Shredbots Are Killing It With Champagne

by The Editors on October 21, 2014

It’s basically Torstein Horgmo, Andreas Wiig, Craig McMorris, Anto Chamberland, Stale Sandbech, and friends doing what they do on the snow stuff. Made us smile. Probably you, too. Oh, and if you want to watch the entire movie it’s up on Vimeo On Demand right now. Click here if you want to buy it. It will cost you $12.99.


The Real Hendo Hoverboard

by The Editors on October 21, 2014

New York Times technology writer Conor Dougherty hung out with Greg and Jill Henderson, creators of the Hendo Hoverboard. It’s not exactly ready for the Street League, but it does hover and it is a board.

It hovers about an inch above the ground. But when the 190-pound visitor stood atop the 100-pound board, one gentle push was enough to send him spinning across the room over a cushion of air.

Nice to see that is possible. Now, we’ll have to wait until they figure out how to make them turn.

[Link: New York Times]


Rip Curl’s Search GPS Surf Watch

by The Editors on October 20, 2014

Finally, a surf watch that actually does something. If the Rip Curl Search GPS watch works as well as this edit suggests, this could be the best surf watch ever (even if it is a little bulky). We’re hoping to get a review unit in the near future. We’ll let you know.

[Link: Rip Curl]


Nate Dogggg Gets Another First Chair

by The Editors on October 20, 2014

There’s really nothing we can offer up here about getting first chairs that Nate Dogggg doesn’t cover in his sage words preceding his 19th consecutive first chair at Colorado’s A Basin. So just get out your Rubik’s Cube, watch, and learn.

[Link: AWSM]


Strange Happenings At Super Tubes

by The Editors on October 20, 2014

No matter how you looked at it, Sunday, October 19, 2014 was a big day for the ASP and competition surf fans around the world. The Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal was nearing completion, the waves were good, and current ASP leader Gabriel Medina was posed and ready for a potential ASP World Title win. But things didn’t go as planned, or did they?

In his Round 3 heat against Brett Simpson, Medina kept busy getting more than twice as many waves a Simpo, but none of them were bettering Simpson’s opening barrel. When Simpson bettered his second wave score he moved into the lead and things got strange. With two minutes to go in the heat, Medina took a wave in and walked up the beach, even though his last score had him in second.

“I thought I had the score on my last wave, that’s why I came in, but it wasn’t enough,” said Medina. “I’m pretty sad with this result, but I got happier when Kelly (Slater) lost. I was ready to win the Title here, but now I’m focused on Hawaii. I’m happy that I’m still in the Title Race and I know it doesn’t depend the other title contenders, it depends on me. I don’t know yet what I need to do, but I will prepare and train and be ready.”

That kind of mistake seems a little too reckless for someone so ruthless in the hunt for a first world title. In the following heat, a completely lackluster Kelly Slater sat by while Spain’s Aritz Aranburu blazed him 12 to 6.3. Was the surf that difficult to read for the best two surfer in the world, or were both these warriors putting off the battle so they could go head to head in Hawaii? Everyone wins with a World Title showdown at Pipeline: the surfers, the organization, and the fans. And now, thanks to some strange happenings, that’s exactly what we all get. Follow the jump for the official word from the ASP, or click here for live coverage of the Semi-Finals. [click to continue…]


Did You See Kelly Slater’s FS 7?

by The Editors on October 17, 2014

Yes, it’s amazing. And huge. And smooth. And progressive. But leave it to surfers to call Kelly Slater’s latest air spin a 540.


Shaun White Brings Air + Style To Pasadena

by The Editors on October 17, 2014

This morning, while we were out plowing furrows in tiny waves with our Lib Tech Air-E-Ola waterboard, Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White was making a huge announcement at Southern California’s Rose Bowl. Apparently, Shaun and his friends are going to put on an Air + Style event at the Rose Bowl on February 21 – 22, 2015, according to a post on Yobeat.

“It’s pretty crazy, and it’s come a long way since we first started brainstorming the idea of bringing Air & Style to the U.S. last year,” White told ESPN. “Now it’s official: We’re doing the third stop of the tour for Air & Style at the Rose Bowl, and we picked that venue because Los Angeles is my hometown. A lot of people in Pasadena probably have never even seen snow, but that’s the beauty of it.”

This event will feature skiers, Shaun White on rhythm guitar, and no Shaun White in the contest. And general admission floor seats will only cost $189. (Reminds us of an old Steve Martin bit). Guess the big questions is: does anyone in SoCal want to spend one-third the price of a Mammoth Mountain season pass to watch a bunch of Euro huckers they’ve never heard of spin off a monstrous jump to a edm backbeat? For that answer we’ll all have to wait until February and see.


Gerry Lopez And Taro Tamai Find Away

by The Editors on October 16, 2014

Patagonia pulls together two of the most soulful sliders in the history of board sports and puts them together in a powdery forest in Japan.

An arriving swell. Falling snow. Two forces, or one and the same? Two board sports legends, Pipeline master Gerry Lopez and snow surf pioneer Taro Tamai, have spent a lifetime practicing the art of flow. The Northern Sky digs down to the roots of that shared sensation, as experienced in the mountains above Niskeo, Japan.

They do make it look good don’t they?

[Link: Patagonia]


365Skate Accused of Shady Ways

by The Editors on October 13, 2014

Seems some skateboard shops will try anything to move product. Recently several Denver skaters have accused of offering up sponsorship in exchange for the purchase of a board. When people don’t get the board they ordered their names and personal information was put up on 365skate’s Wall of Shame. The Wall of Shame has been taken down, but the site still appears to be live. Watch the edit for the rest of the story.

[Link: CBS Denver]


Hit Up Hollywood High On Your iPhone

by The Editors on October 9, 2014

Now, thanks to a new game for iOS, we can all skate Carlsbad, or Hollywood High on our iPhones. Here, let Andrew Reynolds explain a little about one of the spots featured in the new Skater app. Click here to download it, or here for more info. This thing actually looks fun. Only problem, it will cost you $4.99.