love for riding. And it’s really cool for me to end my season at such a legendary event.”

Jamie Anderson followed her Olympic gold medal up with a another win in Vail.

“I love this event,” said Anderson. “I love that Burton has created a stage for us to really show what snowboarders are capable of. To have it open to all riders to get involved in is definitely huge and something that I wish more events incorporated. I love the Rockies and Vail, and being here supporting the Open is so fun.”

In the u-jumpy jump Kelly Clark continued her domination of US Open halfpiping with her 7th win.

“The US Open means a ton to me,” said Clark. “I grew up nine miles away from the US Open. It really holds a near and dear place in my heart. If I could pick a contest to win, it would be this one. I’m really happy I was able to put down my run today.”

Taylor Gold won the mens event (Shaun White was busy playing late night talk shows with his rock band Bad Things).

“Coming into the event, I wasn’t really putting a lot of expectations on myself,” said Gold. “It was a relief to have the Olympic cycle over with. Just having fun here was my main goal, so walking away with this is beyond anything I expected.”

We watch about 10 minutes of the event and feel kind of badly about it. If you also missed it, go ahead and click here to watch all the replays. For the official word from Burton and the complete final results, please follow the jump. [click to continue…]


Snowboarder Dies After Hitting Tree

by The Editors on March 6, 2014

A 21-year-old snowboarder from Pennsylvania died yesterday (Wednesday, March 5, 2014) after hitting at tree at Ellicotville, New York’s Holiday Valley Resort, according to a story in the

“The individual apparently lost control while snowboarding, went off the trail and collided with a tree,” said Jane Eshbaugh, director of marketing at Holiday Valley. “He was transported by ambulance to Olean General Hospital. It is our understanding he passed away at the hospital, and we have no other details.”

Our thoughts are with the man’s family and friends.

[Link: Buffalo News]


US Open Halfpipe Semi Finals Live

by The Editors on March 6, 2014

Follow the spring Burton US Open of Snowboarding classic right here live. But only if you want to.


US Open Slopestyle Finalists Decided

by The Editors on March 6, 2014

14USO_Semis_Slope_Stale_Sandebech_BlottoYes, the Burton US Open of Snowboarding is still at Vail, Colorado. And yesterday (Wednesday, March 5, 2014) the 32nd running of the big even kicked off with all kinds of action. Jake Burton made one kid’s wish come true, and in the slopestyle qualifiers Jamie Anderson and Stale Sandbech qualified in the top spots. No surprise.

“Today was a really good day for me,” said Sandbech. “The weather was great and it just makes you warm and loose. It’s easier to try big tricks when it’s not icy.”

Mark McMorris qualified 9th. Today? Halfpipe qualifiers going down live. For the rest of the results and the official word from Burton, please follow the jump.

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