Torgerson and Olson Are Feeling Minnesota

by The Editors on December 13, 2016

Home is where the heart is…Davis Torgerson and Jack Olson wanted to go home and skate some of their local Minnesota spots so that is apparently what they did in Real Surveillance #04. Get it.

[Link: Real Skateboards]


Vertra Celebrates Florence’s 2016

by The Editors on December 9, 2016

John John Florence had a great 2016. No other way to say it. All that talk (years ago) about him being a future world champion turned out to be true. He’s still smiling. Winning contests, and he’s still got Pipe this week. Which means, there may be even more to celebrate before this year is over.


@Norwell9’s Surfing Movie Number Two

by The Editors on December 2, 2016

Hey, you’ve done enough work today. Drift off in to the laughies with @Norwell9. Great way to end the week.


The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding

by The Editors on December 1, 2016

French snowboard photographer Jérôme Tanon’s film The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding is the most refreshing snowboarding vid we’ve seen in years. In fact, we can’t remember when we’ve laughed so hard during an intro. Yes, we’ve been accused of being jaded and salty, but still there is something so downright joyful in the way this video plays out that, well, you’ll just have to watch it yourself (as you likely already have).

To learn more about the film we think is the single most telling love letter ever written to commercial snowboarding, click the link to catch Colin Wiseman’s interveiw with Tanon on The Snowboarder’s Journal’s new website (you know, the one we just wrote about in the story below this one).

[Link: The Snowboarder’s Journal]


Mountain High SoCal Shred Is On

by The Editors on November 29, 2016

You heard Johnny. Mountain High is now open and covered in white stuff so we guess it’s time for SoCal to dig out the snowboards, trade in the palms for pines and start pretending it’s winter all over again. . . or something like that.

[Link: Mountain High]


Pat Moore for BMBW

by The Editors on November 29, 2016

Yep. That sounds about right, duzzenit? Pat Moore, Bent Metal. Yep.


Signal’s Subscription Snowboarding

by The Editors on November 15, 2016

Dave Lee and the crew at Signal Snowboards have figured out a way to let people pay for a snowboard in monthly installments (you know, just like the iPhone Upgrade Program) in what what Lee is calling “the world’s first snowboard subscription.”

“We love snowboarding and want to see the sport continue to grow and flourish with the changing retail landscape. We have created a direct online platform that allows snowboarders — both new and old — to easily buy a quality USA-made snowboard for the cost of a dinner out or a few beers a month,” said Signal Founder Dave Lee. “It also gives subscribers a direct line to us and our brand. We want them to feel totally taken care of. In addition to providing the best boards at the best price, we are building an online community of snowboarders.”

Which is a great way of saying, ride now, pay later. Sounds pretty good, huh? Click the link for all the details.

[Link: Signal Subscription]


Walker Ryan’s Thunder Trucks

by The Editors on November 2, 2016

There was a time (a long time ago) when a certain industry head wondered why we backed Walker Ryan so hard. All we can say is watch this. . . pretty self explanatory now isn’t it?

[Link: Thunder Trucks]


Temple Cummins’ Bent Metal

by The Editors on November 1, 2016

Sure, on the surface this is just another phoned in press release post getting blasted out our news streamers, but deep down inside we care what Temple Cummins is up to. Always have. So the fact that he’s on the Bent Metal Binding Works program (which is a surprise to no one) is news we’d just as soon pass on as relegate to our deleted email folder. You know?


BS with TG : Mark Gonzales Part 2

by The Editors on October 28, 2016

After getting so caught up in BS with TG part ones we often forget to post the part twos. With The Gonz we are not forgetting. Nope.