The Original Skateboarder Documentary

by The Editors on February 16, 2018

To anyone who started skateboarding in the 1970s (all old now) Skateboarder Magazine was the bible. In fact, in some fundamentalist Christian homes young skateboarders often heard their parents saying, “If only you spent as much time with the Bible as you do with that magazine.” Skateboarder was the single best communicator of skateboarding to the world. Each month it arrived and was studied in detail like the sacred text that it was. We know people who subscribed twice so they’d have a back up copy when the first one wore out.  Now, Six Stair Productions and Transworld have produced a film on the founding of the magazine. Here’s how they pitch it:

Skateboarder Magazine chronicled the birth of skateboarding during the sport’s late 1970’s boom. From shoeless surfers riding the concrete waves and the vast blacktop of Southern California, to fully padded sessions at skateparks, Skateboarder Magazine exposed the sport to kids around the world. The story of the magazine is told by the photographers and skaters who lived through the birth of skateboarding.

The film features interviews and comments from all the heads like Brad Bowman, Chris Strople, Christian Hosoi, Craig Stecyk, D. David Morin, Doug Saladino, Eddie Elguera, Eric Dressen, Glen E. Friedman, Jeff Grosso, Ian MacKaye, Jaime Owens, James Cassimus, Jeff Ament, Jim Muir, Jim Goodrich, John Lucero, Lance Mountain, Mark Richards, Richard Novak, Steve ‘Salba’ Alba, Steve Cathey, Steve Olson, Tony Hawk, Vicki Vickers, and Wynn Miller.

To view the entire film on iTunes (for $9.99) click here. There goes our morning. . . 


Shaun White Makes It Three

by The Editors on February 13, 2018

That was pretty emotional wasn’t it? Shaun White does the seemingly impossible and in the final run of his final Winter Olympics and comes from second place to snatch gold from the fingers of Japan’s Ayumu Hirano. And puts the Americans in the four for four gold medal position in snowboarding. All we got left is Big Air, Snowboardcross and Parallel GS. Not sure we have much of a chance for Gold in any of them.


Tony Hawk: Latest Slo Mo Guy

by The Editors on February 8, 2018

Apparently watching things happen in super slow motion is a very popular thing. What people will watch on never fails to amaze us. But here is Tony Hawk. And he’s in slow mo and on his way to a million views. Ta duh!


I-Pod’s Sunday Night Slam

by The Editors on January 29, 2018

There are times that it becomes obvious that the bar in halfpipe snowboarding has been raised way, way, too high. Last night during a contest in Aspen, Iouri Podladtchikov, showed us just what can happen when a small mistake is made while competing at this level. He was down for 20 minutes and (after a complete check up at hospital) reportedly broke only his nose. We’re sincerely hoping that is all and that he has a quick, complete recovery. But it begs the same old question: how many more traumatic brain injuries have to go down before we all decide that enough is enough on the whole bigger, faster, higher progression in the snowboard halfpipe?


Signal’s All About The LED Base

by The Editors on January 18, 2018

After being gone for nearly a year Signal Snowboard’s Every Third Thursday is back with a little taste from of our collective digital futures. Here’s how they’re pitching it:

Decentralized currency, hyper loop travel, and yes, smart wearables and shreddables. After almost a year off from the last ETT, No Board Left Behind, we bring you the first LED progammable base. 

Ground effects, dawg. It’s the perfect board for those times we’d like to communicate from the lift. We kinda want one. . .
[Link: Signal Snowboards]


Reminder: Backyard Pools Are Cools

by The Editors on January 18, 2018

Thanks, OJ Wheels. We needed that.


Marc McKee To The Nines

by The Editors on January 9, 2018

Marc McKee is one of the nicest, most modest, talented visual artists ever to grace the skateboard industry. And when you check out some of the graphics he created during the 90s glory days of World Industries that can be a bit of a mind slip because his artwork stirred it up so hard. But just click play and let him tell you all about Big Brother magazine, how he created Flameboy, Wet WillyDevil man, and so much more.

Oh, and for some background on The Nine Club, click here for a great interview on Jenkem.


Merry Summer Christmas From Rip Curl

by The Editors on December 19, 2017

Just a little reminder that while we in the Northern Hemisphere may be freezing our wee bits off, in the Southern Hemisphere it’s summer. . . or something like that.


Altamont Welcomes Dakota Servold

by The Editors on December 12, 2017

Altamont is proud to announce that Dakota Servold has joined their skate team. To celebrate this addition, they’ve partnered with Dakota’s board sponsor Foundation Skateboards to release two custom skate decks featuring the same Clay Halling artwork as his two new Altamont collaboration tees. We call that synergy.


adidas Skateboarding Debuts “RŌZU”

by The Editors on December 7, 2017

adidas Skateboarding releases their newest skate edit, “RŌZU” or “Rose”. The brand’s latest video features the global team taking to the streets of one of their favorite cities – Tokyo. Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Rodrigo Teixeira, Mark Suciu, Gustav Tønnesen and other team riders. Yeah?