Batman vs. The Joker In Wild Surf Off

by The Editors on January 8, 2019

You can’t say we’re not posting the latest surf news. Nope. We’re on this like Naegleria fowleri in a wave pool. Kelly Slater vs. Joel Tudor will never look this good. Even if they hold it at Nland.


Fisher Playing Coachella Day 1

by The Editors on January 4, 2019


It’s going to be a right proper party seeing the freshly engaged Paul Fisher flicking his wrists for the huddled, middle-aged masses in Indio, California as Fisher plays night one of Coachella on April 12, 2019. Ya kidding?


Bent Metal At Baldface

by The Editors on January 4, 2019

Seems everyone is powdering at Baldface these days. Here’s Jamie Lynn and the Bent Metal crew setting up a board and powdering the days away. Nice of them to go so we don’t have to.


In Bounds Powdering At Grand Targhee

by The Editors on December 20, 2018

Not sure if it’s the #powdering, the music, or the laughs, but this K2 tube (featuring Jake Kuzyk, Tim Eddy, Parker Szumowski, Curtis Ciszek, and Sean Pettit) makes us want to ride, like today. . . already.


In Temple Cummins We Trust

by The Editors on December 19, 2018

You should, too. Here’s Gnu’s pitch:

To celebrate 20 years of Temple’s Gnu Billy Goat model and snowboard mastery we are proud to release “Trust Temple Cummins” a movie about the lines, vibe, environment, style, family and friends that make this Billy Goat unreal.

[Link: Gnu Snowboards]


Jake Drops Mine 77 Collection

by The Editors on December 13, 2018

We’d like to think that Burton itself is the product of Jake Carpenter’s “creativity,” but it seems that corporations outgrown their founders by design. It’s nice to see Jake getting back to doing the stuff he likes to do with the Mine 77 collection . . . even if it is made up of $700 jackets, $400 backpacks, and $60 tee shirts. 

[Link: Burton Snowboards]


The Truth Behind Skate Videos

by The Editors on December 11, 2018

It’s all beginning to make sense now. “I mean before, I thought the 900 was actually a real trick. Then I figured out it’s just as fake as someone landing on the moon.” Word, Greg.


Antti Autti Gets Closer To Powder

by The Editors on December 10, 2018

Twelve minutes of powder blowing to put us all in a midwinter state of mind from Iisakki Kennilä amd Antti Autti. Enjoy Closer.

Antti explains: “In snowboarding and especially in freeriding, no matter where you strap in you’ll find yourself in unique places doing stuff you will never do the same again. Every moment, every turn, every hit – they’re all special. That’s been my motto for my whole riding career, and that’s what I’ll keep up to.


Gigi Rüf Joins 686 Technical Apparel

by The Editors on December 6, 2018

686 is proud to announce the addition of iconic snowboarder Gigi Rüf to the team.

Gigi brings his own unique approach to snowboarding and will complement the entire global 686 team including snowboarders Forest Bailey, Sammy Luebke, Phil Jacques, Victor Daviet, Matt Belzile and Mary Rand. . . and more.


Beastie Boys Book & Snowboarding

by The Editors on November 2, 2018

When Beastie Boy Adam Yauch got into snowboarding it was a big deal to a lot of people. Not that we needed validation from the cool kids, but where he went the hoards followed. Here, in a clip from their new Beastie Boys Book is a little back story on the boys, MCA, and his obsession with snowboarding among other things. Click play for five minutes of Beastie Boys flavor via Soundcloud.

[Link: Beastie Boys Book]