Antihero’s The Body Corporate Trailer

by The Editors on June 14, 2017

Antihero Skateboards new, full-length feature comes out July 25, 2017 in skate shops and on iTunes. In the meantime, check out a little taste of corporate culture right here.

[Link: Antihero Skateboards]


Nixon’s Greek Surf Mission

by The Editors on June 5, 2017

To anyone who’s spent a day staring out the window of a Minoan Line ferry looking for surf in the Agean Sea this vid will seem like fiction. Yes, we spotted wave with potential off the coast of Delos, one fall during a storm, but nothing like what Nixon surfers Marlon Lipke, Yannick De Jager and Gony Zubizarreta found on this trip.

Chances to score are always very low considering the consistency of swells and the difficulty to predict conditions. Timing is key, local connexions are priceless. All they needed was a call: a friend and local shaper guaranteed them that the conditions displayed on the weather forecast would turn the coast into an idyllic playground, and it did.

Guess so. This whole edit was snagged in one day, and when the day was done, so was the surf.


Josh Friedberg’s Tre-A-Day Ender

by The Editors on June 1, 2017


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On New Year’s Day 2017 Josh Friedberg, the executive director of the International Skateboarding Federation started a quest. He announced on Instagram that he would be doing a Tre Flip a day, every day for of the entire year. Having once surfed every day for 96 days straight we know the mental havoc commitments like this can induce, not to mention how they can get in the way of normal life.

For the first week we could tell Josh was having some trouble, but after that, he was popping Tres day and night all around the world. Soon we found ourselves looking forward to Josh’s latest updates from somewhere cool doing a trick we’ve never learned.

Sadly, this all came to an horrific end in Malmö, Sweden after 147 straight days for Tre Flipping . Friedberg explains it like this on Instagram:

I’d been excited to hit up @pontus_alv‘s TBS spot in Malmö and on my last day there two days ago, @chrispastras hit me up to let me know he was going to skate there with @chriscote. I was hyped, we taxied over and ran into @brycekanights on a solo mission rolling and shooting some photos. Changed out a broken bearing thanks to @vernlaird‘s generosity. I had a great time skating with him, @rothdigga @kyleberard and @meronek for the past couple of days and was ready to roll at one of the coolest looking DIY skate spots on the planet. Started messing around and the place was much tougher to skate than it seemed on videos. Much respect to Pontus and everyone that has put it down at TBS. Ended up focused on this little launch to wallride spot. Started getting into a few and BK started filming with his GoPro. Finally committed to one and in a second it was all over. Huge thanks to Bryce, Dune, Chris and the skaters from the Czech Republic that got the ambulance called and kept me company while I couldn’t move. The Malmö emergency room was great and they took good care of me. The bad news – I have a Maisonneuve fracture. The force of dislocating my ankle twisted my leg and spiral-fractured the top of my fibula, tore the ligament between my tibia and fibula and broke a little bone in my ankle. The good news is they determined I could wait and have surgery after I flew home the next day. That’s a whole other story, to be continued … #ohno #hallofmeat

We’re sad to see it end and wish Josh the quickest recovery ever.


Alex Sorgente Wins Vans Park Series Malmö

by The Editors on May 30, 2017

Alex Sorgente nailed down a win at the 2017 Vans Park Series in Malmö, Sweden on May 27, 2017 edging Tom Schaar who finished in second.

Demonstrating incredible accuracy and lightning speed throughout his runs, Sorgente remarks, “I’m ecstatic. I can’t believe I won here again. There’s really no limitations at this park, you can go big, long grinds, big airs, everything mixed together makes it really great.”

For the official word from Vans, including the full results, please follow the jump.

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Bench Pressing Bent Metal

by The Editors on May 22, 2017

Bent Metal Binding Works is proud to announce the addition of Norwegian creative master shred Fredrik Perry to the BMBW team! What better way to celebrate than the premiere of Freddy’s latest audio visual endeavor Benchpress the movie. You probably should just watch it even though it’s pretty much summer and we’re glazed on watching shred footage in general. But sure, go ahead.


Kelly Slater’s New $7.8 Million Haleiwa Home

by The Editors on May 15, 2017

Kelly Slater reportedly just snapped up another house on the North Shore. This $7.8 million gem is located in Haliewa, according to a story in the Pacific Business News.

The 7-bedroom, 5-bathroom estate is located at 61-785 Papailoa Road, and includes one building and pool situated on 23,889-square feet of land. The ocean-front land was last purchased in 2000 for $1.85 million, and the property was built in 2001.

It’s not in Lemoore, California, but it looks like a very nice place to stay every now and again. Click here for all the photos.

[Link: Pacific Business News]


A Proper Pool Proposal: Beck + Brodka

by The Editors on May 14, 2017


CONGRATULATIONS @ameliabrodka x @alec_beck on getting engaged today 💍✨🙌

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Real Squads Up In San Diego

by The Editors on May 12, 2017

What else you need? Besides a few more minutes of Real video? Want more, click the link.

[Link: Real Skateboards]


Mikey Taylor & P-Rod On Skatenerd

by The Editors on May 9, 2017

Skatenerd is still the best gameshow ever, we cannot lie.

[Link: Transworld Skateboarding]


2 John Florence’s Nixon Signature Series

by The Editors on May 9, 2017

The new Nixon John John Florence Signature Series features The Base Tide, The Comp, The Descender, and The Ultratide all with 2 John’s custom black and orange color treatment (apparently everyday really is Halloween). For all the official details please follow the jump.

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