Merry Summer Christmas From Rip Curl

by The Editors on December 19, 2017

Just a little reminder that while we in the Northern Hemisphere may be freezing our wee bits off, in the Southern Hemisphere it’s summer. . . or something like that.


Altamont Welcomes Dakota Servold

by The Editors on December 12, 2017

Altamont is proud to announce that Dakota Servold has joined their skate team. To celebrate this addition, they’ve partnered with Dakota’s board sponsor Foundation Skateboards to release two custom skate decks featuring the same Clay Halling artwork as his two new Altamont collaboration tees. We call that synergy.


adidas Skateboarding Debuts “RŌZU”

by The Editors on December 7, 2017

adidas Skateboarding releases their newest skate edit, “RŌZU” or “Rose”. The brand’s latest video features the global team taking to the streets of one of their favorite cities – Tokyo. Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Rodrigo Teixeira, Mark Suciu, Gustav Tønnesen and other team riders. Yeah?


Jeremy Jones On Building A Quiver

by The Editors on December 7, 2017

We’ve always been fans of having one board every everything. Mostly because years of airline travel made us hate lugging around a mob of boards everywhere we went, but also because we never really knew what kind of conditions we were going to run into and having a board we know works in everything is always reassuring.

These days it seems everyone’s on the quiver program with a board for every different style of riding or condition. But how does it that work exactly? Jeremy Jones explains his quiver theory in under three minutes.

[Link: Jones Snowboards]


Sign ‘Em Up Now For Element Skate Camp

by The Editors on December 5, 2017

Christmas is never too soon to sign up your kids (or your younger sibling) for a week at the Element Skate Camp at the YMCA’s Camp Sequoia Lake

Sign up for Element Skate Camp Today and spend a Summer in paradise!  Register at before January 1st, 2018 and get yourself a free Element backpack, deck, and hat! See you at Camp!

Not a bad deal. Might even make the perfect Christmas present. Click the link for all the details.

[Link: Skatecamp]


Krooked’s LSD: Let’s Skate Dude!

by The Editors on November 28, 2017

This is it. LSD : Let’s Skate Dude! Watch the new full length video Krooked Skateboarding starring Mark Gonzales, Brad Cromer, Bobby Worrest, Matt Gottwig, Ronnie Sandoval, Dan Drehobl, Sebo Walker, and Mike Anderson. Nothing to it but to go skate dude.

[Link: Krooked Skateboarding]


The Mikey Franco Snowshapes Story

by The Editors on November 25, 2017

A lot of good things have come up out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Tim Sandlin novels, Asymbol Gallery art, TRice movies, and yeah, Franco Snowshapes — the hand crafted snowboards made by Mikey Franco. Click the white arrow for the rest of the story.


Volcom Surf’s Aliens Was Here Is Here

by The Editors on November 17, 2017

Couldn’t make it Newps last night for the premiere at VeeCo headquarters? Well not to worry. The whole Aliens Was Here film is only one click away. Thanks, Volcom.


Tony Hawk: Esquire Intern?

by The Editors on November 10, 2017

We didn’t really get this whole “pivot to video” comedy attempt exactly. If someone could maybe let us know what “Esquire” is it might help. Anyone?


Andrew Cotton Broken At Nazaré

by The Editors on November 9, 2017

What can I say, I got a little excited this morning and ending up having possibly the worst wipeout impact wise of my life. Thank you to all the lifeguards and crew on the beach who helped stabilise me and do a great spinal recovery, I can’t name everyone but you all did your bit to get me safely to the hospital . Obviously huge shout out to the team: @mcnamara_s for the waves, @hugovau for rescue, company and laughs in the hospital and @polvo32 for the calls on the radio and friendship . I have broken my back but I’ve been really lucky, I’m already looking forward and focusing my energy to get fit and back out there on some more big rollers ! 🌊🙌🏽🇵🇹 • Footage comes from Wednesday while @go_dids was filming a documentary about @mcnamara_s's return to big wave surfing, produced by @polikromia

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