Wait A Minute: Skateistan?

by The Editors on June 30, 2008

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Apparently, the latest new craze in Kabul is not Kite Running. It’s skateboarding, according to a story in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Skateboarding is the latest teen craze to hit Kabul. It was started by three Australians who see it as a way to help young Afghans and redefine the way rich foreigners interact with them.

“They’re born naturals,” said Oliver Percovich, watching a dozen kids whiz around the fountain outside an upmarket restaurant. “They’ve got more balance than Western kids, mainly because they’re not scared to fall and get up again.”

Oddly, the three Aussies have called their skateboarding introduction project “skateistan.” Click the link for more on how skateboarding is changing lives in Afganistan.

[Link: Sydney Morning Herald]

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