US Snowboarders Caught With Weed In NZ

by The Editors on August 3, 2009

Two snowboarders, one “understood to be Winter Olympics double medallist” and another an Olympic hopeful are scheduled to appear in court next week in Wanaka New Zealand on charges of possessing the weed, according to a story in The Southland Times.

The pair, aged 26 and 21, were arrested in Wanaka on Saturday night after being stopped for random roadside breath testing. . . Sergeant Paul Crosswell, of Wanaka, said the pair were allegedly caught with “not an insignificant amount” of cannabis in their car. . . They will appear in the Queenstown District Court on Monday.

According to the New Zealand Herald “The maximum penalty for a conviction for possession of marijuana is three months’ jail and/or a NZ$500 fine (US$330),” or about the same fine as running a red light in LA. . . now let’s see. . . who is 26, American, and has two Olympic medals. . .

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